Chapter 1

I'm Jennifer Brooks but my friends call me Jenny. I'm 14 years old and a freshman at Molorne High School. I'm an only child so I get what I want, right? WRONG! My parents believe in this stupid child pyshcology book that says you should read your 14 year old daughter a bedtime story and feed her baby food. Well, maybe i am exaggerating a little... Okay a lot. But they read this book like they're addicted to it! Well Mom is getting better at it but Dad is clueless to his insane parenting style. My mom works part time as a nurse at the childrens hospital while my dad is a big computer designer always trying to upgrade his designs. Anyway, my family has kind of a laid back style we eat dinner when we feel like it that day, we clean the house when it cant be lived in anymore, and we dont have any chores. Perfect? Far from it! My parents came up with this whole set of rules from that book when I was 10! Okay its only ten rules but they're pretty extreme.


1. No pets (I always wanted a pony as a kid)

2. No Friends Over Past 7:30 (uh… no sleepovers)

3. Wash your hands every 10 minutes (Duh! But every 10 minutes…?)

4. All As or no partys (if I make a B in Geometry then No Fun !)

5. No phone past dinnertime (grrr.. come on we eat dunner at 6:00 usually)

6. Bedtime – 8:00 Sun – Thurs. 9:00 Fridays and Saturdays (Bedtime!?)

7. No Truth or Dare (this alwys looked like fun to me but no..)

8. No Drugs (like I was planning on that.. gheez )

9. No junk food except for special occasions (this rule I break! Its so stupid!)

10. No extra – curricular activities (what normal kid has this rule!?)

My parents are pretty bogus. They weren't always this way they used to be kind average parents until both parents started working and they needed a "easier parenting style". I used to think maybe it would turn out a good thing but i was wrong. Thus, the Psychological Way of Parenting Book (or as i call i the Idiot Written Dufis Parent Rule Book )- was found. What a joy! But thats just one part of my life. What about school, friends, teachers, boys and popular kids? How do i deal with all that and wacko parents? Why am i not insane from all this? That is a good question! Lucky for me things started changing for the better 2nd semester of my Freshman year. Well it all started in September I was just starting high school...