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"There are plenty of blankets and pillows and stuff in your old bedroom," Piper said to Prue as they prepared for the night, "Or would you rather just go up there? Do you even have a bedroom up there? Leo never answered that question…"

"No, I'll stay down here," Prue said, cutting her off with a smile, "Maybe just for tonight, though."

"Yeah, Melinda still doesn't sleep through the night, and…"

Prue shook her head, "I just want to give you some space," she said, and when Piper went to protest, she added, "But I promise I'll be around all the time. I want to get to know my nephews and niece, and soon to be nephews or nieces."

"I know you will be," Piper said, "But seriously, stay here as long as you want. It's been so long…"

And Prue's face fell, without her even meaning for it to. Through all the pep talks she gave to herself, and legitimizing the situation, her face still fell. Because she remembered how long it had been since it had been normal for her to be in this house. Now it felt warm, but at the same time it was a little awkward, because she felt like she was intruding on their lives. Intruding the lives they had built while she was dead. Had they given her, her wings years ago, she may have been able to find a place where she could jam her way back in. Instead she was contemplating whether she was intruding in a place where she used to live.

And here she was running around in circles again.

"It's alright," Piper must have realized her words had sparked distress in her sister, and she quickly ran to recover the happiness, "I'm not saying the elders were right to take this long to make you a whitelighter, but at least you're here now, alright? Don't worry. I've waited too long to have you back in my life. A lot has happened over the past couple of years, some good, some not so good, but even if you weren't there, you're here to experience the greatness that has come from the past six and a half years."

"I guess you're right," Prue said, the conflict inside of her not completely resolved.

"I am right," Piper said, "Now, want to help me put your niece to sleep?"

"I would love to," Prue said, and pushed past the guilt and anxiety, to help her younger sister put her baby to sleep.

It was the best thing in the world, watching a baby sleep. When she had been alive, she had always dreamed of finding the perfect guy—always envied Piper's relationship with Leo, and how great Leo was. But she had never thought about what it would be like to have her own baby, or what it would be like when Piper eventually had a baby.

Yet here she was, holding her niece; her sisters third child, and suddenly she couldn't remember not having a baby in her life, or what it would be like if Piper had never been able to conceive children, like it had seemed just a year after she had died. She knew more than she let on.

In truth, she made her mother and grandmother tell her about her sister's lives, so Piper's struggle was something she knew about. Grams was all for letting her move on from the life she once had, so it wasn't easy to get anything. The day Grams had come back up from a visit, to tell her and her mother the great news, and how it was a victory after a long battle, she couldn't have been happier.

So she found herself asking, what if? What if Piper had permanently divorced Leo all those years back?

That day was one of the worst, when she found out that Leo had become an elder. That wasn't something she wanted to know, or even had to beat out of her grandmother. It was big news Up There, that Leo had left his family to become an Elder. And the mysterious man from the future that happened to become her nephew. Even Grams, who had a sixth sense didn't see that one coming.

Refocusing on her niece, she wished she could have the chance to have this experience for herself.

"She's beautiful," she said, and she couldn't help but smile widely, as Melinda opened her eyes, and smiled back at her. She had to restrain tears of happiness. She couldn't believe how much this little person looked like her sister and brother in law. She was a perfect mix, where as Wyatt was mostly Leo, and Chris was mostly Piper.

Melinda started to cry. Piper's attention was completely on her daughter now.

Prue couldn't believe how much Piper had changed. Just a year before she had died, Prue remembered the time where they were temporary parents to baby Matthew. Kids were the furthest thing from Piper's mind. As Piper took her crying daughter from her, and gently rocked her soothingly back and forth, she seemed like such a natural. Melinda's crying began to calm down, and she rested into the crook of her mother's arm.

"Probably just wanted her Momma," Piper grinned, and noticed that her long estranged sister was now staring at her, "What?"

"You're a natural," Prue repeated exactly what she had been thinking.

"Thanks," Piper said, "I've got the stretch marks to prove it."

"What can I do to help you?" Prue asked.

Piper placed Melinda into the bassinet, and turned back to Prue. Piper turned on a night light, and they quietly walked out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

"Why don't you get some sleep?" she suggested, "It's been an emotional day. Tomorrow you can come to the club with me. I'll need some help there."

"The club," Prue nodded, "I'm surprised you still have it. I thought you'd own a restaurant by now."

"It's been a thought in my head," Piper admitted, "A tiny thought. Every time I cook, I remember how much I love it, and how great it is to be at the stove without potion ingredients."

"When the time is right, you'll know it," Prue told her, "If and when the time is right."

Piper nodded, and looked towards the bedrooms that had been Paige and Phoebe's.

"Either room is good for you to sleep in," she said, "Both beds are fully made."

"Thanks, Mom," Prue joked, but then her face became more serious, "What about my old bedroom?"

Short of bluntly saying, 'Who's been sleeping in my bed?' like she was a part of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, she felt the need to ask.

"Um, that would be Paige's."

"If you don't want to…"

"No, its fine," Prue assured her, "I'll…be fine."


Leo had obviously returned home from his outing with the boys, and Piper could tell he also had the boys, based on the level of chatter that was suddenly coming from downstairs. With the baby possibly sleeping at home, Leo should really know better.

"You make yourself comfortable," she instructed, "Extra pillows and blankets are in the closet."

"Night," Prue said, heading towards her old bedroom.

Piper made her way down the stairs to see Leo and the boys standing in the parlor, Leo taking the boys' jackets off.

"Leo, the baby is asleep," Piper scolded, as she walked down the last set of stairs towards them, "You're lucky she didn't wake up with the noise you made coming in."

"Sorry," Leo said, "After being at ChuckE Cheese for hours, being loud is second nature,"

Leo had taken the boys, along with Coop and Henry, to Chucky Cheese for the day while Piper and her sisters had some sisterly bonding with Prue.

"I see," Piper acknowledged that her sons looked extremely tired, "Wow, you two must have had a good time. Ready for bed?"

"Ready," Wyatt nodded. Piper made a mental note that this kind of event could possibly be the last resort when getting the boys to wind down as it got later proved difficult. Just wear them out until their own body tells them they need sleep.

"Yeah?" Piper grinned, "What about you Chris?"

He wordlessly nodded, and his thumb was instantly in his mouth. It was a habit he had picked up recently when he got really tired. Piper got worried about it, because of the germs that were all around, but she always kept anti-bacterial around to try and fight the chances off. It really didn't matter anyway; a doctor's visit was normal for once every two or so months. Thumb sucking or no, the doctor was a frequent place to visit, so she should probably be less worried, since it was a common habit in someone as young as Chris was.

"Come on, Mommy will get you two changed into your PJ's, and you can go to sleep, okay?" Piper said to them, "But you've got to be quiet, okay? Melly and your Auntie Prue are both sleeping."

They both nodded, and Piper took them both by the hand, and led them upstairs to their bedroom to get them ready for bed.

The wind blew outside of Prue's window, and she shivered a little, realizing the window was actually open. She briefly wondered why it was open, because it wasn't really that warm of a day out. Piper usually only opened bedroom windows when it was somewhat warm out and Prue really didn't see her walk into the room at all during the day.

She shrugged it off, and pulled herself off of the bed that she knew but barely recognized, and trudged over to the window to close it. She slid it down, and as it locked into place, the silhouette of two yellow bulbs flickered and went out, disappearing into the dark of the night.

It wasn't the reflection of the light bulb inside the room, because the light was still on. It was a little eerie that the yellow disappeared out of nowhere, too. Shaking her head, she closed the blinds, and went back to the bed to get some sleep.

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