Me: Hi it's me again shadowzerover5…

Midori: Oh get on with it already death glare

Me: O-okay thank you for the reviews everyone and I…


Me: smoking

Midori: That's for taking so long! And you still do not own Gakuen Alice!

Hayate: But he owns us right, Midori.

Midori performs the legendary Naru-punch sending Hayate in orbit.

NAAO (Neo Anti-Alice Organization) Headquarters

The four followed the figure to a grand mansion with a beautiful garden and fully furnished. Inside however lay guns and weapons that were never seen before and a huge training facility complete with targets and such.

"How'd you set this place up so fast?" asked a mib.

"Oh I have my ways. The owner was kind enough that he just gave me this place, thought I'd bring over," the man said grinning, "first order of business gather all the remaining AAO and bring them here that's the reason why I approached you first because your alices could do that right?"

"H-how'd you know what are alices were?" said a mib shocked.

"I already told you I have my ways," he said with a grin, "after you gather them I want you to…"


Gakuen Alice, Hotaru's Lab

Something's not quite right about those two, thought Hotaru as she observes Midori and Hayate talking using her inventions, they're hiding something I'm sure of it and it concerns Mikan and Natsume, but what is it?

"Hey how about we go to Central Town," suggested Mikan on the screen, "we can give you the grand tour of it too."

"Sure let's go, how about it Midori? Natsume?" Hayate asked.

"Fine," snarled Midori.

"Whatever," growled Natsume.

"Thank you!" replied Mikan and Hayate.

However Hotaru overheard this and thought this was a perfect opportunity to find out something about those two if not I could always sell the pictures of the four of them to make me rich.

"Ruka," called Hotaru.

"Y-yes," stammered Ruka. He knows what she's thinking after all she was his girlfriend and he all to well whats gonna happen when Hotaru uses that tone.

"You, me, Central Town, bring your equipment," commanded Hotaru in a signature monotone.

Ruka let out a sign and left to get it from his room while Hotaru sat there looking at the screen. She turned her super laptop next to her and did a thorough search of all academy records of Midori and Hayate.

CLASSIFIED ENTRY FORBIDDEN was displayed on the screen.

That's odd usually these records are easily accessible. Whoever did is a baka hiding it like this only makes people more curious thought Hotaru as she reached for one of her inventions.

"Invention no. 0190 Hack-in-a-box allows the user to instant access files bypassing all security protocols by annoying the security program with useless data, however it take a while to finish," she said to no one.

Activating her invention she walked out her lab to see Ruka waiting for her carrying cameras, camcorders, and other recording equipment as well as her improved spy kit.

"Ready?" asked Hotaru.

Ruka responded with a nod Hotaru whipped out her cell phone and called Mikan.


Gakuen Alice, Near Bus Stop


Picking up her phone she responded, "Hello? Oh Hotaru!"

Natsume twitched as he heard her that name he knows when that blackmailing inventor calls Mikan she's planning something, and it usually involves rabbits and them.

"Yes, me and Natsume are gonna give them a tour of Central Town. Hmm? Really? That's great we'll meet at the fountain then. Bye!" she closed her phone and skipped towards the other three.

"Hotaru and Ruka-pyon are joining us we're meeting at the fountain later then eat. Oh this is going to so much fun! Midori-chan, Hayate-kun have you met Hotaru and Ruka yet? You're going to like them they're nice…" she said all this really fast.

"Oi polka breathe a little you're gonna run out of air," said Natsume.

She took a deep breath and continued, "And this is going to a great opportunity to make new friends."



Then the bus arrived and took them to Central Town.


Gakuen Alice, Central Town

They visited every store because Hayate dragged them to each one and Mikan was enjoying it though Natsume went somewhere else, Midori on the other hand was just bored she was walking slowly so she was behind the two this continued on till she noticed a bookstore; she went in to find Natsume buying a new manga.

"Oi shouldn't you be with your brother? He'll be worried," asked Natsume.

"Nah, he's with Mikan too busy fawning over every store he comes across," she replied.

Those two are kinda alike, he thought

"… No I'm sure he'll get worried," he said.

"Hmm? The great Natsume Hyuuga is caring for little old me and my brother," she said mocking Natsume.

Feeling his temper rising though he was confused himself why did he care for them? It as though he feels that he should act like a father to them but he didn't know why.

"It just that I have a little sister myself I know how he'd feel…" he said not wanting his true emotions show.

"Don't worry about us you should be more worried about you and Mikan," she said

"Wh- Why?" he asked as his eyes widened.

"Just be careful and you'll find out soon enough," she picked up a book. (note a BOOK not a manga) She paid for it, and headed for the door. She stopped turned and asked, "Well? Hurry up and buy what you want already and let's find the two idiots."

He paid for his manga and proceeded toward the door, but something keeps nagging his thoughts What does she mean…

Just be careful and you'll find out soon enough

He shaked it off and went out with Midori.


"HOWALOONS!" screamed Mikan as they proceeded to the said store.

Hayate was watching Mikan buy two boxes and she gave one to him. Mikan feels strange around the twins is it as if she known them all her life, but that can't be right, thought Mikan staring at his face as she ate her favorite candy.

He noticed this and and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Huh? Uh… nothing. Say Hayate have ever got the feeling you've known someone your whole life but you never met before?"

Pocketing the candy, he doesn't like Howaloons that much, and answered, "No not really, why?"

"Forget about it, hey, where is Midori-chan?" she said looking around. (You just noticed she left as soon as you got to the clothes shop)

"Hmm she probably be somewhere over there," he said.

"But, aren't you worried?" asked Mikan.

"Of course I am, just that… Midori likes being independent and aloof so I just give her the space she wants, bur deep down she just every other girl even though she shows otherwise," he answered.

"Oh," she said thinking Midori-chan's just like Natsume.

"Come on let's go to the fountain its getting late…" he said as he was heading off then extremely loud growls emanated from the two.

"Eheh… guess it is pretty late," she said blushing (I mean who wouldn't)

"…Y-Yeah and I'm getting hungry," he said rubbing his stomach.

They sped of to the fountain. Hotaru and Ruka were already there and Natsume and Midori just arrived as well.

"Hey Midori you were with Natsume all this time… ohoh Midori so naughty you know she has a girlfriend already, oh little Midori growing up," teased Hayate.

"A-Aniki! W-well what were you doing with Mikan then huh the two of you alone,'' blushing as she tried teasing back.

"N-Nothing, we just talked and shopped that's all," he was also blushing at the comment. (click)


"Really, and you?"

"NOTHING HAPPENED!" she said red as a tomato. (click)

"Okay, okay here," throwing the candy box, "your favorite right."

Midori caught the box and ate every single one at break neck speed before throwing it away to side complete empty, she did this in a matter of seconds (click), "Thanks and here's something for you as well," tossing the book to him.

"HEY I'VE WANTING THIS THANK YOU!" exclaimed Hayate, he sat on the fountain and started to read with a cool expression on his face. (click)

"Yeah, yeah but don't be so loud" said Midori and Natsume.

"So you guys ready to have dinner?" asked Hotaru.

"HAI!" said Hayate and Mikan.

"Let's go I already made reservations," said Ruka, they followed him to nearby restaurant.

I got some nice picture of the siblings and with Mikan's and Natsume's I'm gonna be rich, thought Hotaru, I'm gonna find out what's going on it'll be over after dinner.

Hayate and Midori were at the rear he whispered "Tonight's the first incident, right?"

"Hn," she coldly.

"Be on your guard and be safe okay," he worriedly answers.

"I know," she replied.

Then they enter the restaurant as two shadows observe them from a nearby tree.



Hayate: that hurts

Me: hey you okay? (Recovered from explosion)

Hayate: Yeah, reviews and comments greatly appreciated.

Midori: Shut it you two.

Me & H: Make Us!

Midori: How about now? (Materializing a gatling gun)

Me & H: …

Midori: That's better.

Natsume: I couldn't agree more.