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Chapter 1: I'm What?!

"Please Holly!"

"Trouble I don't need to see a doctor. It's just the flu." Holly said crabbily.

"There's no harm in making sure." Trouble argued. "Look if you don't go I'll personally get Butler to come down and take you."

Holly glared at him. The two of them had been married for a year and usually they got along fine but lately Holly had been feeling moody and had been throwing up all the time.

"Fine." Holly snapped. "I'll go tomorrow. But you have to promise that if the doctor says it's nothing you'll believe her!"

Trouble nodded gratefully. It always made him so worried to see Holly in pain or to see her sick. Trouble went over to the phone and made an appointment for Holly tomorrow morning. He looked around but Holly wasn't there anymore. He sighed. He knew where she was. The poor girl was throwing up again.

The next morning Trouble woke Holly up early. Usually she was the first up but lately as she was sick, she wasn't going to work so she didn't have to get up early.

"Go away." She mumbled.

Trouble smiled. She was always like this in the morning. He shook her harder. She just rolled over. Trouble shook his head and thrust a mug of coffee under her nose. She sat up sleepily and took the drink.

"Thanks." She murmured, eyes closed.

She got out of bed and went to take a shower. 15 minutes later she came out to find Trouble waiting for her, already in his LEP uniform.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning, ok Holly?"

"Sure. I just wish I could go on a Recon mission to." Holly said wistfully.

She really did miss work. Trouble smiled at her, leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"Don't forget about the doctor, ok?"

Holly nodded. "I won't. I promise I'll go to the appointment."

Trouble sighed and left for work. Holly looked around at the apartment. It was pretty messy. Trouble and Holly were not exactly the neatest people under the Earth and Holly had been sick. Holly looked at the clock. 3 hours until her doctor's appointment. She shrugged, went into the bedroom and made the bed. She stayed there for an hour straightening up. She came out and looked at the clock. 2 more hours. She sighed. This would be a long 2 hours.

Holly sat in the waiting room just sitting there. This was the main thing she couldn't stand about doctors. You had to wait forever and the whole building smells like foul (no pun intended) medicine.

"Foul?" Holly murmured trying to overcome boredom. "Maybe I'll call Artemis."

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a new communicator. Foaly had given Holly and Artemis new communicators after seeing that they still used the old ones. Holly dialed in Artemis's number but before he picked up she heard the receptionist say.

"Holly Kelp? Doctor Heather will see you now."

Holly stuffed the communicator back in her pocket and went into the Doctor's room.

Doctor Heather looked up as Holly entered.

"Hey Holly. What's up?"

Holly smiled. Heather had been her best friend for years. It was just luck that Holly got her as a doctor.

"Nothing much, Heather. I've been feeling kind of bad and Trouble made me come see the doctor."

"I can guess how much you liked that." Heather winked. She knew how much Holly detested seeing the doctor.

"Well come here and we'll do some tests." Heather motioned for Holly to come closer.

Half an hour later Holly was sick of being poked and prodded. This was why she hated going to the doctor's office.

Heather looked at her.

"Look Holly, I'll be right back. I just want to check something."

Heather left the room and Holly sat in silence. That is until she heard a voice.

"Holly, are you ok?"

She snatched the communicator from her pocket.

"Artemis. Why did you call?"

Artemis Fowl Jr. looked at her. "I didn't. You called me. I answered the communicator and you never answered so I was just about to disconnect the call when I heard someone say, Holly Kelp? Doctor Heather will see you know. I wanted to make sure that you were ok. Plus I got to here exactly how fairy doctor's appointments work."

Holly groaned realizing that she had forgotten to disconnect the call. This would probably cost her a fortune.

"Ok. Well I'm fine. I've got the flu and Trouble made me see the doctor."

"I trust you don't like seeing the doctor?" Artemis said with a smirk.

"You said you heard everything." Holly said. "You should know."

Suddenly Heather came back in.

"Holly." She said seriously not noticing the communicator in Holly's hand. "This isn't the flu."

Artemis could see that Holly suddenly started looking nervous.

"What is it?" Holly asked nervously.

Heather's serious face broke out into a smile.

"Your pregnant, Holly! Congratulations! In 8 months, you and Trouble will be parents."

Holly's face was frozen. Artemis's face was frozen hundreds of miles above them. Holly shook herself.

"Um thanks Heather. I'm going to go now. I've got to call Trouble."

Heather nodded. "See you later Holly."

Holly nodded numbly and left the office. 5 seconds later she was slowly walking home. She jumped when Artemis cleared his throat.

"D'Arvit Artemis! I didn't know you were still there." Holly said looking at the communicator.

"Congratulations Holly." Artemis said smiling.

Holly frowned. "I'm not ready to be a mother, Artemis. I've only been married a year and I don't think I want kids yet."

Artemis grinned at her. "Well whatever you do I think you should tell Trouble. Oh and can I tell Butler and Juliet? You get to tell everyone down there."

Holly smiled weakly. "Sure."

Suddenly she looked sick.

"What's wrong? Are you ok?" Artemis asked looking worried.

"I just realized that I have to tell my mother." Holly said looking scared.

Artemis started laughing. "Oh well. See you later Holly. I've got to go tell the Butlers." Artemis disconnected the line still laughing.

Holly suddenly realized exactly what was going on.

"I'm going to be a mother." She whispered in disbelief "I'm going to have a child."

A smile of pure happiness spread across her face.

"I have to tell everyone." Holly broke into a run in the direction of the Police Plaza.

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