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The Third Phase: Tamer of the Hazard

Final Arena - Eternal Bastion

For Takato and friends the first match against Centarumon and his friends had been hard, but now their match against the fully recovered centaur monster was on a whole new level. Thanks to the modifications caused by the cards, the leader of the mercenary team had recovered completely from the blows in the previous battles, and now the single-edged Berserk Sword gave him an advantage as he now could use the blade to attack and defend at better speeds than before, and just to add the icing to the cake, the monster was fighting with a furiously that it had lacked in any of the two previous battle. All of this just served to give Takato and his friends a really hard situation.

He watched as Kotemon jumped, delivering another of his burning slashes into Centarumon, only to be blocked by the Berserk Sword, Guilmon quickly jumped over Kotemon, releasing one of fireballs along with the cry of "Pyro Sphere" However the enemy monster evaded the ball of deadly viral fire, with a high jump!

However such maneuver left him open for a counterattack, Takato quickly channeled his power through the blade, glowing in the crimson flames, Takato performed a single wavelike motion with the blade and to once again the strange blade beam flowed from the legendary weapon, slicing the air with the crimson light.

"Scarlet Wave!" The name for the attack seamed to come out naturally out of the boy, as crimson beam flowed directly towards the powerful enemy. The wave crossed the divine field, locking onto the powerful beast man, causing great damage to Centarumon.

With Centarumon´s attention now on Takato, YellowGabumon took the opportunity, and launched himself against the horse man digimon, "Hay take this! Impact Horn!" Centarumon quickly turned using his Jet Gallop to dodge the electrical attack, but the electrical wolf struck his Farlorn in to the ground, using it as a pole to quickly turn and release a lighting beast from his mouth, "Stun Blaster!"

Centarumon side stepped, evading the powerful attack, deciding to conserve energy after the damage caused by the human's sword, but he had ignored the other digimon. Guilmon quickly jumped in, his arm filled with the power of one of his signatures moves. "Neck Stretcher!" The blazing uppercut easily passed the monster's guard. The flaming claw reached the Centarumon´s helmet... but the astute digimon backed his head, dodging the powerful rising attack.

The cyclop monster raised the Berserk Sword as he blocked a clumsy slash from Kurenaimaru, luckily for the inexperienced Tamer; Kotemon came to his rescue before the powerful Champion could counter attack and jumped over the monster.

"Fire Men" The blazing elemental sword slammed itself against the enemy, but against because Centarumon´s level advantage, the attack barely damaged the powerful Champion. The Berserk Sword came quickly in a counter attack; the flat side of the blade slammed itself against the defenseless Kotemon, sending him away from Centarumon.

The wise beast raised his left buster arm, preparing his deadly Solar Ray to finish the job. But the monster never had the opportunity to launch the finishing blow on the kendo monster, as he was blasted away by the combination of the Stun Blaster and the Pyro Sphere of the two remaining digimon. The blast damaged severely the monster, as the metal in his body and his type alignment made both attacks cause him extra damage.

"Well, it is time to finish this... Jet Gallop!" Unlike the other times the powerful high speed support move was used, Centarumon used his great speed along with his great cleaving sword, creating a devastating cyclone of cuts as he surrounded the entire group. The great number of blurs all vanished at once as they pierced the formation, all of the blades and the sonic booms, blasted the Tamer and his digimon, who crashing onto the golden barrier of the celestial arena.

Takato stared at the small cut on his arms; luckily he had to raise his sword in time and managed to block most of the damage of the powerful attack. YellowGabumon was a better off than the two digimon, as he had used his lance to also stop the powerful Berserk Sword attack, but had left himself wide open to the to the hoof attack, that usually followed but at least he had reduced the damage.

Kotemon, having been injured and tired in the previous matches, had not been able to put any defense at all, but thanks to Guilmon's quick response (even though he was also hurt), the injured Kotemon did not receive the fatal damage that crashing against the hardened boundary of the arena would have caused him.

"Ohh that hurts" The Tamer/Swordsman raised himself, using his legendary blade as a support, Oh that hurt, I fell tired... I can't give up I need fight... The young Tamer rose, his katana up high. "Guys!" At Takato´s call all of the allied digimon turned to him, "Okay, Gabu, you and me will go and distract him," The golden furred beast just nodded, his serious side showing, "Kotemon, Guilmon, attack after we create an opening."

"Hey you overgrown pony, taste steel!" With such battle cry, YellowGabumon jumped over the enemy monster, using his Farlorn lance for an extra boost, while Takato used his Kurenaimaru, only for his attack to meet the Berserk Sword, "YellowGabumon!"

At his leader's cry the monster released the blade of his lance, the chain connected edge shoot itself as it binded the hind legs of the quadruped horse and human hybrid, who balanced himself to not fall. Kotemon neared the tied Monsters as, Centarumon pushed Takato back with his sword, who landed back several meters.

Kotemon neared the animal Champion, using his bokken to stop the swing from his Berserk Sword, Even though the Champion Data digimon had more strength in his blows, he lacked the technique Kotemon had after years of training, honing his blade skills to perfection.

At that instant, Guilmon neared the Centarumon, using the immobile Berserk Sword as a platform; Guilmon jumped over the opposing monster, and released one of his signature attacks, "Pyro Sphere!" The red pyrothenic sphere damaged the metallic armor that protected the metal human monster. At that moment Kotemon released a surge of lighting from his gloved hands, "Thunder Kote!" the lightning attack was induced by the powerful blade but Kotemon forgot something.

A trick doesn't work twice on the same opponent and Centarumon would remind the swordsman monster of that lesson.

Transforming the free hand the champion had from wielding the berserk sword single-handed, Centarumon readied his buster, the bolts of power from the Thunder Kote of the bokken rookie, were being transferred into the metallic buster, charging up the already powerful attack. The bolts surrounded the cannon, mixing the yellow sparks of thunder with the orange solar ray that made the powerful bullet.

"Solar Ray" The now energy charged buster fired to the far away Data, as Kotemon was too near for an attack and Centarumon had no desire to find himself in the aftermath of such a powerful attack. YellowGabumon was caught off guard, as with such a fast moving attack there was no chance he could defend from the blow...too bad for Centarumon that YellowGabumon was not alone...


Centarumon´s only eye widened in surprise as the powerful energy bullet was blocked by the red chromedigizoid that made the hardened blade of the Kurenaimaru. The young boy struggled to keep the blade in place as his small frame and weak build limited the power of the young boy, but with one last push the boy managed to return the powerful attack back at its sender.


The attack met the surprised and tied Centarumon, as he could not even raise his own weapon, for the even minimal defense, the energy bullet exploded as it contacted the Data digimon's bio-metallic chest, the electrical add-on causing more damage. The centaur monster was blasted as he, for not the first time in the encounter in the stadium of the dark castle, ascended upward into the black stones that made the ceiling of the barrier.

However the attack had not ended there, as Centarumon fell from the sky Kotemon jumped, positioning his body in the trajectory of the guard less champion, once again summoning the powerful flames of his bokken with the simple phrase of "Fire Men". Kotemon with the quick agility and skill that marked his swordsmanship slammed the wooden weapon at the centaur's chest, lifting him for a few seconds in preparation for the next stage of the desperate combination maneuver.

YellowGabumon appeared under the monster, his horn cracking with the electrical charge that gave power to all his personal abilities, "Farlorn Twister" with the strange new cry the rookie data type cracked the metallic lance with electricity as the chirping of a thousand bolts was starting to be heard from the whole thunder element infused blade.

Perfectly positioned, the Data type wolf started to spin his lance over him, (don't ask how he can do it with hose claws over his hands... even I don't know), the rapid movement of both the monster and the blade quickly created the electrical charged silver tornado filled with the cyan sparks which not helped much to hide the elemental attribute (not that it was hard for anyone to guess).

Caught in the super elemental effective attack, Centarumon could do little but release cries of pain as the powerful force of wind and thunder threatened to slice his body to shreds. Luckily for the great Champion, the attack ended as the move sent him crashing in to the other section of the golden wall across the impressive battle arena.


The landing the monster had with the hard defense caused debris to cloud the small area of the impact, a testament to the power of the combination attack to even damage the resistant walls of the Eternal Bastion.

Guilmon released one of his Pyro Spheres for good measure, as the explosion caused more debris to rise, further clouding the visual location of the monster.

"Rise from that you evil death refusing monster!" However after shouting the taunt, the eyes of the yellow monster widened in surprise as his sense of smell picked the particular trace he had thought to have been erased. The monster turned to the other monsters hoping that they would deny him and just admit that his nose had been wrong.

However the nose of the digimon did not lie and they still felt the monster somewhere. The monsters all tensed as the smoke cleared while Takato prepared himself as seeing the digimon alert but still questioned as to why there would be so tense, Did Centarumon not lose after that!

The smoke of the crater cleared answering the question of the mind of the young Tamer, there laying in a small crater, quite a feat as seeing those walls can compare to the chrome-digizoid, was the harmed body of the digimon known as Centarumon... his whole body was damaged, as data particles escaped the wounds all over his body, the metallic plates that adorned his body all had some degree of damage, as most had small cracks running through out them.

The small horn his helmet had had disappeared and Takato could see the determination the monster had, as it must have taken most of him to even stand up.

Centarumon covered his face with his hand as he used his damaged and also cracked Berserk Sword to stand "Ha Tamer and Digimons... you truly are interesting... to even have forced me to these levels... well Tamer Takato!" Takato gave a small gulp as he heard his name being called, "this is my last test, My Supreme Offence, simply try to survive Tamer of the Hazard...!"

Centarumon started once again phasing across the whole field using his high speed, "My speed is celestial, and my blade burns with it righteous anger... show me the path... divide and unite... the end of the arc... Jet Tatsumaki (Tornado)!"

The strange words did less to relieve the worried Tamer, as Centarumon phased to appear in front of the group and started galloping surrounding the small group. With the whole spinning the powerful Data champion started to pick up winds, as the Group could not move due to the strange air pressure that was suddenly building up.

To Takato wonder and the digimon's dread, at small tornado formed around them... the strong wind suddenly picking up the bunch of rookies and the young tamer from the floor, and to their wonder, the wind pressure still kept the monsters in place...

What! Guilmon stared around as the he observed impressive attack, true Centarumon was a genius fighter as to have evolved his original moves in to such monster maneuvers, but he did not have time to analyze the strange monster interested in his partner, Guilmon raised his claws in an attempt to raise any sort of defense against the final attack of his opponent.

The monster eyes widened in shock as seeing the phasing image of Centarumon pass though the wind storm, leaving near them, a powerful cleaving attack after he completely crossed the tornado, Centarumon appeared once again shiftily breaking through the storm with his sonic speed, his sword attempting to cleave the unlucky monsters that had the chance to be in his path and even if they had dodged the sword, the sonic boom, leftover from the thrust of the sonic digimon, would further damage and disorientate the target, leaving little if no chance for an recovery in the powerful wind storm.

Takato watched as each pass of the Champion Level digimon would damage his companions... oddly enough through out the whole fight Centarumon had stopped himself from dealing too severe blows to him, was it because he was a human or did he have another purpose other that supposedly trying to see the power he supposedly had...

Takato stopped the line of thought, he did not have time to understand the WHY of all of this, he had absolutely no way of stopping his mad spinning in the tornado and he seriously lacked the enough energy to launch one of his Scarlet Wave at the monster, and even so the attack would probably miss the Mach speed moving monster.

Centarumon´s strategy had rendered him a sitting duck; as his friends were being defeated as they were damaged in each of the monster's passing by the powerful combination move.

But I still have some energy... could I maybe charge some type of attack... Takato closed his eyes in concentration as the crimson light that made the Kurenaimaru so famous engulfed the sword once again, he concentrated the light, with the little skill he had manipulating the small amount of power he had (which came from the virtue of his heart), into the point of the single edged blade to release the power in a small weak burst, witch surprisingly managed to complete the intended purpose, it had allowed the young Tamer to escape his position and descended him towards the yellow furry monster.


Poor Takato as commented earlier still had poor control over his newly awakened skills, so he could not control the burst from his sword and crashed at YellowGabumon, who had dropped his lance, at high speeds, even if the small beam had looked as it would not even move the Tamer. The crash only served to cause both the monster and the young human child a great headache.

"Man could you have not just floated slower, ne Takato, you really have a hard head!" Ignoring the monster's complains and not adding his own comment on how hard the data's head had been; he turned to see how the others had been.

Centarumon, as Takato had expected, moved to attack Guilmon and Kotemon, who were trying to defend themselves from the powerful attacks from the sonic Berserk Sword, now he had only to find a way to attack the fast moving monster with YellowGabumon's help.

Lucky enough for the young digimon tamer, the answer to his problems appeared, just in one of the miracles that would continue to happen in the course of his journey (most boss fights in the anime are won by some sort of miracle, anyway).


Takato turned from his planning to look at his left had which held his sword... he felt the blade calling to him, as if something was supposed to happen.


Once again Takato felt the beet but his time it was from his other hand, the one that was holding his partner YellowGabumon, to his shock his fist was glowing with a strange yellow light with warmed and recharged the tired Tamer. Had Takato seen his digivice, he would have seen the blood red machine reacting to the presence of the strange energy in his hand.

Digital Image Uploading System (DIUS)... Installing

Installation... Complete

Total D-Arc Programs Restored...22

Data Image Detected...

DIUS Program Start...

Analyzing Digimon Data Image…

Analysis Complete...DIUS Code Start...

Takato raised his blade into a horizontal angle, his right hand quickly passed along the flat side of the blade, the cracking yellow data orb in the boy's hand uniting with the powerful blade. The blade started to modify its data as golden orbs started to surround it.

"DIUS Modification -" The magical words came once again in one of the now commonly occurring bursts of apparent instant knowledge, "Kurenaimaru charge! crimson sword transform...!"

The Kurenaimaru started to shine into a golden yellow light, in reaction to the boy's command, as Takato started swinging the blade in arc like motions, still in the air, until he stopped once again with the blade in his right hand in the same horizontal angel, now holding a completely different sword.

Long gone was the small hazard charm that once held Kurenaimaru at the end of it guard, changed forms, turning into the same three squares, that surrounded a circle all at 180 degrees apart from each other, the same symbol at the stomach of the electrical rookie the data had come from.

The hilt had changed to a simple brown one with an also simple rectangular guard, the blade itself also held a similarly simple design, it was a grey broadsword, as it was quite taller that Takato, who had some difficulty to hold it. But what was truly the key to the piece, were the metal items that covered the sword.

Along each edge of the sword; four, small, and yellow, triangular metal items covered the blade, each forming a whole new edge, each appeared to be made of the same metal as Kurenaimaru (Chrom-digizoid) and each was marked with YellowGabumon's thunder symbol. The small triangles all left a small space in between each, as it appeared that would remove themselves from the blade.

Takato gave the sword a test swing as he brought it down, setting his body in to a battle stance with the new blade held horizontally behind him by his right arm, while his left hand pointed towards the center of the twister, all while in middle of the air.

"Zapping Storm, the Shocking Heart of Thunder!" The new blade started to flow with the electricity, sparks of the elements flowing though the lengthy broadsword.

DIUS - Equipment Modification... Complete

Takato glared at the center of the tornado, as he saw that Centarumon had ignored his transformation, most likely because of the concentration he most likely needed to conserve the spinning whirlwind that held them immobile, in suspension.

"Hey Takato what's that!" YellowGabumon asked about the strange new sword, that he hoped it would be able to help them, the blade felt strangely familiar to the monster, as both used the same type of power source.

"This... it is my trump card!" Feeling that he had a limited time with the modified weapon Takato entered to action, raising the blade high above him, Takato concentrated his energy in the yellow covering of the blade.

To his shock instead of creating some sort of super attack, like he had hoped; the triangular frame blades left the main silver sword, bursting in to six yellow flying objects that revolved around Takato. The boy was glad that at least the long sword had gotten lighter at least.

Now what? Takato unsure to how to control the new extensions of his blade, named Fangs, just simply pointed to the image of Centarumon. Attack Him! Please help me!

At their owner's mental command the Fangs were all brought to live as they swift fully crossed the powerful storm, leaving a small lighting trail in it wake. The blades zig-zaged in and out of the strom damaging all of the mirages of Centarumon, until leaving just one, the real one. With the enemy in their lock the reached the digimon moving at the speed of sound, the six blades moved at the same speed as Centarumon and all descended on him in arcs, the blade damaging him.

But more importantly disrupting his movement, and stopping the powerful Jet Tatsumaki attack that had rendered his friend immobile, however Takato had forgotten an simple fact,

Without the lifting winds of the powerful tornado created, the Team of Takato Matsuki now was free to the effects of gravity.

Giving the six Fangs a mental command, they rapidly rushed to the other two digimon in pairs, leaving one to tend over him and YellowGabumon, the three pair of flying items created several electrical discharges below the monsters and the tamer, creating three platforms that slowly lowered the three digimon and the sword wielding tamer.

Takato raised his blade after reuniting all seven edges and forming once more the main eletrical edge, he gave a glance to all three digimon. Guilmon and Kotemon were knocked out, fromm all the hits of the powerful technique used by the champion, and YellowGabumon was already tired enough.

With a worried glace towards Guilmon and the other monsters, Taktao raised the new sword ands setted in to a battle stance, preparing to defeat the enemy.

"Tamer..." Centarumon raised himself his body carrying the severe injuries from all previous attacks, he oncentrated his energy, as the data across his wounds returned ealing slightly the otherwise fatal injuries...

That weapon... he already unlocked it powers... Interesting Centarumon raised his sword as he readied himself into a battle stance. "Let´s finish.. Sunlight Blade!"

With the final command the Beserk Sword, started shining with the bright yellow light that was carasteristic from the powerful sunlight busater known as the Solar Ray, however the blade, instead of becoming some sort of cannon, the sunlight solidified, transforming the already powerful and heavy Berserk Sword into something more.

The shining solar rays that engulphed the bladse solodified, transforming into something Takato might have describes as coming from some sort of manga or anime, the sword now tranformed into a great and powerful blade, the blade extreamly long blade, (it measured around 26 feet, not that Takato had the idea to do that...) way larger than Centarumon, who appeared to not have any problems with the extreamly heavy weapon.

What..what is that thing... The gigiantic Collosal Blade was swung once by Centarumon, who had to use his two hands because of the heavy weight of the powerful sword, Takato could apreciate the destructive capability of the new obstacul in his way as the tip of the sword broke through the resistant alloy that made the arena.

"This is my Solar Zanbato, It is not as my Jet Tatsumaki but it will fit!" Centarumon readied the great blade preparing for his final assault, "Come let's finish this, hear my cry legendary blade, sword that splits even the stars in the filmament, mow down my foes, Sun Star Cleaver!"

The celestial Solar Zanbato glowed with power as the blade extended even more crashing into the black ceiling of the legendary arena. With a mighty push of his body, the Centarumon brought down the massive zanbato in a diagonal the young tamer.

"Tamer, survive.. my thump card!" The blade impacted the ground, causing a cloud of grey debirs to cover the impact site, had Centarumon had a visible face (I reall don't know what is under there so I won't venture to make a guess) a smile would have grace his face.

So much got holding back but on the other side...

"Finally, I have tested my powers, I have defeated the legacy of that legend." The monster´s zanbato returned to the normal but still extreamly large size, as he rested it on his shoulder, in a victory sign in respect of the fallen Tamer and his group.

"You were a worphy oponent Tamer, sorry it had to be this way..." He had let the battle to drive him too much, even when he was playing during most of it, and now he had failed the true purpose of his mission, but it would not matter much, in the end.

"Thanks for that!" The voice came from the smoke and Centarumon widened his single cyclopian eye in shock as from of the Hazard Tamer appeareed out the cloud of smoke, the boy clothes were darkened by the ash of the explosion, and was holding the controler blade of the new sword the so called Zapping Storm.

"Well I have seen yours, no see my Ace!" Takato had barel survived the assault from that blade, had not the tactical frame blades of the Zapping Storm acted in time, the sword would have sliced him and his friends in two.

"You are really strong, I really don't know why you are doing this, but I CAN'T LOSE!" Takato readied lowered his body as the tacticla blade frames Fangs returned to the blade, and while shouting the last part the Tamer sprinted with the last of his forces to show his own ace card.

" Tactical Ace, Strike Finale!" At the command the six frames separated from the controller sword, each revoleved around Takato before the shot out towards Centarumon, who tried to swing his Collosal Blade to stob the blades, but the weapon´s weight and form, restrained his attack, and the blade frames dodged, while Takato slided under the blade, positioning himself in a perfect position to strike Centarumon.

Had Centarumon the opportunity he would have used his Jet Gallop to escape the attack but the contant attacking of the several flying blades kept the zanbato wielding moster at ba, long enought for Takato to reach his and continue the combo.

Takato brought down the grey iron sword, which was sparking with several small electric bolts, in a series of quick succesive slashes allwhile Centarumon was stormed by the hail of quick piercing trusts of all the six small projectiles.

"The end..." A the final command all of the strike projectile Frames all returned and reformed the Zapping Storm, Takato rised up the completed weapon in a diagonal upper attack, piercing Centarumon´s armored chest.

The gigiantinc sword fell of the centaur´s hold, and deformed into the original Berserk Sword and then burst into a cloud of data particles, while Centarumon just skided backwardsusing his hoofs to stop his momentum.

Takato inspected the monster´s body, there were great gashes all over it, thanks to the storm of razor blades delivered by the Fangs, and his chest bio-metalic armor was combletel destroyed leaing a great wound thanks to the final attack of the main blade.

But instead of seeing Centarumon in pain by the powerful Strike Finale attack the monster carried a great shine in his single eye, signaling he was immensely content, " Ha, the more I see you Tamer Takato , the more I feel it, you are really one of them, of those chosen ones..., you have the same powers as these Original Five!"

"Original Five?" The word came out of the boy's mouth, filled with disconcertment and curiosity Does this mean I am not the first human to come to this world...

"Those Five Heroes of Legend, the five first chosen who came to this world and sealed the Infinity Gate, they were the first five humans to cross into this world, many centuries ago, they were the first to complete the sacred prophesies and created the Infinity F-Seal, the Wall of Fire that sealed the Dark Zone."

Centarumon had a strange look across his defeated bod, Takato could notiuce that he was reaching his limits to even stay concious, "You are a Chosen One, Tamer. The battle is over, I have founded what I wanted to know... here have this you havbe defeated me and as the rule of the Digimon Arena , here is your price."

Centarumon raised his right hand, as data started to gather in the sky forming a spinining card, Takato, calmed his tired breaths, as lowered his blade somehow believing that the battle had eneded, just to notice his blade losing its form.

DIUS Modification Code Reversing...

The electrified sword, the Shocking Heart of Thunder, burst into data reveling his sword the Kurenaimaru of the Crimson Flame, as the powers of the digi-image faded, the leftover data collected in the sky besides the spinning card left by the loser of the match.

The strange two cards, one of that held the face of YellowGabumon, while the other was Reload plug-in Q, both flew straight towards his outstretched palm. Taking the two strange cards, Takato struck his sword in the ground as he watched the body of Centarumon burst in to particles of date, true he had suspected something akin to that when seeing a digimon's death (and he had not seen the other two digimons that made the Scale Tactical Team burst into data), but he still hated the idea of seeing anything die whether digital or not.

"It seams I was right Tamer Takato... You are truly a Chosen one, a true prodigy, compared to even the Legendary Five Chosen, I am sure now, you can change this world. We will meet again Hazard Tamer..."

With those words Centarumon transformed into a small sphere of data that rapidly escaped the sanctuary... Takato turned to the other monsters, giving them a smile, just before the depletion of his actions consumed him, and dropped in to the land of dreams.

The small group had quickly left the Sacred Area, and made camp several kilometers away from the Sacred Area, in direction for the nearest City. Ever since Takato had woken, he had been silent, preoccupying all the three digimon, but Kotemon just blamed the experiences at fighting and all the young boy had found about himself. The boy had sat in the edges of the clearing, in deep thought, facing the direction from where the team had come.

Guilmon slowly approached the unusually taciturn tamer, "Takato is something bothering you?"

Takato gave a sad smile at Guilmon as he kept looking at the castle in the horizon. "It is just that I don't think I can really help this world... I mean how someone as me can be a chosen to help save a whole world" especially when I could not even save those I care for... The last part was whispered in his mind, he could never be able to help others...right? Could he kill others such as he did to that group just for something he could not understand...?

"Takato," the tamer turned to look at the serious eyes of the red dragon, "you can do anything, if you want you can save this world, never limit yourself with I can't, or impossible..." Guilmon broke the eye contact with his partner to give a gaze to the star full night sky, "If you truly wish for something Takato you can make it happen!"

Takato petted the monsters head, as he smiled, he was truly lucky to have a partner such as Guilmon, "Thanks Guilmon..." Deciding he could answer his doubts with time, he stared up to the wonderful star filled sky a new thought crossing his mind.

Hazard Tamer, Maybe carrying the title won't be so bad...

The image of Strikedremon solidified as he instantly appeared in the strange realm created by his master...True the monster detested the human but it truly had the only thing it needed. He turned to the holographic image of the man, as he lacked the ability to even enter the world, but the man, an absolute genius, had even broken those sacred laws and entered the digitalized world, even if just with an avatar.

The virtual image of the man looked at he dragon man, the being was truly interesting, as it just wanted power to become some sort of hero or something, not that it mattered. It was just a data base, just like all other of these digital monsters under his service. This world was too peaceful, the creator of the virtual image would clearly show them the dangers of the analog world, and the dragon was the one perfect for the job.

"So that happened..." Interested in hearing the report from the monster he assigned that respectful area.

"The young tamer, from the analog world, managed to withstand and force Team Scale to retreat, their operation was clearly a failure." Strikedramon just readied the information he gathered on that group, after all his mission as a spy was to keep these other groups in check, after all, many wanted the absolute power that resided in this world.

"Here," the virtual avatar reached within his pockets, drawing a small sphere, and tossing it to the commando digimon, who swiftly caught it in mid air. "Return to Floppy and hunt the human, please use that if necessary..." With a nod, Strikedramon jumped back and disappeared in a burst of data, to reappear in the digital world.

The virtual image turned in his realm he had created in the digital world, a small smile crossed his stoic face, his eyes glowing with amusement he had not felt in a long time. "Tamer Matsuki-kun... what an interesting variable!" He somehow felt that the unexpected variable would bring a great deal of amusement to the great Analogman.

To Be Continued...

Next time in Hazard,

Kotemon: Evening, I am Kotemon and I am taking this opportunity to do this preview. We barely stopped those other digimon. But alas we managed to survive thanks to Tamer Takato...

We met an interesting girl with a dog and a warning, the entity known as ANALOGMAN makes it move... Many forces appear interested in young Tamer Takato. All the actors are in place and the first act shall begin, this is the true beginning of this legend.

The Fourth Phase: The One, who walks with the Messenger of Hades, May the voice of the messenger of damnation reach to all!

Tamer Takato, please find your purpose in this world...Until the next opportunity... AND FOR THE BLASTED DARK OCEAN STOP CALLING ME KOTE-CHAN!

YellowGabumon: Like I will! Kote-chan. Hey you are not supposed to know about the dark ocean, I smell a plot hole...plot hole...plot hole...yay!


Zapping Storm (The Shocking Heart of Thunder) – the second form of the sword using the data from YellowGabumon, although the now golden yellow sword loses its piecing abilities and losses weight and gains an the lighting element and stunning abilities, and the strike blades, Fangs, which (based of Gundam Seed's DRAGOON system and the Planet Defender in Gundam Wing) separate from the blade and strike at distance but the ability drains the user's energy at a rapid pace, so it is recommended to use with the power just last around five minutes...

Berserk Sword- the powerful sword used by Knightmon, it is used in the card game as an option card? equiped to Beast Mans such as Centarumon. The power awaikens the battle instints of the beasts raising their power in all scales...

Solar Zanbato - The enrgy of the the powerful Solar Ray manipulated along the Berserk Sword... creating the long and powerful weaopn, awaken by the command of Centarumon the powerful and ridiscusly long Zanbato will unleach Centarumon´s Ultimate Move, the Sun Star Cleaver, will mow down any foe the stands against the user...

Digivice: D-Arc (Tainted)

Programs: 22

Digimon Analyzer- 30 of Data Base Completed

Kurenaimaru Type - Equipment Union (Equips Kurenaimaru)

Digital Image Uploading System (DIUS)

Active Partner Digital Radar – WAVE (Serves as Radar and enables for the Tamer to receive an image of the Digimon's line of sight.)


Farlorn Twister- based on Sanger Zonbolt´s Zankantō Un'yō no Tachi in the Dygenguard from Super Robot Wars, just adding a electrical edge, the electrical chirping was taken from the cheap, super piercing, one sure hit kill, lightning release, assassination move known as Chidori (and don't blame me it is cheap.. the Rasengan is cooler and more useful) Damage- 150

Jet Tatsumaki (Tornado) – Based on the Super Robot Angelg´s Mirage Sign piloted by Lamia Loveless in Super Robot Wars: Original Generations, as the attack (seen on the promo for the new game) is a high speed combination of aerial slashes as the tornado was added just to raise the enemy up (although she does pilot an robot that actually performs a similar move, I just don't remember it...) For practical reasons the power of the move in total could be counted in the 200-330... Almost at the same level of Ultimate digimon (have to check, haven't seen cards in a long time... Meg-Chan's digimon encyclopedia here I come!) and each slash could damage around 50-100... And the phrase... well I just felt inspired by the Shining Gundam...

Sun Star Cleaver – An swipe from the ridicusly long, Solar Zanbato, that treatends to demolish an foe, althought the attack is quite slow by the nature of the blade, this all piercing power makes up for it, the damage almost can reach the 300 damage limit in battle. Surely Centarumon´s Ace Card! Legends say that a swipe from this blade could bring down the stars from the sky!

Strike Finale – An attack using all of the strike Fangs to impobolise the opponent in an barrage of attacks, for the user to get colse and release an succesive combo of attacks to end with a powerful slash from the main fully combined sword!

Cards Obtained: 2

Total Cards: 2

Reload Plug-in Q

Restores a targeted digimon's health and energy, (at the cost of the tamers),


A: 120 (Stun Blaster)

B: 100 (Impact Horn)

C: 70 (Protect)


The digiworld had due to the treat of the alien Aerogater force to accept a new generation of saviors and as any team of child turned heroes, some had weird idiosyncrasies.

First Case : "Let's go Trombe!"

Elzam V. Branstein had been chosen to save the digital world, the veteran Agressor was not bothered from the idea of the other world, considering what he had seen (clones, super robots, dimensional traveling, heck even one of his partners could even erase you from this dimension with the blasted Infinity Cylinder... and everyones knows that hte SRX is a cheap super Robot, and lets not start about the Dix SRX) they had offered the man many things for his abilities but what really won him was his partner...

The horse digimon Centarumon... poor guy...

"Trombe..." Elzam truned to the strange horse digion, yes he was his true Trombe the partner he had awaited for so long... yes now he only had to paint hi black and red and he would be the perfect Trombe!

With a powerful leap the man landed on the back of the monster who just gave an agonised cry, "Lets go Trombre!"

"Trombe..." The monster asked in confusion.

"What don´t you understand you ARE my Trombe... not let's ride Trombe!"

"Where?" the tired monster asked. Must not kill Chosen... Must not kill Chosen

"What, where else to paint you Black and Red of coarse, ou can't be a proper Trombe with out the super cool Trombe Colors!" Elzam gave gave Centarumon a strannge smile the monster could not identify except that he knew that this would end in something way bad for him.

How right was the poor Monster...

AN- This is probably a let down as seeing this is a very short chapter, but it was necessary for me, next chapter we finally meet another human in this world... and some character development...or more actually. The evolution will probably happen in chapter 5 okay, if you have suggestions, or requests, as for showing some digimon (It helps having to chose a suitable boss is quite hard sometimes...) and any comments on the fight scenes and the character development (as scarce as it has been in the few chapters, we have been just fighting but well next chapter there will be more characters introduced and probably the first of the possible love interest for our young Tamer of the Hazard present herself...

.and about Centarumon..yers he is overpowered..ALOT...but there is a reason for that! And well he is around Ultimate level anyway...

About the Five Original Chosen, well there are supposed to be Five who first came to the Digital World and saved it, so I will simply create them to add to the myth and lore of the DigiWorld, It helps explain some of the knowledge as to WHY every digimon knew about the chosen... they are a common myth, so to the Digimon the Chosen are a myth come true... The Original Five will be making both mayor and minor appearances, well even one already made an appearance... and Takato knows the one...

Finally could you give me your opinions on all the characters... even the OC... It helps. Also did my original attack seam good for you guys (no offence if you are female... it just that my first language is Spanish...), the readers... thanks for all.

Curious Notes (Author's Rant): Will anyone one day ask about the Digidestined or even if Medrigamon or Chaos Gallantmon will appear...? Will someday Fan fiction make a Super Robot Taisen Category! Man I have looked everywhere and still I haven't found one would think that such a good series of Games would have a great fan fiction group...I makes me want to weep...ahh Wild Wurgen... TT