Ok, this isn't an update. But I just wanted to say one thing.


Right. A long time ago I was part of this Artemis Fowl fan fiction site. And I posted this story there. And unlike here, I actually finished it there. But I really have no wish to continue it here because my writing was really terrible back then, but I also don't want to rewrite it.

So anyway, if anyone is still interested in this story, you can go to the link below and read the end. If the link doesn't work, then go to Artemis Fowl and then go to the fan fiction section. You'll find 'A Surprise and a Problem' there. to find my story easily, just search 'A Surprise and a Problem' or my penname on that site 'Avid Reader'. Either way, you should find it. PM/review me if it doesn't work and I'll see if I can help.

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I hope this makes up for everything!

~Super Reader