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Chapter 25: The Misadventures of Boy's Class 3A Part 2

There was a knock on the door of the dean's office.

"Can one of you get the door?" asked the Dean.

Renji was the one that answered. He froze when he opened the door.

"Pro. Kuchiki… what are you doing here?" asked Nitta.

Pro. Kuchiki was a teacher at the university division, he was also the leading Soul Reaper protecting the academy as well as Renji's direct superior and Rukia's adoptive older brother/ brother in law (long story).

"I had heard about what happened." Said Pro. Kuchiki.

"Okay… now as you were saying." Said Nitta.

"All right… as I was saying." Said Ohyama.

(Cut back to Flashback)

The mysterious woman stood floating by the windows.

"So this is the class I heard so much about." Said the woman.

"Who are you?" asked Pro. Bo-bobo.

"I don't need to give out any information. I just seek to cause chaos for this school and I chose the most powerful classroom there is." Said the woman.

They all looked at her.

"Let me guess you're on of Washu's rouge students." Said Yousuke.

"No… no… of course not…" said the woman.

"You are… aren't you?" asked Inu-Yasha.

"I told you by the end of JR. High one of them will come for us." Said Ranma.

"Why you!" yelled the woman.

She launched some sort of energy at the class.

"Okay… all Normies go into hiding." Said Kiba.

"Oh… and Yousuke and Masaya." Said Naruto.

"Yeah, yeah…" said Yousuke.

The Normies went to hide while the possible battle began.

Tenchi took out his sword (which was also called Tenchi).

"So that's the Legendary Tenchi sword." Said the woman, "IT's good to see it in action."

"Who cares about that?" asked Inu-Yasha.

He took out his sword and withdrew it, it somehow grew to massive portion.

"Oh my the legendary Tessaiga." Said the woman.

"What of it?" asked Inu-Yasha.

"Nothing… always wanted to see is all." Said the woman.

Inu-Yasha glared at the woman.

The woman merely smiled.

"It's no time to get riled up!" yelled Renji.

"That's right." Said Ichigo.

"There is no way you can win." Said the woman.

"The fight hasn't even started yet." Said Ukyo.

The woman blinked, "Isn't this an all-boys class?" asked the woman.

"Stop saying g things!" yelled Ukyo, "Stop trying to throw us off."

"Please don't spoil my fun." Pouted the woman.

"All right let's do this!" yelled Dokuro.

"Okay! Why are there two girls?" asked the woman.

"She's not really a student." Called out Sakura.

"She shouldn't even be here." Said Inu-Yasha under his breath.

"What did you say!" yelled Dokuro.

(Back in the present)

"You know… he has a point… you really shouldn't be here." Pointed out Pro. Kuchiki.

Dokuro glared at Pro. Kuchiki but it was clear that she couldn't do whatever she wanted to do to him.

"You know… I keep wondering how the whole angel system works…" said Usopp .

"I'm not going to explain it…" muttered Yosuke.

"Anyway…" sighed Ohyama

(Back to Flashback)

"So you want to see what I need you for…" said the woman.

All of them looked at her.

"Want sort of experiment do you have in mind?" asked Franky.

"I have no such thing in mind…" said the woman said nervously.

Those what were ready to fight er just stared at her.

'So what are you planning to do?" asked Luffy.

Renji was who waw the closest one slapped him.

"Good job." Said Sanji.

Renji nodded.

"You will feel my wrath!" tainted the woman.

"What wrath!" said many of the boys in the class.

"It's none of your business." Said the woman.

Everyone just stared at her.

"Can we just fight now?" asked Kiba.

"Sounds fine to me…" said Inu-Yasha.

The woman smirked ats all of them were ready to fight.

Various swords were untreated while, Gaara uncorked his gourd, the various other ninjas also get ready for their fight.

"Wait! Shouldn't Sanji step aside during this fight?" sked Ukyo with a sweat drop.

"Hey you're right! He'll only die." Said Dokuro.

"Yeah…" sighed Ranma face palming.

"?What that's supposed to mean?" asked Sanji.

Ukyo shacked him in the head with her spatula and then dragged him away to the normies.

Everyone had sweat dropped at this but Sanji was unable to hit women.

(Back to the present)

"You're still unable to hit women?" asked Pro. Kuchiki.

Sanji just glared at that professor but didn't say anything.

(Back to Flashback)

"Can we fight now?" asked Naruto.

"WE can fight now." Said Ranma.

The woman grinned as they stared their attacks.

The woman then frowned as she realized they weren't going to attack them one at a time.

"Why did I think they were going to attack one at a time?" she thought with a sweat drop.

She had to dodge two massive sword from Ichigo and Inu-Yasha.

Then a huge thing of sand from Gaara.

Only to try to avoid a stretch punch from Luffy.

"Why aren't you attacking one at a time!" yelled the woman.

That was when she had to dodge a bunch of kunai, shuriken and spatula.

"What makes you think we'd do that?" asked Naruto .

The woman didn't answer at that question only needed to dodge a kick from Ranma and a sword strike from Zoro.

She then had to dodge Dokuro's club.

Followed but several Naruto's going g for the attack.

"Oh yeah Shadow Clones…" mumbled the woman.

However the woman seemed to smirk… As if this was part of the plans…

Which as it turned out it was… it was very much part of the plan.

She just had to wait it out a little longer.

Of course the fighting continued.

The woman had to dodge an attack from Usopp, Franky and Uryu who all had long range attacks.

From the Normies section they watched… Sanji of course was pouting.

"You would have nearly died you know." Said Sakura.

"Again…" said Yousuke.

Sanji grumbled under his breath.

"I wonder…" said Umino.

"what?" asked Masara.

"She's dodging a lot… and none of the attacks seem to be hitting." Said Umino.

That was when it hit all of them.

"There's something more going…" said Sanji.

That was when everything in the room began to shake.

"What's going on?" asked Kiba.

"You already fell into my trap." Said the woman.

(Cut out of Flashback)

They once again heard scraping at the door.

"They're spying again…" muttered Pro. Kuchiki.

"Should we stop them?" asked Ukyo with a sweat drop.

On the other side of the door, Tomo had somehow fell causing the scraping sound.

"Seriously?" asked Beauty.

"You know… there's other way to eaves drop." Said Ryoko.

"That's my girl." Said a voice.

The other girls saw the person who spoke.

"Seriously?" asked Ryoko.

"I have to be here for reason." Said the person who was indeed Washu.

And she headed into the office to join the conversation… after all it was one of her former students who tried something… again…

Next Time: What happened to cause that insane explosion and what was Washu's evil student had done? Will it be explained? Find out next time!