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Send For The Man

Present Day

It had taken him four long years, during which he and Koriand'r were handed off to the Psions and back, but as promised, Kole had helped break the two of them out. That was the bright side. The downside was that the Gordanian vessel's escape pods were only big enough to house one each. Knowing that they may never see one another again, they exchanged farewells and fled the grasp of the Citadel Empire, hopefully forever.

Violet Roth, seventeen years old, sat in the windowsill of her Gotham City appartment staring out at the night sky. From the twelfth floor window, she saw a shooting star streak across the horizon. "I wish I could see my big sister again," she said with a sigh to no one in particular. After a few more minutes, she turned from the city skyline and went to bed.

The landing shook the escape pod and woke Kole. Grumbling about stupid Gordanian engineers, he emerged from the tiny vessel clutching his head. From the corner of his eye, he saw something glinting in the light of the setting sun. Panic-stricken, he reached out and uprooted a tree with his mind and swung it in the direction of what he thought was a Gordanian scout ship. Before he do much more than that, however, he felt a sudden pain in the back of his head, and found the world going black.

A few days after the shooting star, Violet found herself taking a longer route home from work than the one she usually took. This path took her through the worst parts of the city, known to most Gothamites as Crime Alley. Normally, Violet completely avoided this part of town if she could, bad memories, but thanks to Mr. Freeze covering six blocks of her normal route between home and work, she had no alternative. In other words, the Batman had his hands full, thus there was no one to help the woman in that back alley. That is until Violet looked down it and saw the woman pressed with her back to the wall and her skirt bunched up about her hips. A man twice his size held her there with his pants around his ankles and a hand over his victim's mouth. Without a second thought, Violet sank into her own shadow and rose up from the thug's behind him. The next sound heard was a sickening crunch and the huge, compared to the other occupants of that alley at least, man was on the ground with his hands on his crotch.

"Naughty, Naughty. What would your mother say?" A whimper was Violet's only reply. She then leaned over him and planted a kiss on his cheek that left a purple mark behind. After a quick call to the GCPD, she continued home.

The next few nights found Gotham another guardian. A mysterious vixen who left a purple kiss-mark on her downed foes. The only other thing the police ever got from them was a dark bird-like shadow that the papers dubbed "Crow".

Kole felt that his luck couldn't get any worse. First he'd thought a silver frisbee was an alien spacecraft. Second, the Batman put him in Arkham Asylum, home of most of his rogues gallery. That was a week ago and he was starting to think he'd never get out. To top it all off, he suspected that the chick in the cell across from him, who's skin looked almost green, was checking him out, especially since she was surrounded in vines and other plant life. Kole walked over to the intercom and pressed the button.

"zzzt What do ya want, kid. ch" The guard asked him rudely.

"For you to get that Christmas lady over there to stop eying me like prime ribs." Was Kole's answer.

"zzzt Not much I can do about that, kid. ch" Was all he got in response. Figured. That was all he ever got from the guy. Kole sighed feeling that his luck would never change. But his own personal lady luck was on a tour of the place at that very moment.

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