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Piper Halliwell woke up on the second day of their normal lives, to a ray of sunlight. She opened her eyes carefully and focused her eyes. Her hands felt for Leo on the other side of her. There was noone there. Sitting up she looked around to see Leo coming in smiling with a tray of pancakes and orange juice topped with a flower freshly picked from outside. " Good morning honey" he smiled and kissed her gently.

" Is all this for me"? she asked

" Well its for us." He replied " A lovely breakfast in bed for husband and wife"

" You're too much Mr. Wyatt" she laughed " And I thankyou very much"

" Well it wasn't just me" he said "Wyatt helped too"

" How sweet" she smiled " Where is he"?

" He is in his room" he replied " I will go get him if you would like"

" No I'll just call him" she said " Wyatt"!

Three year old Wyatt came striding into their bedroom. " Mommy do you like breakfast"? he asked

" I love it" she smiled as her three year old son beamed up at his mother and father.

" So did you have fun with daddy yesterday"?

" Daddy took me to clowns" he giggled recounting the day before when Leo took the boys to the circus.

" He was having so much fun" Leo smiled "He got so exited especially when the clowns came out."

" Okay well why don't you go play while I eat with daddy" Piper said to Wyatt

Wyatt giggled and ran out of the room.

" So I have an idea for tonight" Leo said " We can go to the bistro and a movie down town and then we can have a little dessert here and have the house to our selves"

" What about the kids"? Piper said

" Already taken care of" he smiled " Phoebe and Coop are taking them for the night. I am bringing them over at three and there is a four o clock reservation at the restaurant and a seven o clock movie and then from nine o clock on we have the house to ourselves"

" How romantic" she smiled.

" Well I had help with breakfast so don't give me all the credit. Wyatt picked all of your favorite foods to serve."

" He's getting to be a big boy isn't he"?

" Yes he is" Leo admitted " and I feel so bad I missed his third birthday"

" Oh you couldn't help that" Piper whispered, " you didn't choose to be taken by the angel of destiny. You didn't choose for the angel of death to come for you."

" That doesn't change the fact that I wasn't here for my boys when they needed me the most…so tell me again what did Wyatt do"?

" Um… well he made it so his action figures came to life to search for you and well… they searched for you during his birthday."

Leo frowned " What about exposure?"

" Oh the mothers thought it was paid men" she reassured him

" That's good" he was relieved " We don't want what happened to Prue to happen to you Phoebe and Paige"

" No well I took care of it, because the problem was that Wyatt thought it was his fault that you were gone and I told him that you'd be back soon and so he turned the all back into action figures."

" Well I am back and that would explain why he was very clingy to me yesterday and the day I returned. Chris too."

" I am glad to be back" he kissed her.

" I am glad you are back with me and the boys."

" So why don't we get ready?" he suggested " because it is…10:00 and I need to feed the boys and get them ready and we need to get ready"

" Okay" she said, " are you sure you don't want to rest a bit and I'll feed the boys"?

" No I'll feed them, you go do what ever you need to do"

" You're the best" she smiled

" Yeah well I try," he teased


Phoebe and Coop were sitting at her condo's kitchen table making wedding plans. It wasn't going to be a big wedding. It would just be at Magic School with just family.

" So we've got the guests, the hall, and the catering." Phoebe said. " Which would of course be my lovely sister the chef."

" What about a band?" Coop pointed out.

" Well we can't have a band at Magic School." She laughed." So we'll just use a radio with a cd with good music."

" Sure." He said. " So now how about the person marrying us."

" The Angel of Destiny." Phoebe said. " She already told me she'd do it. "

" Great." Coop said. "So all that leaves is dresses."

" Yeah well, I am going shopping soon." She smiled. "And we are going to pick you out a tux."

"Joy." He muttered.

" What was that?" she laughed.

" Nothing."


Paige loved married life, more now because of the long demon hiatus. She and Henry were lounging around, doing pretty much nothing, because of their demon-interrupted honeymoon. Those damn demons ruined everything. She and Henry were currently in their apartment.

" Pizza or Chinese?" Henry said, with the phone to his ear.

" For lunch?" she said. " Pizza."

He dialed the number for the local pizza place.

" Yes, I would like to order a medium pie, with a bottle of Pepsi."

" Yes, to be delivered." He added, and hung up the phone

He hung up the phone, and sat on the couch next to her. He then began to kiss her neck gently.

She turned his head around, and kissed his lips. They were sweet to the touch, and soft as ever.

She kissed him again and let him kiss her back with equal passion.

She pushed him off of her.

" After lunch." She smiled seductively.

He smiled and just held her in his arms.

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