We all looked to each other, and back to the Moogle. He opened his eyes to look back toward us only to see a rabid pack of Chocobos bolting straight for him. Our disorganized pack of random colored birds surrounded the small "flying rat" as Gippal put it shouting and we all tried to grab him with our wings.

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! ENOUGH!" He shouted panic stricken. "If you wanta turn back you gotta help me find my three brothers!" He declaired to all of us. I sighed but cheered up quickly.

"Okidoki!" I danced back and forth between my two long legs. Yunie seemed to brighten up, as did the rest of us.

Barilai spoke softly, I could barely hear him. "So where are they?"

The moogle looked over to the silvery chocobo. "Well... we all got separated about a week ago..." He muttered sadly. "I do know one of my brothers is in the Thunder Plains, but I don't know about the other two." He hung his head saddened. Poor guy, all alone...

I tried to hold back my tears it was just so sad. "Well what are we waiting around this place for..." Gippal muttered. "Lets find his damned brothers so we can get back to normal already..."

We all agreed. Tidus looked back to Clasko, who in turn just looked confused about the whole thing. "Right lets go to the Thunder Plains!" He bolted away.

Wakka and LuLu looked at Clasko and down to Videna, who was running in circles between his dad and mom. It looked rather cute to say the least. "Clasko we'll look suspicious and could be captured if we're on our own..." The ever decisive LuLu remarked. "We need you to come with us." She looked back down to her son. "And to help us keep Videna protected." She said worriedly.

"Um ugh ok." He said. He followed our group after Tidus; who was nowhere in site now. People think I get excitable well they obviously haven't met Tidus! Well I really can't talk though can I. Sighing I continued with our group.

"What's up, Cid's girl?" Gippal asked. I opened my mouth...beak and shut it. I started to say my name again but I just didn't have the care anymore. He looked down at me with his one good eye.

"What?" I asked trying to hide my annoyance... well barelyhiding my annoyance. He looked at me like he was smiling, well I think he was smiling but nope I have no clue. Chocobo's don't have mouths to smile with now do they. Anyway moving on.

He looked like he wanted to irritate me more than he already was, but he stopped. "Hey rat how long till we find your brother?" He asked the moogle. He has such a way with words doesn't he...

The moogle turned around, gave him a whack across the head and said. "For that you get to stay as you are!" He gave a 'humph' and went back to leading us toward Maclania woods.

The look on Gippal's face was so hilarious! He tilted his head to the side slightly beak open and his one eye wide. "O hell no!" He screamed. I think I heard him mutter something about not looking sexy or what ever. Ya Gippal sexy pulease... ok so he is a little good looking. Alright fine he's gorgeous, but not like I'm going to say that out loud. We had a quiet trip through the woods for once. We passed several fiends but everyone of them ignored our presence. Like we weren't even there! Maybe being a chocobo wasn't that bad.

I thought for a few moments; no it was bad. I could no longer work on machina now! Disterific...

"Whats wrong Rikku, ya?" Wakka asked slowing down to match my pace.

"Oh nothing I was just thinking."

I heard a sort of snort. "Ugho watch out Cid's girl's trying to think." I glared at him. He always does that! Such a big meanie...

"I'm not talking to you anymore!" I proclaimed. I couldn't tell if he looked shocked or what.

"Suit yourself." He said still laughing. He gave a devilish look toward me. "In a few hours you'll be running straight to me saying; 'O Gippal what have I done. You're such a hansome a-" Yunie cut him off.

"Sorry to say but we have to focus on finding the Moogle's brothers you two." Yunie to the rescue!

Paine gave a somewhat birdlike smirk enjoying the moment for whatever reason. The moogle stopped floating in one spot. "I have a name you stupid bird brains!" He shouted. We all looked at each other then to him.

He glared at us boy was he pissed. We learned two things that day. First the Moogle's name was Rob, who would have thought! And second Gippal's going to defiantly remain a chocobo for the rest of his life.