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Outside the Academy Gate

With a flash of light two figures walked towards the academy

"What's the date?" growled the girl.

"Hold on and don't be angry all the time geez" whined the guy

He walked over to the guard at the gate and asked what was the date then came back with a huge smile plastered on his face.

"Yay! We're a day early! Go me!" he said cheerfully

"Tch! Stop being so noisy and come on" she said

And they walked thru the familiar grounds telling the guard they'd be enrolling here to let them in and headed towards the faculty room


Gakuen Alice, Faculty room

"So you two are going to enter this school are you? But only students with special talents are allowed here so if don't have it then…' said Jinno.

"Where's Persona and Narumi?" she commanded.

Jinno was taken a back by her forwardness, pissed at her lack of respect and shocked that she knew the two.

"Umm please forgive my little sister's attitude she act this way but she' really sweet on the inside" he said apologetically

Then he was met by a boot to the back of the head by his sister who said in whisper,"Just because you're two minutes earlier doesn't you could threat like that in public. Aniki!"

"Itai… that hurts" he said whilr rubbing his head.

"You were looking for us" said acold and creepy Persona, as he walked in the room with Narumi

He got up his head still sore from the boot and took out a letter and said "This should explain everything."

Narumi opened and read the contents carefully there was silence then he said "Mr. Jinno these two are to be enrolled as soon as possible and in my class."

End Flashback

Gakuen Alice, Very Noisy Classroom

The two new students stood in front of the class, there was an awkward silence

"Okay class," said Narumi "these two just transferred in from…"



"Say do you have a boyfriend?"

"Hey back off I saw her first."

The new guy sweat dropped then he turned to his companion, he smiled nervously and backed away, who had her eyes covered in her bangs and her hair was turning slightly scarlet. It was a sign for him to…

"Is it just me or its getting hotte…"


The boys and girls crowding around the new students were sent flying by a huge explosion similar to a certain fire caster's and pinned to the walled by their clothes with knives. Everyone looked at Natsume thinking he was the source of the explosion but he was shooked his head maintaining his cool composure and pointed out the real perp.

In front, the new girl was holding a scarlet fire ball on one hand and knives on the other she was clearly pissed and glaring at everyone with a glare to match Natsume's.

"M-Midori-chan don't do that. Sorry about that she blows up all her fans back home as well. Sorry again but allows to introduce ourselves my name's Hayate and it's a pleasure to meet you all and this girl is my sweet little twin sister Midori," said Hayate smiling a similar but still goofy smile while rubbing his sister on the head.

"Just because you're technically older doesn't mean you could…" she whispered clenching her fist and getting pissed even more.

"Hmm… what did you say?" he asked and blinked stupidly.

"Nothing." she mumbled.

"So as I was saying they transferred here from a similar academy will remain here for a while. Now then, everyone today is a free day again because we need to repair the damage Midori-chan caused so everyone be good," said Narumi as he ran out the door.

Tch, gay. thought Midori and Natsume.

"Oh I almost forgot since you too are new I'm assigning you partners," said Narumi.

"Aww but I don't want to be separated from sweet little sister," whined Hayate.

"One more time, just one more and I'll definitely…" growled Midori.

"Ok I'll just assign you both to those with partners already," piped Narumi.

About the entire class except Hotaru, Ruka, and Natsume shot their hand up in the air with Mikan jumping up and down saying "We volunteer!" over and over again. Hotaru rolled in exasperation her eyes and Natsume just poured over his manga again.

"Okay so its Natsume and Mikan well then bye," then quickly dashed away because he knew what would happen next.

"AAWW, some people have all the luck," said the admirers (Sumire was the loudest who exclaimed this)

"NANIII!?" exclaimed Natsume as he heard Narumi's announcement.

"Yay we got picked isn't that great" smiled Mikan.

He rubbed his head he was getting a headache because one he was gonna teach new students again , second his cute girlfriend volunteered them without asking whether he wanted to or not, though he didn't really mind but still, and third he got two new students two deal with one who is a pyromaniac (ha you should talk!) and the other was a goofy idiot plus they're siblings.

"Fine," he said.

"Hey I'm not exactly thrilled either," said Midori as she and Hayate walked towards the couple

"Hello there O-ops Mikan-chan, Natsume-kun" Hayate greeted cheerfully.

"Hello to you too, Hayate-kun, Midori-chan" replied Mikan.

Hayate and Mikan were getting along fine, but its different story with the other two. They just stood there giving each other death glares. This made the class nervous not only they were two VERY short tempered fire casters in the room but they might fight each other right here and now.

"Tch!" said Natsume and Midori as turn away from each other.

"Eheheh…" Hayate and Mikan laughed nervously hoping they won't burn everything into a crisp.

"So what's your alice Midori-chan" asked Mikan

"In case you weren't paying attention its Weapon creation and Hellfire" said Midori calmly.

"Hellfire? How that different from normal fire?" asked Natsume becoming curious.

"Simple unlike normal fire that eventually runs out while hellfire never extinguishes even if I stop applying power or douse it with water into it and will only stop if I tell it to and if asked what weapon creation is you just saw it!" mumbled Midori as she getting impatient.

"I see so how about you Hayate-kun?"

"Its Copying, Nullifying and stealing along with Realization," replied Hayate with glee.

"Waahh you have the same alice as me I'm so happy. Demo… what's Realization?" said Mikan.

"Hmm… I think its similar to Illusion only the illusion created aren't fake but real," explained Hayate.

"Really… that's great I think we're gonna be great friends! neh? Natsume," said Mikan.

"Yipee! Aren't you happy Midori?" piped Hayate.

Midori and Natsume just rolled their eyes…

Hotaru being Hotaru noticed something. Midori looks exactly like Mikan but with crimson eyes and a personality of Natsume while Hayate looks like Natsume but with auburn eyes and a cheerful disposition like certain idiot.

This requires a little investigating. thought Hotaru.


Somewhere Outside the Academy, Warehouse

"That's it I give up!" a mib (man in black) said

"As much as pain to say it he's right. We are in shambles and scaterred all over we lost our leaders and the best we could do is live normally," said another mib.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. So this all you could do eh? No wonder we lost back then," as mysterious figure walked towards them smirking.

"What do you want?" a mib snapped.

"How about a way to rise once more and create an AAO stronger better and more vicious than before," said the man.

" Oh yeah how?"

" Follow me and I'll show you if you don't I'll kill you."

"Oh yeah you think you can beat us."

The man snapped his fingers and the mib twitched fell over. He was unmistakably dead.

"Enough for you? Let's go already before this corpse starts smelling."

Then he left with four others out the warehouse…


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