Promising Rain

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By Mz. Chiibi © 2007.

Chapter 1

Pitter, patter Pitter, patter

Steam of loneliness was clouding the window belonging to none other than Tsunade, the 5th Hokage of the Leaf Village. This young, beautiful woman had sky blue eyes, soft rose-pink stained lips and long blond lavishing hair, in pigtails, to compliment her flawless texture of wisdom and intelligence. Her lustful body can leave any man to his knees and any women to deceitfully admire her divine looks, while clandestinely loathe for the aptitude only the powerful Hokage possessed. But, don't let this charming face, who dressed in a traditional kimono, mislead you, for she possess the age of fifty. Being fifty didn't stop her being the famously dangerous and radically strong Tsunade she was today. Temporarily, she was displaying a frown of annoyance and frustration.

"I can't take this anymore!" yelled the beautiful blond, "I wish the rain will stop. It's driving me nuts!"

"It's just the rain, Tsunade-sama," said a dark-headed young lady. "You don't need to be so aggravated about it. Besides, I like the rain, it's comforting."

This young lady was a talented lady. She was a fast learner and was the only one who can handle this temperamental, gambling Hokage. She had plum pink lips and huge black eyes. Her hair was black and short and her face was healthily pale, for she was naturally born pale. And just like her master, her body was almost as divine has hers, making her one of the most elegant bachelorettes in the village. She wore a black traditional kimono and was holding a clipboard full of notes.

"Shizune! Are you an Emo or something?" queried the Hokage, "only suicidal, sad lunatics like the rain because they think its calm, relaxing and peaceful to hear the pitter patter. For Kami-sama's sake! All it does is wet everything, make things grow and pisses the HELL out of me! I mean, the sound of rain is nothing but noise to me. Even that little twit, Naruto, doesn't like the rain that much either and he, himself, is already an annoying loud idiot! This proves how dreadful the rain is! You seriously have problems, Shizune."

Tsunade stood up from her desk, walked to her accomplice and placed her hand on the young lady's forehead.

"You feel okay; maybe I should give you a prescription for mental illness. You always have been a wild machine!" She remarked, followed by a sequel of laughter.

Shizune pushed her master's hand away and frowned as Tsunade laughed hysterically at her persona.

"I am fine Tsunade-sama," she said, "just because I like the rain, wear black clothes, have black hair and eyes, it doesn't mean I'm an Emo. I am perfectly fine and I don't feel suicidal. Get a grip Tsunade-sama."

"I know, I know," Tsunade replied, the laughter dying down. "I'm just joking with you. You know, sometimes I think you need to live it up a bit more. You're carrying too much burden on your shoulders when you don't need to. In fact, since you love the rain so much I'm going let you take the day off to enjoy it."

Shizune was flabbergasted. Her mouth shaped into an O and Tsunade took this as a sign of disbelief and happiness. Hence, she took the clipboard out of Shizune's hands and pushed her out of her room.

"But – but, I…"

"Enjoy the day Shizune, because this isn't going to happen again any time soon! And you don't need to thank me; you deserve a day off from this wild woman."

And with that final speech, Tsunade closed the door in front of Shizune's face as she turned around to tell the Hokage that she didn't like the idea and wanted to stay with her. Shizune was about to say that Tsunade being a wild woman was the very reason for her to stay with her. None the less, Shizune made her way to the exit of the building, grabbing an umbrella on the way. Inside, the Hokage was jumping with glee.

"Yes! I can finally have my delicious fun!"

She pulled out the first draw taking a plate of hot dangoes and a cup of hot green tea, and placing it on her desk. Drool escaped her lips as she eyed her treat gluttonously and began gobbling up the delicious food in front of her. Boy, was she going to have a Shizune-free afternoon. The rain didn't seem to bother her any more. In fact, it was quite comforting since she won't be able to hear Shizune's voice any more, temporarily. Oh, the irony.

"How can she be so lazy," exclaimed Shizune. She was still troubled to leave Tsunade alone, knowing that the Hokage will be doing the best she can to be lazy. But she had to admit, she had been working diligently and a break on a rainy day was perfect for her at that moment.

Oh wells, I'll just have to make Tsunade-sama work three times as hard as she had been working. She really needs to catch up on her paper work or else people will be looking down on her as Hokage. I can't have that happening; I swore my loyalty to her so I need to try my best to help her in what ever she does. You can do it Shizune!

And with that encouraging speech, in her head, she walked onwards without a second thought.

Naruto was coming back from Ichikaru and spotted Shizune heading towards the forest. Curious, he did the most intelligent thing when a ninja is trailing another ninja. Shout.


Shizune had the urge to jump, but was forced not to because it was the most sensible thing to do at the time. She turned around and saw a young teenage blond boy walking towards her, grinning madly had staring at her with sky-blue eyes. She smiled at the teenager, thinking how much Naruto resembled a popping weasel from those kids machine, where you use a hammer to hit the popping thing, when he smiled like that. Although, he can be loud he was an excellent ninja with good intentions. Hence, she did not whack him on the head when he stood in front of her.

"I'm going for a walk Naruto-kun. You're coming back from Ichikaru's?" although she already knew the answer to her own question.

"Yeah! I stayed there longer than I wanted to. The ramen there was just too good! Anyways, aren't you supposed to be by Tsunade's side, in the office?

"She gave me a day off."

"WHAT?! Are you sure she's that nice to give you a day off? I bet she's in her office right now eating dangoes and drinking hot green tea, that lazy old granny."

Shizune sweat dropped. Naruto definitely hit the hammer on the nail.

On the other side of town, in the Hokage office, Tsunade sneezed.

"Hmm, I guess someone must be complimenting on my great job on being the Hokage."

Back with Naruto and Shizune, Naruto was ranting to Shizune how he can be a way better Hokage than Tsunade. Alas, this wasn't the first and it DEFINITELY won't be the last. That, Shizune knew for sure.

"I can be a WAY better Hokage than she can ever be," exclaimed Naruto. "I'll show you all one day! I WILL become the next HOKAGE!"

Shizune sincerely smiled at Naruto. "I know you will."

"Anyways, I need to go back to my training. HAVE A NICE WALK, SHIZUNE!"

And with that, the blond boy disappeared in a 'poof.' Shizune shook her head while smiling at the foolish teenager. She began her walk again. The rain was pouring gently but Shizune didn't mind. She thought of it as company.

On the other side of the Fire country, a man, in his fifties, was constantly giving another young man demands. This young man had natural grey hair, tied in a pony tail, and glasses to shelter his black eyes. He had a fair texture with a boyishly cute look. He was a tall, handsome man with a well built body and was wearing purple and white clothes. This man went by the name Kabuto and was temporarily frustrated at the older man for his lack of consideration. Then again, this older man went by the name of Orochimaru, and he was never considerate. In fact, he was a heartless, selfish senin who was infamous for his treachery to his master, the third Hokage, as well as his cruel experiments and thoughtless murders. He was also jealous at how Orochimaru can be so lenient to that Sasuke boy. He knew the reason; Sasuke was the next body for Orochimaru, but he couldn't help but think negatively about his situation. Hence, he left the secret lab, with a note to explain his absence, after he finished his job. He knew Orochimaru won't be too happy, but he didn't want to think about that. He just wants to relax and be free. It was raining gently when he left his confinement.

Rain. It's like Mother Nature's way of expressing her feelings and emotion. Rain is nothing but sweet drops of soothing bliss. Very comforting.

Although the rain was gradually pouring harder, Kabuto continued to travel through the forest. Likewise, Shizune was walking steadily into the deeper parts of the forest. Never knowing the other person was in the same region of the forest as themselves. And never knowing what was installed for them.