Songs of Travellers in the Night

Word of warning, never watch two shows at once if your a fan fiction crossover writer. Watching my Babylon 5 DVD collection while ordering my Doctor Who collection and working on another Dr Who crossover (with Star Trek:- The Next Generation have a look). Sometimes multitasking is a right pain isn't it!

I don't own Doctor Who (any version) or Babylon 5. That honour belongs to the BBC and J.M.S.

Slowly the TARDIS's central column ground to a halt, the sound of metal grinding on metal faded into a high pitched pulse and everything stopped.

'So we're here?' Martha asked

The Doctor pulled his brown duster over his shoulders; 'Yes we are. Babylon Five, the biggest space station of the twenty third century. They have everything here, it's the best selection this side of Milliways.'


'The restaurant at the end of the universe, bit too snobby for my tastes. It's all mega-rawk stars, mice and ex-galactic presidents.' he swung open the doors and stopped. 'Ahh.'

Martha was a few steps behind him; 'Something wrong?'

'We missed, just a little bit. Not too far.' he was standing in her way, between her and the TARDIS doors

She might not have been travelling long with the Doctor but she knew when he wasn't telling the whole truth; 'Urm how far is "a little bit"?'

'More than a very little bit, less than a bit. You know.'

Rolling her eyes she came up and opened the other door. 'Oh, you really missed.'

'Yep.' the Doctor began waving at the other person, she was almost two feet away.

Martha sighed, waved and smiled too. 'Just a little bit. Hello.'

Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova looked in front of her. A moment ago a wooden blue box had phased right there with no warning or reason. Vir Coto, Londo's assistant was just next to her, he was confirming the shipping schedule for the latest Centauri supplies for the station when it happened. 'Wow. How... how do you do that?'

'Don't know.' the two people in the box were waving at them. Susan caught herself half way to waving back. She stopped but Vir waved back as the man grinned. 'This is impossible.' she announced before giving orders. 'Open a comms channel.' Turning around she looked at the crew. 'Now.'

As the stunned crew members got to work she turned back to the forward window. Floating there in perfect rotation with the station the blue box with two humans standing in it. In the vacuum of space two people without space suits or even a ship were waving at her.

A quick chirp from the TARDIS console told the Doctor they wanted to talk. Flashing the woman a smile he closed the door and tuned into their frequency. 'Hello!'

'Urm... Hello. This it Earth station Babylon Five to... to blue box. Can you identify yourself?'

'Yes. I can.' he had quickly rigged a visual link. 'Oh you mean now! Well I'm the Doctor, this is Martha Jones,' he nodded his head over his shoulder, 'and this is the TARDIS. Can we come aboard?'

'Next docking window is in five minuets, if that's alright?'

For a moment he toyed with the idea of jumping that far into the future but knew he shouldn't. 'No problem. We can wait, can't we?'

Martha nodded as she tried not to laugh.

'So; know any good restaurants over there Babylon control?'

End teaser.