I Want My Happy Ending

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does!

Bella's POV

I had left Phoenix. All morning my thoughts had been centered on how much I missed the sun and its warmth. But I was a big girl now. I finally got away from my sister, that's a joyful thought. My sister Cidney is the worst. I have written two poems just because of her. I had them memorized. They were important to me. I had repeated them over and over that night just to remember why I had come to live with Charley.


"I hate you!" Cidney yells just before running upstairs to her room. Her short brown hair bouncing all the way up.

All I can do is whisper after her my poem and hope that it reaches her ears, I didn't trust myself to talk. I had it memorized after the last time she had one of her little out breaks,

"Another piece of my heart dies.

I force myself not to cry.

I wont give you the pleasure of my pain.

Lord, I hope its not in vain.

I hide my feelings and then my thoughts,

to be a shell is what I've sought.

Life is to short to live like this.

Can you imagine what I'd miss?

When my ego becomes so tall,

the words you mutter make me fall.

When you shout these words it makes me break.

How much more can I take?

It kills me inside just to know,

you hate me and you tell me so."

A single traitor tears slides slowly down my cheek. I run upstairs to try to hide it. I didn't want my mother to know how much she actually hurts me.

An hour later Cidney comes into my room, "You know, I say that all the time but I don't really mean it." she says.

I think for a moment then say,

"You say you don't mean it to hide your own shame,

but the outcome is just the same.

You hurt me inside,

there are rules to abide.

Sorries wont make the pain disappear,

it's already stuck in the atmosphere.

I'm done with you so say your goodbyes.

Save it for someone who will cry.

I can't weep,

or cry myself to sleep.

I can't cry.

I've cried myself dry.

The words you say once made me sob.

The phrase 'I hate you' did the job."

I knew that they seemed really lame and annoying but they were my feelings... And feelings are supposed to be held dear. So I held these two poems dear.

With that I packed my bags and drove the airport without saying good-bye to my mom, Phil, or any of my few friends. I didn't even call Charlie just appeared on his doorstep. I had used some of my college money to pay the taxi driver. I don't remember much about leaving. The whole time I was just in a haze.

End Flashback

So here I was. At my dads house in the small rainy town of Forks, Washington. I had gotten about two hours of sleep that whole night. It was the pitter patter on the roof that did it. Time to get up Bella. I told myself. I didn't really want to but I had to. It was after all my first day of school. So, I grumpily got out of bed. I didn't try to tip-toe, Charlie had already headed off to work. Being myself, I tripped over thin air. Some things never change.

I decided I would wear a black, long sleeved shirt. It was plain, simple, and showed that I detested Forks. Perfect. I decided on a pear of dark blue-jeans after about five minutes of searching through my very small wardrobe.

I took my clothes and other toiletries to the bathroom, sat them on the toilet, and jumped in the shower. About half way through the shower I realized something. I was still wearing my pajamas! This was definitely a sign that this would be an off day. A pleasant surprise was waiting for me when I finished getting dressed, it wasn't raining any more. It was actually sunny!

After I picked up all my belongings and threw my pajamas into the drier, I sulked down-stairs and grabbed a breakfast bar. I slung my back-pack over my shoulder and started to walk out the door. It would have been fine if I would have been wearing shoes... I stepped in mud. My eyes closed and I sighed in obvious frustration, walked back inside, and put on simple black converse. I walked out the door, only to slip and fall off the porch. I now had grass-stains on my pants... Great...

I was in a daze on my way to school. I was trying my hardest to fight it and focus on not tripping but it didn't work. I fell about eleven times on my way to school.

But, finally I reached it... Forks High School.

Most of the day passed in that same daze. All I can remember is that only two of my teachers forced me to stand up and introduce myself. Both times I tripped on my way back to my seat. I met two overly friendly boys: Mike and Eric. And I sat with Jessica at lunch. Gym was okay considering that I didn't have to play. It was very pleasant other than the fact that my mind kept drifting to how many injuries I could have caused.

As I was walking into the parking-lot after school and the daze was vanishing I felt a slight dread. It was raining.

Jessica seemed to notice and offered me a ride, "Bella, it's raining. Do you want me to drive you home?"

"That would be great, thanks Jess." I replied thankful.

"No problem." she smiled.

We both pilled into her white van and she took off to my house.

When I got home I thanked Jessica and went inside after pulling my key out from under the eve. I was to tired to do anything so I just plopped onto my bed not even bothering to take off my back-pack, pulled out my I-pod, and listened to it till I fell asleep.

Sorry... This is more of a filler. I promise that the next chapter will be more exciting. :)