A/N: I've been meaning to do a Negima fic... but this popped into my head... before I could do the one I originally planed... a Baka Rangers story where their an actual Sentai team... anyways I've done this many times before AU crossover... I've switched many of students with other anime characters and it impacts the story a lot... of the students I replaced I choose a particular character to replace her numbers (IE: character taking Yue's number is Yomiko from R.O.D. as a reference to her character having an R.O.D. feel) or completely random (Chiyo-Chan from Azumanga Daioh taking Kaede)... but anyways I kept some of students (mainly villain at some point) but only some... I did not keep Asuna mainly because if I kept her it would have been mostly the same story but with different students and many parts of her character is spread out though out the other characters (Beauty from Bo-bobo being Konoka's roommate, Ryoko from Tenchi disliking Negi at first... and a surprise for Negi's first Patio) well anyways enjoy the story... and here's the list of who replaces who (and who stays). Oh yes, all characters (minus Chiyo-Chan and Rukia) have had their ages changed to 14 or 15... unless that was already their age... And I also came up with last names of some characters (those that lacked last names).

1. Sayo- Rukia (Bleach)

2. Yuna- Momoko Hanasaki (Wedding Peach)

3. Kazumi- Nami (One Piece)

4. Yue- Yomiko (R.O.D.)

5. Ako- Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew)

6. Akira- Momoko Akatsutsumi (Powerpuff Girls Z)

7. Misa- Sakura (Naruto)

8. Asuna- Beauty (Bobo-bo)

9. Misora- Sango (Inu-Yasha)

10. Chachamaru- Unchanged

11. Madoka- Hinata (Naruto)

12. Ku Fei- Shampoo (Ranma ½)

13. Konoka- Unchanged

14. Haruna- Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo)

15. Setsuna- Unchanged

16. Makie- Usagi (Sailor Moon)

17. Sakurako- Ino (Naruto)

18. Mana- Kagome (Inu-Yasha)

19. Chao – Unchanged

20. Kaede- Chiyo-Chan (Azumanga Daioh)

21. Chizuru- Megumi (Zatch Bell)

22. Fuka- Milfuelle (Galaxy Angel)

23. Fumika- Robin (One Piece)

24. Satomi- Unchanged

25. Chisame- Yomi (Azumanga Daioh)

26. Evangeline- Unchanged

27. Nodoka- Tomo (Azumanga Daioh)

28. Natsumi- Akane (Ranma ½)

29. Ayaka- Ayeka (Tenchi Muyo)

30. Satsuki- Orhime (Bleach)

31. Zazie- Vivi (One Piece)

Disclaimer: I don't own Negima, Bleach, Wedding Peach, One Piece, R.O.D., Tokyo Mew Mew, Powerpuff Girls Z, Naruto, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Inu-Yasha, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Azumanga Daioh, Zatch Bell or Galaxy Angel

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Negi: Is she all right.

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Things are a Little Different

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Japan is Weird… Really, Really Weird!

Negi Springfield ran towards the school…he was no ordinary boy one thing he was going to be a teacher at this school… another he was a wizard… the reason he was to be a wizard was so he could become a Magister Magi… a wizard to who helps people in need… why a Japanese School… who knew… the goal was to keep it was secret form his students… But right now this was madness as the run to the school was insane… it was extremely crowded with everyone running to school.

Not too far away two of Negi's new students ran to class as well… well more like one ran to call while the other skated… the one running had pink hair that shoulder length had green earrings and blue eyes… she was Beauty Babylon… the one skating had long brown hair and brown eyes, she was Konoka Konoe… she was also the Dean's granddaughter.

"I wonder what this new Teacher is like…" said Beauty.

"I don't know… but I hope he's normal for you sake…" said Konoka.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Beauty.

"It's just when something strange happens… you have a tendency to yell…" said Konoka.

"I know…" sighed Beauty.

Not too far away as Negi approached the school decided to ask for directions… that's when he came upon Beauty and Konoka.

"Excuse me…" said Negi.

Both girls noticed him…

"Oh hello there are you lost… because this is the girls middle the Elementary School is block over that way…" said Konoka pointing the right direction.

"Oh no… I'm not here for that…" said Negi, "I'm Negi Springfield. The new English Professor"

"Oh were here to meet you…" said Konoka.

"Oh our new is a 10 year old boy…" said Beauty, "Our new English Professor is a 10 year old boy!" she yelled in shock.

"Sorry about Beauty he just has a tendency to yell things when something strange happens…" said Konoka.

"It's true…" said Beauty laughing a bit.

"What happened this time…" said voice from the nearby building… it was their old teach Takamichi Takahata, "Negi… I can't believe it's Negi-Sensei"

"Good morning Takahata Sensei!" said both Beauty and Konoka.

"Hey Takamichi you old nut!" said Negi.

"You know him?" asked Beauty.

"I guess you could say he's an old family friend…" said Negi.

Takamichi exited the building he was in and joined them.

"This is Beauty and Konoka… are two of your new students…" said Takamichi, "Their also among the most normal…" he muttered under his breath.

"What?" said Negi.

"Nothing…" said Takamichi.

"I think Tomo's going to tell him…" whispered Beauty.

"Me too…"whispered Konoka.

"Wow… if you're our teacher than that must mean you're smarter than Chiyo-Chan…" said Beauty.

"Chiyo-Chan?" asked Negi.

"Another of your students… you'll meet her later…" said Takamichi.

That's when Negi sneezed… and accidentally at Beauty… sadly he sneezed her clothes off.

"You just sneezed my clothes off!" she yelled.

"Sorry…" he said.

The meeting with the Headmaster went well, he gave Negi some advice when it came to training… he also made Beauty and Konoka ask some questions to themselves wondering what kind of training… it was also deiced that he would be staying with Konoka and Beauty, Negi also met Shizuna Minamoto, the school nurse… After the meeting the two students headed to class…

"Here's you class list…" said Shizuna.

"Thank you…" said Negi.

"Are you worried about the classes?" asked Shizuna.

"A little…" said Negi.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it…" said Shizuna.

"I hope so…" said Negi.

He took a peak into the class and saw all the girls talking, eating planning pranks.

"I think I might be way over my head…" said Negi.

"Don't worry it will be fine…" said Shizuna.

Negi began to look at his class list… and did his best to memorize them quickly.

Student 1 was named Rukia Kuchiki who had black hair that was cut short and blue eyes.

Student 2 was named Momoko Hanasaki who wad pink hair and wore two yellow ribbons in her hair and blue eyes. There was a note that read "call her Momoko H"

Student 3 was named Nami Minkan who had Orange hair that was cut short and brown eyes, Negi noticed a bonus note that read "Protect wallet at all costs"

Student 4 was named Yomiko Readman, she has long black hair, brown eyes and wore thick square glasses.

Student 5 was named Ichigo Momomiya, she had red hair that was kept in pigtails tied with ribbons and grey eyes

Student 6 was named Momoko Akatsutsumi, she had orange hair tied into a ponytail with a large red ribbon and pinkish eyes. There was a note that read "call her Momoko A"

Student 7 was named Sakura Haruno, she had pink hair that was tied with a red ribbon used as a head band and jade green eyes.

Student 8 was Beauty, and he had already met her.

Student 9 was named Sango Takahashi, she had long dark brown hair that was tied in a loose ponytail and brown eyes.

Student 10 was named Chachamaru Karakuri, she had light green hair and wore strange hair ornaments and had blue eyes. There was a note that read call engineering in case of emergency.

Student 11 was named Hinata Hyuga, he had indigo hair cut short and lavender eyes that made her look blind.

Student 12 was named Xian Pu, she had long purple hair that put into small buns and kept long as well and brown eyes.

Student 13 was Konoka and noticed the note that read "Dean's Granddaughter".

Student 14 was named Ryoko Hakubi, she had long spiky cyan hair and yellow eyes.

Student 15 was named Setsuna Sakurazaki, she had black hair put into an odd fashion and brown eyes.

Student 16 was named Usagi Tsukino, she had blonde hair put into odango hair style with pig tails and blue eyes.

Student 17 was named Ino Yamanaka, she had long blonde hair put into a ponytail and blue green eyes.

Student 18 was named Kagome Higurashi; she had long black hair and brown eyes.

Student 19 was named Chao Lingshen, she had black hair which she wore in buns and two braids and had brown eyes.

Student 20 was named Chiyo Mihama, looked about his age and had reddish brown hair put into pig tails and had brown eyes. There was a note that read "Youngest student at 10"

Student 21 was named Megumi Ohmi, she had long brown hair and brown eyes… there was a note that read "girl named Tia is her special friend and has special permission to attend class"

Student 22 was named Milfuelle Sakuraba, she had long pink hair and wore a strange head band that had two very large flowers, she also had blue eyes.

Student 23 was named Robin Nico, she had fairly long black hair and blue eyes.

Student 24 was named Satomi Hakase she black hair put into two braids and brown eyes with glasses.

Student 25 was named Koyomi Mizuhara, she was girl with long brow hair with brown eyes and wore a pair of glasses.

Student 26 was Evangeline A.K. McDowell, she appeared to be a 10 year old girl from the west, and there was a note that read "call her in case of emergency"

Student 27 was named Tomo Takino, she was a girl with short dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Student 28 was named Akane Tendo, she had very short dark blue hair that was almost black and brown eyes.

Student 29 was named Ayeka Jurai, she purple hair that was a very strange hair style that put in a shoulder hair on one layer and two long ponytails on the second as well at purple eyes.

Student 30 was named Orhime Inoue she had orange with two flower barrettes in her hair and brown eyes.

And finally student 31 was named Vivi Nefertari, she had aqua blue hair put into a ponytail and violet eyes.

"How am I supposed to remember their names…" said Negi, "There's so many of them…"

"At least two of your students have the same name…" joked Shizuna.

Negi swallowed… he was nervous… he tried remember his sister and his good friend Anya… he entered the room and saw a chalk board eraser was about to hit him. So he made it float above his head. Every student in class noticed it… but seemed to push it away… even Beauty… or maybe she didn't notice it.

"Hey…" said Rukia, "Is that easer floating…"

"Looks like it…" said Nami.

Negi noticed that most of his students were staring so he let it fall… that's when he tripped on a rope… slipped and landed in a bucket.

"Got him!" yelled Tomo.

"Tomo… please next time if you want to platy a prank don't get us involved…" said Ino.

"A wait a second… that a kid…" said Koyomi get up to get a good look the person they just pranked.

"You better apologize!" yelled a voice in the back of the class room… it belong to a girl who was about 6 years with red hair… she gave a very menacing look to Tomo.

"Okay Tia…" said Tomo.

She walked over to Negi, "Sorry I thought you were our teacher…"

"But he is your teacher…" said Shizuna.

There was a gasp then squeals… "He's so cute!" said half of the class.

Before half the class could pounce on him both the red hair 6 year old and Chiyo blocked them.

"We're not going to let you hug him, cuddle him or dress him in penguin outfits!" said Chiyo.

"That's right…" said Tia.

"But Chiyo-Chan… I thought you liked the penguin suit…" said Sango.

"I do like the penguin suit… but I doubt he'll like it…" said Chiyo better known as Chiyo-Chan.

"Penguin suit?" asked Negi.

"It's a long story…" said the 6 year old.

Negi blinked at the girl she wasn't' on the class list.

"Oh this is Tia… she sits in on the classes…" said Shizuna.

"I can't go to the elementary school for certain reasons…" said the girl named Tia.

"I see…" said Negi.

Everyone took their seats so Negi could indirect himself.

"I'm Negi Springfield… and I'm your new teacher…" said Negi.

There was a snort from near the back of the class… it came from Ryoko, "Like I'm going to learn from some little pip squeak…" said Ryoko, "He maybe a kid… but I doubt I'll learn anything…"

"Like a demon such as yourself can learn anything…" said Ayeka.

"Want to say something princess?" asked Ryoko.

Ayeka got up ad walked over to Ryoko's desk.

"Place your bets now!" yelled Nami.

The two were about to fight.

"Oh no… I'll be written by Shizuna…" thought Negi.

Shizuna clapped her hands "Okay… let's have a fun day of learning… Negi-Sensei their all yours" she said.

"Yes ma'am…" said Negi.

"You and me after class Princess…" said Ryoko.

"Full power…" said Ayeka.

"You better know it…" said Ryoko with a smirk.

Class went uneventful… which made all the students surprised for some reason at the end of class.

"You know I was half expecting a yokai to show in the middle of class" said Nami to Vivi as they left class.

"Me too…" said Vivi.

Negi sighed… it was a tough day… he decided to find a place where he could memorize the names better, when he found the place he looked at the class roster once again… That's when he one of the girls from his class carrying a lot of books.

"Oh that's Student number 4 Yomiko Readman…" said Negi, "It looks like she has a heavy load… looks like she might…"

Before he could finish his sentence she fell… Negi did the only thing he could do… he prepared his staff… however was about to get the shock of his life… before he could perform the spell to make sure her landing was soft Yomiko pulled out many papers from her pocket… she somehow made them make some sort of pillow… Negi stood there blinking.

"What on earth…" he said.

"That was so cool!" yelled a voice.

Negi turned around and saw his two of his students… Tomo and Koyomi, Tomo was hyperactively pointing at him while Koyomi was sighing.

"Negi-Sensei that was so cool what you did!" yelled Tomo.

"What?" said Negi, "But I didn't do anything…"

"I know that…" said Tomo, "Yomiko did it… she's not a normie like me and Yomi…"

"What?" asked Negi.

"Well it's sort of hard to explain… but I'm a Paper Master…" said Yomi who flicked the paper back.

"She can do anything with paper…" said Tomo, "She's not a normie... just I'm sure your not…"

"What?" said Negi shocked.

"Are you some sort of wizard…" said Tomo.

"What… how did you find out…" said Negi who began to freak out.

"Awesome!" yelled Tomo.

"Well I guess having a wizard teaching the class isn't so bad… though… I did sort of wanted a normal teacher…" sighed Koyomi.

"What do you mean Koyomi?" asked Negi.

"Please just call me Yomi…" said Koyomi… er… Yomi, "That's not the weirdest things here…"

"What…" said Negi.

Suddenly a giant black monster with a white face… all 4 of them froze…

"What is that?" cried Negi.

"A Hollow…" said Yomiko.

"A what?" said Negi.

"It's an evil sprit that wants to devour our souls… don't worry… I'm sure help will arrive soon…" said Tomo.

"What?" said Negi.

That's when something jumped form behind the Hollow, drew a sword and cut the creature in half… dissolving it… the person was Rukia… unlike the other three students she wasn't' wearing her uniform but rather a black outfit that was strange. It looked like a black kimono.

"Way to go Rukia!" cheered Tomo.

"What just happened…" said Negi.

"So looks like Negi found out…" said Rukia.

"You're not the first one… he saw me use my abilities…" said Yomiko.

"Let me guess Tomo's going to take him on the tour to show him "the non-normies?"" said Rukia.

"Great idea!" yelled Tomo who dragged the poor child teacher away.

"Poor Negi…" said Yomi.

The other two nodded in agreement.

With Tomo and Negi, Negi continued to cry and scream...

"What's going on?" cried Negi.

"Okay I'll explain Rukia… she's a Soul Reaper!" said Tomo.

Soul Reaper?" asked Negi.

"Yes… I don't know the whole thing but she fights Hollows and sends dead people to soul place that's supposed to haven…" said Tomo.

"Really?" said Negi.

"Yes and let's continue with the tour…" said Tomo.

That's when they heard a scream…

"Look like Akane was kidnapped again!" said Tomo dragging him off.

They got to where Akane Tendo was being held captive by a strange man both Negi and Tomo watched.

"Akane is a half-normie… meaning she's not exactly a normie but not one either… mostly because she keeps getting kidnapped for some unexplained reason…" said Tomo.

"What?" said Negi.

"Stop right there!" yelled 4 different voices.

Negi and Tomo turned to where the voices came from… 4 girls stood… two of them had pink hair, one of them wore a strange red outside, while the other had black cat ears and tail and wore a strange pink dress, the 3rd girls was a red head and wore a light red outside with a pink vest and the final girl was blonde and wore what looked like a blue and red Sailor Fuku.

"All right! Wedding Peach, Mew Ichigo, Hyper Blossom and Sailor Moon are here to save the day!" yelled Tomo.

Negi sweatdroped… "Who are they?" asked Negi.

"Their 4 of your students… Momoko H is Wedding Peach, Ichigo is Mew Ichigo, Momoko A is Hyper Blossom and Usagi is Sailor Moon… they make up Team Magical Girl… in other words their super heroes…" said Tomo.

"Really…" said Negi.

"Now! To the Library!" yelled Tomo.

"What?" said Negi.

Tomo then dragged him to the library… there Robin Nico was shelving book… many books at the same time… many, many books… all of them held by dissembled hands.

"How…" whispered Negi.

"Well…" said Tomo.

"I ate a devil fruit…" said Robin walking up to them.

"A what?" said Negi.

"How did you find us?" asked Tomo.

"You're very loud…" said Robin, "But when I was young I ate a fruit that besotted the ability to spout certain body parts in most places however I'm unable to swim…"

"Really?" said Negi.

"I see that Miss Takino is showing all of your odd students…" said Robin.

Negi sweatdroped…

"I heard that Miss Haruno, Miss Yamanaka and Miss Hyuga were training…" said Robin.

"Thank you!" said Tomo dragging him away.

"Help!" cried Negi.

Sometime later they were in a nearby forest to find Hinata Hyuga, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka doing strange training exercises… such as walking on water… climbing on trees and sparring.

"What's going on?" asked Negi.

"Their ninjas!" said Tomo, "Each one has a special ability… Ino can posses people, Sakura is super strong and Hinata can see though things…"

"Really?" asked Negi in disbelief.

"Yes…" said Tomo.

There were several explosions…

"Looks like the fight's on!" said Tomo who dragged Negi away.

She brought them to where Ryoko and Ayeka continued their fight… Negi was shocked to find that Ryoko was flying and using strange laser beams while Ayeka used strange logs.

"What's going on?" said Negi.

"They're aliens…" said Tomo doing the Vulcan symbol…

Negi stood there in disbelief that's when there was a horrible roar…

"All right a Yokai attack!" yelled Tomo.

And then Tomo dragged Negi away once again… both of them found a giant bug like monster… and Kagome was shooting arrows at it while Sango who was wearing a strange black outfit and riding a giant fiery cat threw a giant boomerang at it... the two were defeating the monster.

"What's going on?" yelled Beauty.

"They fight Yokai… demons… their different than hollows…" said Tomo, "There's still a few things I have to show you!"

She dragged Negi away once again… that's when they found it… it Megumi and Tia what was strange was they were fight a strange puppet like boy and teenaged boy… what was strange was Tia was using strange attacks at the same time Megumi read from a strange glowing book.

"What's going on?" asked Negi.

"Tia is a mamodo…" said Tomo.

"Mamodo…" said Negi.

"Something about demons from another world wanting to be kind of the world or something… I forgot…" said Tomo.

"I see…" said Negi.

"You still have two more things to see…" said Tomo.

Tomo dragged him where Chachamaru passed them by.

"Chachamaru… she's a robot…" said Tomo.

"Really…" said Negi.

"That's right!" said Tomo who pulled a bucket from pocket space… "Let's go get cold water!"

They went to a faucet where Tomo filled it cold water.

"What are you to do with that?" asked Negi.

"You'll see…" said Tomo.

They got to Xian Pu was practicing Martial Arts…

"Think fast Shampoo!" said Tomo.

She splashed the water at Xian Pu… and she turned into a cat making Negi blink.

"What just happened?" asked Negi.

"Shampoo fell into a spring that turned her into a cat whenever she's plashed with cold water… hot water reverses it…" said Tomo.

"No way…" said Negi.

"Well that's it… everyone else you class are normies… or I don't know enough about them…" said Tomo.

"Which way to the dorms…" said Negi.

"That way…" said Tomo.

Sometime later Negi sat there blinking… Beauty entered the room.

"You got the grand tour didn't you…" said Beauty.

Negi nodded.

"So is the rumor true… are you really a wizard?" asked Beauty.

"I can't believe everyone found out… I'm going to turn into an ermine…" he said.

"Don't worry about it… I know for a fact that word won't get outside of class… that's how things work… I mean no one outside of class knows what my brother looks like…" said Beauty.

"What does your brother look like?" asked Negi.

Beauty took out a picture of her brother Negi blinked, "His head looks like po…"

"Ice cream…" interrupted Beauty, "Sorry force of habit"

"I see…" said Negi.

"But maybe we should take a walk…" said Beauty, "It should be fun…"

"Sure!" said Negi.

The two took a walk Negi wondered why Beauty was leading him to the class room… when it turned out there was a party celebrating Negi. During the party Negi just sat there… still in shock at what he saw earlier.

"So I heard that most of your students already found out…" said Takamichi joining him.

"Yeah…" sighed Negi.

"And you also found out about their special abilities as well…" said Takamichi.

"Yeah…" sighed Negi.

"The dean and I knew that was going top happen… after all your class is the most amazing in the entire school…" said Takamichi, "The Dean doesn't' mind as long his granddaughter doesn't find out about it…"

"Really?" said Negi.

"That's right… so everything is fine…" said Takamichi.

"Except I have to get used to fact that many of students fight demons, have super powers, aren't from this world or something else…" said Negi with a sweat drop.

"That's Japan for you…" said Takamichi.

Little did Negi know that things from here on things would be very interesting… wait… he did know… uh… never mind…

Next Time: As time went by Negi got used to class' uh quirks... but now the test to see if this becomes a permanent teaching job is make sure that the class does not finish last in the exam... unfortunately 5 students may drag them down... the Baka Rangers! The worst students in class... can these 5 mange to study? Find out next time!