This is my idea of what might have happened to Erik Kirby while he was on Isla Sorna before he was rescued.

I don't own Jurassic Park or any of the characters. I am not making any money off of this. Please be kind in your reviews, I have very thin skin.

Erik Kirby's heart lurched with fear when he saw that the boat that was towing him and Ben Hildebrand no longer had anyone driving it. What had happened to the men on the boat? Erik could tell that Ben was frightened too, even though the older man was trying to act calm for Erik's sake.

"Unclip your line!" Ben shouted at Erik.

Erik fumbled with the clip for several seconds before it let go, allowing the pair to detach from the boat before it crashed into the huge reef that loomed before it.

As the sail caught the wind, the two drifted towards the heavily forested island. Erik closed his eyes, hoping that when he opened them, all of this would be a nightmare. Before he could open them, tree limbs tore at his clothing and skin. His eyes flew open when the lines of the parasail became entangled in the tree branches and their fall stopped with a jerk, leaving the two dangling ten feet about the jungle floor.

"Are you ok, buddy?" Ben asked in a shaky voice. Erik turned to Ben; there was something very wrong with his voice. It almost sounded like he had water in his throat.

"I don't know. I think so," Erik replied through his sobs. He brushed the tears away, hoping that Ben had not seen them. He hadn't cried since he was six and had fallen from his bike and broke his arm.

"We're okay. It's going to be okay. Here, get ready. I'm going to unhook you."

Erik nodded, unbuckled his harness, and dropped. He turned to look up to Ben, expecting him to do the same.

Ben smiled, his face pale and frightened, "Sorry, kid, I don't think I can do that. A branch caught me just under the ribs. I'm hurt pretty bad. It looks like you are on your own until help gets here."

A surge of panic overtook Erik. On, his own? He couldn't possibly survived overnight on an island covered with dinosaurs! He started to tell Ben that he had to be okay; he had to come down and keep him safe when he noticed that Ben's head had drooped to his chest and he was no longer breathing.

If he had been frightened before, he was terrified now. How was he going to survive until help got here?

A loud roar from the jungle brought him back to the present. Looking around, he tried to figure out which direction the roar had come from. He heard it again, this time, much closer. Turning to look at his friend Ben one more time, Erik hurried into the jungle, hoping to find shelter. He had over heard Ben talking to the men on the boat. They had told him that this was some kind of research facility that had been abandoned when things went wrong. Hopefully some of the buildings would still be intact so he could find shelter. Erik hoped that he would not be here long enough to need food and water because both would probably be very hard to find.

As he hurried through the thick jungle, Erik kept a wary eye out, hoping that he would not run into any dinosaurs. The roar that he had heard earlier had faded into the distance. Other noises filled the air now; some were as innocent as birds chirping. Others were much more ominous sounding. Every time a branch snapped or leaves blew in the wind, Erik jumped, expecting to be attacked. Walking through the jungle was much harder than hiking on the trails back in Enid. Mosquitoes droned around his ears and he constantly had to slap them away. The heat and humidity were stifling. He had never been anywhere like this before.

He had been traveling for several hours when the jungle began to thin and he found himself at the top of a small hill. Stopping to catch his breath, he looked around and saw several decaying buildings; the formerly well maintained grounds had been taken over by trees and weeds. Overturned, rusted out cars and trucks littered the clearing. He breathed a sigh of relief and hurried down the hill, stumbling several times in his haste to be safe.