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A year after defeating the AAO and three years since they've been together, two mysterious students appear at the academy and a new threat has appeared trying to destroy them and what with the newbs and whats their connection with our heroes. NxM

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Gakuen Alice, Northern Forest… (future)

"Well, ready to go?" said a female voice.

"Yeah, I've been practicing since I got it. Its difficult to control so we might be off a few days, weeks or even months! I should know I got lost once." said another cheerfully this time a guy.

"Whatever, just gets us there already! You know this is very important, so quit stalling!' the previous voice commanded.

"H-Hai, hold on." Then started concentrating

"We must complete this….. for our existence sake" she said in a whisper

"I know…" he said

With a flash of light both were gone.


Gakuen Alice, Our Favorite Sakura Tree… (The present)

"Natsume!" said a sexy 17 y/o girl with auburn eyes and a cheerful smile long hair that could melt anybodies heart.

"Polka, or should it cakes" said a handsome boy also the same age with raven hair and crimson eyes smirking

"PERVERT! I told you my name is MIKAN. M-I-K-A-N MIKAN!" shouted mikan as she got pissed at natsume calling her that again pouting.

"Alright, alright you don't have to be so loud" said him as he jumped down from the tree kissed her on the cheeks

Man, she so cute like this and one of the many things I about love her. thought Natsume.

"Ok just don't do it again" said Mikan as she returned his kiss.

He's so handsome, but he won't stop teasing my panties… I wouldn't have any other way. thought Mikan.

"So babe what brings you here?" asked the flame caster.

"Awww, Natsume did you forget what day is today." said the alice copier, nullifier and stealer.

"How could I? This is the day I became the happiest man alive knowing the girl I loved, loved me back"


Gakuen Alice, Our Favorite Sakura Tree… (3 years ago)

"What do you want!" said a Natsume.

'Man she really grew this past four years she no longer that cheerful and pretty girl but has grown ' thought Natsume.

"N-Natsume I-I always wanted to tell you this b-but I-I t-that's to s-say I-I…" stammered Mikan blushing all sorts of red

'My heart can't stop racing he so handsome you can do this you're a special star now.' thought Mikan.

"Spit it out! Baka!" hoping she was going to say what he thought she was gonna say.

"Forget it! Just forget it you jerk!" Mikan on the verge of tears. She was about run off when he grabbed her arm.

"Mikan, s-sorry b-but t-the t-truth is I-I love you!" said Natsume blushing very VERY hard.

"N-Natsume I LOVE YOU TOO!" cried Mikan as kissed passionately on the lips.

Natsume felt himself melt in her kiss and embrace

Then a they heard a shouting, cheering, crying and more importantly camera clicking what!

They turned and saw the entire class (well except Sumire and the other Natsume fangirls they were crying) cheering them and Hotaru Imai the inventor girl clicking madly with her animal controlling boyfriend trying to stop her

"Umm H-Hotaru…" said Ruka

She flashed Ruka' picture of him and giant chick "Shut up." She said stoically.

"U-okay…" as he blushed all sorts of red knowing better not stop his girlfriend in the process of blackmail.

End Flashback

"YAY! You remembered our anniversary" shouted Mikan as she glomped Natsume.

"M-Mikan stop that…can't breath" he said turning blue.

"Sorry Natsume" as she kissed him again on the cheeks "so… did get me anything?"

"H-here it isn't much but I thought you'd like it" said a blushing Natsume.

Natsume watched as his over eager girlfriend ripped, no not remove but rip, the packing apart cardboard and all. He smiled he never let anyone but her and Ruka see him smile and act this way.

Mikan stared at it a beautiful silver bracelet with crystals embedded that spelled out "To my darling Mikan"

"Oh Natsume its beautiful" she jumped and kissed him on the lips then she jumped backed and said "I got something for you too"

She pulled out a heart pillow she apparently made herself embroidered with the words "To sweet Natsume" and a chibi Mikan hugging a chibi Natsume.

"Thanks babe" he always enjoyed Mikan's handmade gifts they beautiful and he knows she made with all her heart.

"This is also the day we destroyed the AAO didn't we" he said suddenly serious.

"I know" she sadly

She and Natsume were key for the final defeat of the Anti- Alice Org. working together in different missions trusting each other completely they finally destroyed last year them when they attempted to attack the academy thus ending Natsume and Mikan missions for good all that remains of the AAO were a few survivors that could be easily handled by the other Dangerous ability students.

Mikan shooked her head "Enough about that, oh look at the time lets get to class were gonna be late"

They got up and proceeded to the classroom

"Good morning everyone" she hollered

"Hmph" Natsume scowled

"Good morning Mikan" said Yuu

Hotaru and Ruka were sitting at their table. Ruka greeted the two and Hotaru just looked at them emotionlessly

"Morning Ruka-pyon and Morning Hotaruuuu!" as she tried to hug her best friend

Baka! Baka! Baka!

"Start acting your age baka!" as she launched three shots at her.

"Owie your mean Hotaru" she crying while rubbing her head.

Natsume sighned things never changed he thought and hope they never will as he helped his beautiful girlfriend up and kissed him on her head making blush and the class cheer.

"Good morning claaaasss!" as Narumi entered "we have two new students today so be good to them"

They watched as the two new but somehow familiar students entered the room….


A flash of light then a mysterious figure stepped out the alley.

"I must destroyed them and make sure that the AAO lives again"

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