Ok an attempt at a first person humor, I don't think this has been done, but if it has I hadn't a clue! And the bit's in Al Bhed will be translated. Enjoy reading. Well I don't own FFX2.

Tidus bordly walked around in circles in the wide open fields of the Calm Lands. Two years it had been since he had last been here. "TIDUS!" He looked over his shoulder hearing the familar voice. He smiled waving to Yuna, Lulu, Wakka, who was holding his son, Paine and Brother. Brother was yelling with a merchent about something that no one other than Yunie or myself would understand. Usually my brother wouldn't bother with buying from non-Al Bhed, but this time he had no other choice. Rin had recently hired a new guy, and well he didn't speak Al Bhed. That wouldn't be much of a problem, but Brother still couldn't speak very well and the merchent was speaking way to fast.

That though didn't conscern me though one bit. I was busy being the theif I am. I scouted around the area carefuly looking for something to lure my attention away for a little while. I noticed Paine looking over at me, and I assumed she rolled her eyes. She quickly went back to focusing on her large sword. Tworling my knives around warning a fiend I was about to get ruff on it I charged, but graceful me fell over a rock. I blinked rubbing my knees as the fiend dashed away quickly, and I looked at the rock I tripped over. It wasn't very big or anything, but it did gain my intrest. "Muug E vuiht y, famm E tuh'd ghuf fryd?" (Look I found a, well I don't know what?) I screamed not realizing I shouted out in Al Bhed.

Brother looked back at me. "Rikku cdub vuumehk ynuiht, yht ramb sa. E tuh'd ihtancdyht rymv uv fryd drec kio ec cyoehk..." (Rikku stop fooling around, and help me. I don't understand half of what this guy is saying...) He said something under his breath that I didn't hear, but I could read his lips, meh it didn't really concern me much. I was to intrested in my shiny blue and red rock. "Dnoehk du cbayg cu vycd... fru tuac ra drehg ra ec... Rikku?!"(Trying to speak so fast... who does he thhink he is... Rikku!) He shouted my name out again.

"oh Cdub ouin pmippanehk! E'mm pa ujan drana eh y vaf sehidac..." (oh Stop your blubbering! I'll be over there in a few minutes...) Man he was begining to get on my nerves. "Yvdan E veht uid fryd drec creho drehk ec!"(After I find out what this shiny thing is!) I muttered the last bit to myself as I dug the rock out of the soft earth. After I finally got it out of the ground, and cleaned it off a little, wow odd... It had markings on it that looked like Chocobo scratch(instead of chiken lol). I turned it around looking it over again. I shrugged my shoulders, and darted over to Tidus. "Look at this!" I shouted jumping on his back, practicly shoving the rock in his face. I don't think he like the fact that I just jumped on him, and shoved a dirty rock in his face.

He flailed about a second or two, and I finally was able to get down. "Why are you so intresed in it, it's just a rock..." He said, and I gave him the saddest look I could muster. What I really was sad.

"But Tidus... This is my rock! His name is Bob!" I cheered up again holding Bob out closer to Tidus. He backed away looking at me like I had went crazy. "Oh come on say hi to Bob!"

"Rikku get that thing away from me!" He shouted as I chased him around. I chased him around in circles laughing like a crazy person.

"Gecc Bob! Oui ghuf oui fyhhy!"( Kiss Bob! You know you wanna!) I don't know if he really wanted to kiss Bob or not, but hey it's fun to yell in a language that people can't understand. I continued my cackling until I had all of our group staring at us. Yunie snicked from what I could tell, Paine smacked herself on the head, Wakka and Lulu stared with their mouths wide open, and Brother slinked away back to his airship. Tidus eventually ran over to where everyone else was, and sat down on the ground exiosted. I jumped around smiling happily holding my new prized rock, Bob.

We all looked around hearing a loud 'vrewming' sound. "Rikku oui tumd; cdemm zicd yc roban yc frah fa mycd sad!"(Rikku you dolt; still just as hyper as when we last met!) I looked straight at the man coming up to me. His purple and red clothes gave him away as well as his loud voice. I swear the guy could crack glass or something, but wait nah not my Gippal. Wait did I just say MY Gippal!? Nah I'll just blame it on Bob, he's telicanetic or something.

I ran out at him, and he spread his arms as he stopped his machina. "Meet Bob!" His smile dropped instintaly to a frown, and his arms limply fell to his sides. Wow he's speachless, look at his mouth wide open like that! At least Bob impressed someone other than me. I heard the giggles coming from Yunie, and loud laughs from the guys. I shrugged still holding Bob out in front of myself for Gippal to see.

"Ugh... um... Rikku... did something fall on your... um head again?" I blinked a few times, and shook my head no. "... ok riiight..."

"What aren't you happy to meet Bob?" Now it's Gippal's turn! Oh I'm so cleaver I amaze myself! "Gippal you're not happy... to meet Bob!?" I acted like I was devisted, and poked my lower lip out. I gave a couple of fake sniffles, and bingo that sent Gippal into panic mode, always does and always will.

"R-Rikku no, ... I-ugh I'm really happy to um meet, Bob, was it!" Oh how I have this guy wrapped around my little finger. "Please don't cry Rikku!"

Tidus by this point had burst out laughing, and Yunie was doubled over holding her stumach. Wakka gave small laughs, and Lulu just gave a small glare at him, and instiantly he stopped. Lulu has Wakka wrapped around her finger too. Men are so simple minded, and they think I'm the dense one! Gippal looked up I would assume just now noticing that the rest of my friends were standing just a little ways away. How did he miss the airship? Like I said telicanetic! I put Bob under my arm, and grabbed Gippal by the arm draging him over to the small shop where everyone else was. I chattered on about something, but now come to think about it... I can't remember what it was in the first place, silly me. I don't know I guess I was glad to be able to talk to Gippal, but who knows. So anyway we were just sitting there around a fire in the middle of the Clam Lands. The stars were shining brightly, and the moon was full. I guess you could say it was a romantic setting. I glanced out of the corner of my eye at Lulu and Wakka. They were perfect for each other with their small family. I glanced over beside them at Tidus and Yunie. They were talking to each other while Yunie leaned on Tidus' shoulder. Brother had by now given up on Yunie, and went to chasing after Paine. Not sure why, but it probaly wasn't a good idea. I know in the morning we'll find Brother with a big red bruse on his head.

Finally the others went to sleep, but me. I just sat there staring at the sky hugging my knees and Bob close. I looked back down at the rock in my lap, and traced some of the markings with my finger. I stared absentmindedly at the rock, and leaned my head on my other hand. "Rikku aren't you tired?" I about tossed Bob up in the air until I realized that it was Gippal. He was looking intently at me, almost worried. Everyone was asleep outside, but Brother, just so you know.

"Gippal, where do you think Bob came from?" I asked him, and he just sighed.

"Rikku it's just a rock, it doesn't matter where it came from." I continued tracing the markings with my finger slightly ignoring his comment.

"Gippal?" I asked.

"Yeah?" He grogally said.

"Are rocks supposed to glow?" I asked casually.

"Rikku you're being foolish. I'm going to-" Gippal's sentence was cut off by a bright red light coming from Bob. That's about all I could remember from that night, and the next morning I had quite the headache from everyone's squaking at me. Man what a day...

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