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Summary: Have you ever been hurt? Too hurt that you wish to move away from the person that hurt you? Well, I was and it came true, but when it did I regret it so much. And now my only wish is to have a second chance, to be able to stay here. Here with him.

"Yumi, are you really going back to Japan?" Ulrich ask

"Yes, I am."

"Yumi, I want you to know that…that…"

"That you hate me? That you're glad I'm leaving? Ulrich I thought you were my best friend!" 'So much for trying to stay calm.'

"Yumi let me explain-"

"Explain? Explain that even though I'm your best friend you didn't told me about her?

You didn't tell ANYONE!" 'Great, now I'm crying in front of him'

"Yumi, why are you crying?"

"Why? Tell me; wouldn't it hurt you if the person you love, who is your best friend, gets a girlfriend? No to mention that your parents tell you you're moving and they only give you one day to pack and say goodbye to your friends. My life was ruined in one day! And you know what's worse? When I told you, you didn't care!"

"I did! I just couldn't tell you what I wanted to say. Yumi, I… I love you." He said it. The true, too bad it was a little too late for me to believe it.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me? Ulrich, what do you want me to do? Run towards you and kiss you? Say 'I love you too? For crying out loud! You have a girlfriend and I'm leaving in a few minutes."

"I know and I'm sorry, I just dated her because I thought you would never feel the same way I do for you."

"Ulrich, I-"

And that's what happened. My parents arrived before I could tell him what I wanted. Our plain was leaving so I had to go. I had to leave him behind. When I got to the plain I cried my heart out. And between sobs I did wonder what would happen next. I was well aware I could have stopped this. The reason we moved was my education. But I was too afraid. And even now I still am.

When we got there, it was as if I had never left. Nothing had change. As soon as I got my room I wonder about the others. Jeremy would be finding a way to stop X.A.N.A. Aelita would be helping. I think those two make a good couple. I hope that they aren't like me. Odd would be eating or playing with Kiwi. And Ulrich, if he meant what he said, would be breaking up with her.

I never stop thinking about them. No matter how many times I try to forget about them. My parents notice it. They made a deal with me. I was to improve my grade and do the best I could in school and as soon as I finish high school, I could go back.

I did everything I could. My grades were the best. And as time passed I became afraid. Years pass, would he still feel the same way as I do? Would he even remember me? What about the gang? Have they forgotten about me?

There were only a few months for high school to end and it was killing me. I had change and so would have they. My hair was longer. I no longer wear only black. I was taller. And my personality changed too. I was more friendly but I never really open to anyone. If they hadn't forgotten about me, I doubt they could recognize me.

The time came soon, too soon. I was a wreck. I couldn't bring my self to buy the tickets

So my mom did for me. My whole family was going to go back. I was happy yet afraid at the same time. 'Ifs' and 'buts' flowed in my head as I got into the plain, for the third time in my life. The first time was when I went to France, the second when I left it, and then, the third when I went back.

I sat with my mother, my dad sat with my brother. She noticed I how bad I was and put a hand in my shoulder and said, "Everything will be fine." Then she told me a story about her and my father.

She said that they too were separated. And that, that when they met again, their love for each others stilt the same. They still love one another with all their heart. Time didn't stop them and she said it wouldn't stop us either. She said that every time she saw me with Ulrich she saw herself with my dad. And that my dad did the same. And that that was the real reason we moved.

I told her how I felt and everything. She told me once again everything was fine. Before fall asleep I remember that I ask to no one in particular "have you ever been hurt? Too hurt that you wish to move away from the person that hurt you? Well, I was and it came true, but when it did I regret it so much. And now my only wish is to have a second chance, to be able to stay here. Here with him. That's what I wish before I left and it came true, years after. And now am afraid is too late like before."

I heard her say that she had thought the same and that she was glad fate like to prove her wrong. And with that I fell to sleep. Dreaming of what could be, those ifs, my past, the present and our soon to be future. Without knowing we had arrived, ready to repeat history or so I hoped.

I wasn't the only one. My mother too wanted my dreams to come true, just like her had so long ago, even though it felt like yesterday.

And back in France, in a school were two boys and a girl that hoped their friends' dreams came true, and another boy with the same dream as me.

I think the next chapter is going to be the last one.