"A girl... cute too!"

That was his initial description and impression of River Tam, though he never thought he'd actually do anything about it. Sure she was legal, had been for a while, but she weren't quite all there.

She'd been getting better though. Her brother had even started weaning her off the meds. She still ran around like a loon and spoke in over complicated sentences, but she didn't rub soup in their hair anymore... well, not as much.

He regretted trying to turn her in as soon as Simon had shown him what they had done to her. Then Kaylee told 'em how she shot three men dead with her eyes closed.

The Reavers, dozens of 'em dead within minutes. Jayne collected weapons and she was definitely one weapon he would love to add to his arsenal. He'd clean her real good any he always licked his weapons and he's enjoy tasting her... well if he was gonna have a shot with her he'd have to stop thinking them thoughts and change his ways.

Jayne Cobb change his ways? His own Ma couldn't get him to change and this slip of woman- and what a woman- had him doing it before he'd gotten the balls to ask her.

Jayne Cobb was smitten. He was gonna do it. He stood up and crossed the mess to the couch where she sat, her long legs drawn under her and her cute little nose buried in some physics journal her brother had picked up for her.

Jayne cleared his throat...

"You have a better chance of becoming captain of this vessel than of courting me."

Gorram mind-reader.

And with that she rose gracefully off the couch, placed her journal on the table, and glided out of the room.

So it wasn't going to be that easy, but at least she didn't say he had no chance.

"I mean't you have no chance," came a voice from the hallway.

This was gonna be a lot of work, but he thought it might be worth it. After all, she had moves, he'd seen 'em in the Maidenhead. He bet she'd be a hell-cat in the sack.

"Please desist from those thoughts!" The voice was becoming a little annoyed and annoying now.

Well if he was gonna break her down, he was gonna need advice... and what a bunch of go'se he had to pick from. The Doctor with his foot permanently in his mouth, the Captain who refused to even admit his feelings or the pilot who would laugh himself silly at the notion of Jayne Cobb pining for Miss River Tam. Gorram it!