Chapter 4: Bart Simpson & Milhouse Van Houten versus Sonic & Knuckles.

Megaman: 'Ladies & gentlemen, UCW's One-Shot continues with this tag team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Springfield, at a combined weight of 150lbs, BART SIMPSON & MILHOUSE VAN HOUTEN!'

Bleed It Out by Linkin Park played in the background as the best friends from Springfield rode out on their skateboards, high-fiving the fans on the way past to the ring. Bart flipped his board into the air and caught on his way climbing up the turnbuckles. Milhouse high-fived Bart as Homer's son jumped off the top rope. The Disney & Looney Tunes fans booed, but the Simpsons fans cheered like no tomorrow. Bart soaked the adulation in with a modest bow.

Megaman: 'And their opponents, hailing from the Hill Zone, at a combined weight of 200lbs, KNUCKLES & SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!'

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor xXx mix by Drowning Pool hit. The legendary hedgehog walked out through the curtains with his tough, red echidna partner and was instantly accepted by all corners of the crowd... well, except the Simpsons fans, who attended to cheer their own heroes. Sonic & Knuckles entered the ring and shook hands with the Springfield tag team.

The bell rings and here we go. We start with Bart Simpson and Knuckles. Bart and Knuckles lock up, break and circle around the ring. Knuckles goes behind Bart and then works on his left arm. Bart comes back with a snapmare into a headlock. Knuckles then applies a keylock with a bridge. Milhouse comes in to break up the submission. Bart trips up Knuckles, but Knuckles comes back with a headlock. Bart counters into a head scissors. Bart takes down Knuckles with a firemans carry, covers, but Knuckles kicks out after two. Bart takes down Knuckles with a hip toss as the fans chant 'SHADOW.'

Knuckles takes down Bart with a hip toss of his own and applies a short arm scissors. Bart rolls out and gets Knuckles on his shoulders. Bart drops Knuckles on his back. Bart then drives Knuckles face first into the mat when Knuckles came off the ropes. Bart follows that up with a moonsault, hooks the leg, but Knuckles kicks out after two. Sonic and Milhouse then get the tags. Both hit the ring and the crowd chants 'UCW' loudly. Sonic and Milhouse go back and forth with counters. Milhouse gets in a few kicks, attempts a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Sonic counters into an armbar. Milhouse gets the bottom rope as Sonic gets in more right hands. Sonic goes back to work on the left arm. Milhouse counters and applies a single leg boston crab as he taunts at Knuckles in the corner.

Milhouse sends Sonic into the corner and then puts him in the tree of woe. Bart superkicks Knuckles when he tries to interfere. Bart puts Knuckles in the tree of woe in the opposite corner. Bart and Milhouse stand back-to-back and both dropkick Knuckles and Sonic in the face in each corner. Milhouse does a cocky cover on Sonic, but Sonic kicks out. Bart gets the tag and he misses a moonsault on Sonic. Bart attempts another, but Knuckles pulls Sonic out. Bart kicks both Knuckles and Sonic on the outside. Bart then springboards off the ropes and hits a big moonsault on both Knuckles and Sonic. Shadow gets involved and he pulls Bart out of the ring.

Shadow, who jumped out of the front row, takes out Bart with a big elbow after Sonic sent Bart into the guard railing. Shadow throws Bart back in, Sonic covers, but Bart kicks out. Knuckles gets the tag and he works on Bart. Bart takes out Knuckles with a flapjack. Knuckles then throws Bart down and applies a cradle submission. Knuckles then applies a camel clutch and Sonic takes out Bart with a big kick to the face. Milhouse comes in and takes out Knuckles and Sonic with some stiff kicks of his own! Sonic drags Bart out to the middle of the ring and drops an elbow. Bart fights back with a flapjack on Sonic. Milhouse gets the tag and he kicks Sonic with some stiff kicks. Milhouse counters a back suplex landing on his feet and follows that up with a heel kick on Sonic. Milhouse gets a two count on Sonic. Knuckles comes in and Milhouse applies a full body submission. Sonic breaks it up. Milhouse takes out Sonic and Knuckles with a handspring elbow. Milhouse catches Sonic with a huge sidkick, covers, but Knuckles breaks it up.

Milhouse and Bart both apply tarantula locks on Sonic and Knuckles. Shadow comes in and Milhouse and Bart chop him with kicks. They hit a double dropkick and Shadow goes down and out. Sonic and Knuckles hit a double clothesline on Bart and Milhouse. Sonic as Bart upside down on the ring apron and dropkicks him off into the crowd. Milhouse kicks both Sonic and Knuckles. Knuckles comes back with a big uppercut. Both Knuckles and Sonic hit a double fisherman's buster on Milhouse. Shadow, enraged by the attack earlier, attacks Milhouse with all he has. This leads the referee to breaking point and he rings the bell, disqualifying Sonic & Knuckles.

Megaman: 'The winners of this match by disqualification, BART SIMPSON & MILHOUSE VAN HOUTEN!'

Megaman's announcement wasn't enough to make Shadow stop as he dragged Milhouse to his feet and slammed him with his finisher, the Shadow Bomber. Knuckles & Sonic got their licks in. Then, judging by the change in background music, somebody has had enough of Sonic's team's apparent disrespect for Milhouse.

Glass Shatters by Disturbed hit in the background and Bart's buddy Nelson Muntz hit the ring and began to beat the crap out of Shadow, Sonic & Knuckles on his own until Knuckles executed an uppercut and pulled Sonic & Shadow to the outside. Nelson angrily grabbed the microphone from Megaman.

'Hey! Pussies!' Nelson taunted, getting the attention of the Hedgehogs & Echidna. Bart & Milhouse appeared at Nelson's side.

'I ain't done with you yet! Why don't we make this a 6-man tag team match? And at the end, when we've beaten you, I'll be laughing at your misery!' Nelson challenged. With a sense of pride, the hedgehog & echidna trio headed back down the ramp to accept the challenge. The referee approved of Nelson's idea and rang the bell again for an impromptu match.

Nelson headed straight for Sonic and Knuckles, but he was cut-off by Shadow who tackled him down to the canvas. Shadow threw Nelson in the corner and began to put the boots to him whilst Sonic strangled him with the tag line. The referee then told Sonic off, but with his back turned, Shadow kicked Nelson right in the balls. Knuckles was then tagged in and he went to work on Nelson's knee. Knuckles dragged him towards the centre and covered him for a two.

With Nelson's leg across the ring ropes, Knuckles jumped and sat across his knee, causing Nelson to scream out in agony. Knuckles pulled Nelson by his damaged leg, but Nelson used his free leg to kick Knuckles' leg, causing him to fall flat on his face. Nelson somehow crawled to his corner and made the tag to Bart Simpson who used his brute force to clear the ring. Bart knocked both Shadow and Knuckles from the apron and landed a Spinebuster on Sonic in the centre of the ring.

Bart tagged Nelson back into the match before running across the ring to knock Shadow back out of the ring with a running knee. Milhouse climbed to the top rope and hit a rolling dive onto Knuckles, knocking both Knuckles and himself into the crowd. After performing the Hurricane DDT on Sonic, Nelson pulled himself back to his feet, jumped up and came off each of the turnbuckles to hit a double springboard moonsault. Nelson hooked Sonic's leg but only got a two-count. Bart went straight after Knuckles while Milhouse got into a fistfight with Sonic at ringside and Nelson battled Shadow up the aisle with a kendo stick.

Bart went for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, but Knuckles countered with an Alabama Slam. Bart kipped up and superkicked Knuckles down. On the stage, Shadow & Nelson traded weapon shots until Nelson picked up Shadow and drove him through a stageside table with the Jackknife Powerbomb. Milhouse sent Sonic sailing into the guardrail, but was kicked in the gut by the hedgehog. Sonic let Milhouse have it with a barrage of martial arts-style kicks and topped it all off with a wheel kick. Knuckles drilled Bart with a DDT and went up top for a splash. Nelson appeared out of nowhere and pushed Knuckles off of the top rope. Sonic pulled down Nelson and unloaded on the bully with a second combination of kicks. Sonic missed the last kick as Nelson ducked and ended up in the arms of the revived Milhouse, who slammed Sonic into the ringpost hard. Shadow rushed back down to ringside and smashed Nelson over the head with a kendo stick. Milhouse in turn sent a chair flying into Shadow's head and the chair hooked onto his neck like a noose.

Bart locked in a Dragon Sleeper on Knuckles and waited a minute before executing the Inverted DDT. Bart was ready to go for something big and put Knuckles in the torture rack. Bart tried to drive down Knuckles, but Espio came from out of nowhere and smashed Bart in the face with a lead pipe. Bart was now bleeding profusely and seeing stars. Milhouse & Nelson took their fight with Sonic & Shadow into the ring, but their plan of action was thwarted when Shadow applied a double chokehold, allowing Sonic to blast Nelson with the Sonic Boom. Knuckles dragged Bart to his feet and executed the Death Valley Driver. 1...2... No! Bart kicked out of Knuckles' finishing move! Frustrated in the crowd, Espio came back and viscously attacked Bart's legs with his lead pipe. The agent-for-hire of Chaotix was quick as a cat in setting up a double stack of tables and sending a ladder into the ring. He lit the double stack on fire and collaborated with Knuckles.

Espio sent Bart up to Knuckles on top of the ladder where Knuckles hit a jaw-dropping Death Valley Driver on Bart straight through the burning stack. But that couldn't keep Bart down. The courageous kid fought back up to his feet and sent Shadow, Espio & Sonic over the top rope. Revived Milhouse & Nelson battered Shadow & Sonic at ringside. Bart motioned to the crowd and popped them big time with the B-Side Driver from a wrist-clutch bodyslam position.

Bart wasn't finished at he set up Knuckles' legs for his finishing submission, the Skateboard Prohibition. Shadow tried to get back in, but Nelson caught him with a Jackknife Powerbomb to the outside. Milhouse knocked Espio & Sonic down on the outside with a double Springfield Sickle lariat. Bart tied his left leg up with Knuckles' legs and then turned over for the Skateboard Prohibition. Knuckles could only fight for so long until he finally tapped out.

Megaman: 'Here are your winners by submission, NELSON MUNTZ, MILHOUSE VAN HOUTEN & BART SIMPSON!'

Nelson took the mike again: 'Uh, boys... HA HA!'

The Springfield residents left through the crowd to celebrate with the Simpsons fans while ducking swings from the Disney & Looney Tunes fans.


Lola: 'This is Lola Bunny, once again reporting backstage for Universal Championship Wrestling. I'm here with one of the three toon icons battling for cartoon supremacy in tonight's triple threat match: Homer Simpson. Homer, how do you feel about the comments Mickey made about you and Bugs Bunny earlier?'

Homer: 'Well, Lola, I think Mickey's attitude sucks like hell, but to me, it's still an honor to be apart of the main event here at the One-Shot. I have only one thing to say, and that's that I will be the first-ever Undisputed UCW Champion... bank on it!'

A/N: Well, there's your fourth match of the One-Shot. Bart & Milhouse defeat Sonic & Knuckles by DQ after Shadow interfered, turning it into a 6-man tag team war at Nelson Muntz' insistence, which Bart, Nelson & Milhouse won by submission. Homer then was simple and to the point about his desire to be the Undisputed champion! Chapter 5 will feature a triple threat match between Nightmare, representing Soul Calibur, Jinpachi Mishima, representing Tekken and Blaze, representing Mortal Kombat and an interview with Sub-Zero & Scorpion. Peace.

DJ Diddy Dog.