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He was an avenger. No one contested that. He would defeat his brother; he would gain more power-that was his goal and he allowed no one to stop him.

And indeed, no one did.

Not even the desperate pleading of the only girl he has learned to care about.

She loved him and yet all he could say was a feeble thank you.

Yes, he was unpitying, inexorable; but just a terrible, not an evil man.

And she knew that; she of all people, knew that.


When he came back, she smiled. Even through the blur of her tears, she smiled.

She would always smile. All of the village thought of her as a broken woman yet noble in her conquest to always smile no matter what pain she've been through.

Through defeat, rejection and heartbreak, she would always find it in her heart to smile.

They would always wonder why.

She was smiling when he got out of detainment; never overwhelming him with unnecessary tears.

And so she continued to smile and they all continued to wonder.

When he told her that he still didn't love her, she said, "Okay then Sasuke-kun, let's have some coffee," and she stretched out her arm to gesture for him to follow.

When he once again told her that she was weak, she simply said, "then that means I'll have to train harder," with a smile on her lips.

So when he finally told her that he loved her and she simply smiled, this puzzled him. He asked,

"Aren't you happy?"

"Of course I am Sasuke-kun."

"Then why does your expression remain the same as when you are hurt?"

"Because, Sasuke-kun," she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "life is a matter of perspective," she whispered as their lips met, "either I mourn that I'm weak or rejoice that I can still improve, either I mourn that you left or rejoice that you came back."

His lips once again met hers as he whispered, "Perspective? I'll remember that."