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Tears fall from my eyes

They've been falling for so long now.

I know they will never stop.

I brought my sorrow.

I brought my pain.

I fell in love.

I still am at the bottom.

Betrayal never hurt so much,

Especially to the one who betrayed.

The look on her face

Was that of a broken and breaking heart.

Since then I have felt the ever coming darkness.

The darkness that has stopped.

I hate love

I hate her.

I hate myself more then anything.

I have fallen.

Fallen from the graces of all.

Of those I respected.

Of those I loved.

Now I understand the melancholy of it.

The melancholy of love.

I understand because I feel it now.

I know what people mean when they say love hurts.

I understand more then I ever did before.

I hate love.

I hate her.

I love her.

I hate life.

I love her.

I betrayed her.

I need her.

I have fallen.