The Last Battle

Summary: Wheel of Time/Oh My Goddess crossover. Events of the Last Battle take an unexpected turn.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Wheel of Time or Oh my Goddess. Other people do. Nor am I making any money off this.

AN: OK, this is a silly little scene that jumped on me when I was supposed to be working. One-shot. Not to be taken seriously.


It was the Day of Reckoning, the Last Battle, Tarmon Gai'don and the forces of Light - Seanchan, Aiel, Dragonsworn and many others – stood arrayed before Shayol Ghul, facing the hordes of Shadowspawn and Darkfriends.

All stood still, waiting, and the faint crack of the last seal on the Dark One's prison breaking seemed to echo in the silence.

A whiling vortex formed in the middle of the battleground, between the two clusters of channellers that stood glaring at each other across the field.

"That's the Dark One?!" Mat Caution blurted out in the shocked silence.

Even the remaining forsaken looked nonplussed at the sight off the beautiful white haired woman in a dress that would make a Dominai blush.

The Dark One's violet eyes swept across the field before stopping on one particular Aes Sedai, a woman who could pass as her younger sister.


Urd Sedai sighed as the older woman glomped on to her. "Hello Mother."

The resulting face fault could be head for miles.