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Summary: Have you ever been hurt? Too hurt that you wish to move away from the person that hurt you? Well, I was and it came true, but when it did I regret it so much. And now y only wish is to have a second chance, to be able to stay here. Here with him.

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I couldn't believe it. I mean sure Ulrich had been really friendly to her for weeks but I never expect this. I'm probably not making sense right now, so let me tell you what happen a few hours before.

I was looking for my friends when suddenly some one called my name. It was Aelita.

"Hey Aeli- what's wrong?" she looked tense

"Yumi, don't go."

"Go where?" I said as she passed by me. I think she was going to her room. She stopped half way.

"Don't go to wher he is, it will hurt you." and with that she continue walking.

I knew who he was, it was Ulrich. Too bad I didn't listen to her.

The only thought in my mind was 'it can't be that bad.' Oh, how wrong was I.

When I got there, Ulrich was kissing Emily. He was kissingher. The worse part, he was enjoying it. Then I saw Odd and Jeremy giving me that 'I don't know hoe this happen' and that 'are you ok?' look. Ulrich finally notice me.

"Yumi, do you know where Aelita went?" he asked me as if nothing had happen.

Before I could answer Aelita did. "I just went to my room to pick up something." When she turned around, I saw she was worry for me. I just simply smile.

I guess every one thought I was going to start crying or screaming. I didn't. I was mature. You know what I did? I looked around and when I spot William I excused my self and went to where he was. For once I was glad I had to copy his notes.

The rest of the day went uneventful. On my way home my phone rang. Aelita was calling.


"Yumi, are you ok?"

"Of course" the person that am in love with just kiss the girl I hate the most in the world, so why wouldn't I?

"If you need a shoulder to cry on, you know where to find me."

"Yea, bye" 'Cry? I'm perfectly fine.' Then it rang again. Now it was Jeremy.

"Yes, Jeremy?"

"Yumi, are you ok?"

"Yes" 'in fact I'm the happiest girl alive right now'

"If you need some one to talk to, I'll be in my room."

"Ok, thanks" then it was Odd's turn.

"Yumi, before you start screaming at me for not telling you, I want you to know I didn't know either and…" my laugh didn't let him finish.

"Why is everyone worried? I'm ok" 'I just want to be alone and cry. I wish could move away from this,'

"Yumi, if you need anything, just look for me. Ok?"

"Ok" 'Great now im crying. No one can make this day worse. And this was the second time in this day I was wrong.

I got home. It was weird everything was pack, well almost everything.

"Yumi, we're moving." My dad said.

'WHAT?! Is it ruining Yumi's life day? I can't believe you! How could you? Why?

"When?" was the only thing that left my mouth.

"Tomorrow, when you come from school." He said

So here I'm crying and packing. How I'm I going to tell Jeremy, Odd, and Aelita? I doubt Ulrich cares. Emily and Sissy will be thrill. I guess my wish came true and everything will be alright. And once again fate decided to prove me wrong.

Next day

I asked every one to meet me at Aelita's room. They we're all here, even Emily.

"What did you have to tell us?" Aelita said

"I'm moving" That let them all speechless. Odd was the first to recover from it.


"Today" Aelita was second


"Japan." Then Jeremy

"What about Lyoko? What are we going to do with out you?"

"You guys will do fine, if not there's always Emily." And with that I looked to where Ulrich is.

"Yumi…I…" he starts "I what?"

"We'll miss you" Emily says

I can tell Ulrich won't try to finish so I just left.

You know I never thought I would hate airports. My friends came to say there good byes. Jeremy gave me the drawing of the five of us with Kiwi. Aelita's present was a keychain with six charms. The wings for her, the computer for Jeremy, Kiwi is the dog, for Odd there is a cat, I'm the fan, and Ulrich is the sword. The gift from Odd was a purple hat with a dog on it. He said it was for him and Kiwi. After they left I was on my way to the plain. I still have time but there's no use on waiting for Ulrich. Half way to the stairs someone called my name. I couldn't believe he was here, he actually care.

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