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Chapter 4: Start of Something New

Ron began to avoid Pansy for a couple days and then soon days turned into a week, and suddenly a month had passed. Pansy didn't mind much because she did not have to hear his whining but she had to admit to herself, she was getting a little lonely. That was until her sister-in-law sent her message inviting her for lunch at Mélange, located in Carlisle, a restaurant where middle class meets upper class. It did not surprise her that Ginevra knew about the place, everyone knew about Mélange. Pansy got to the restaurant and grabbed for the door, when red flashed from the corner of her eye. She turned to see Ginevra coming towards her in a hunter green business suit and black cloak. Ginevra stood at five foot five, her hair in a high ponytail fell to her shoulders.

"Pansy, it has been awhile," Ginevra stopped in front of Pansy and kissed her on the cheek, "Shall we go in?"

Ginevra opened the door to the restaurant and they both entered the restaurant. The tiled floors was cream colouring as was the walls but a lighter shade than the floor. A little pond was of to the right side and pale pink tranquilo flowers floated on top. Tranquilo looked like lily pad flowers but they had a calming effect, they were stronger if they were in water. A young girl stood behind a black stand. Short with brown hair and green eyes. "Hello, Ms. Weasley, your usual table?" The young girl looked to still be attending Hogwarts.

"Yes, Maria, that would be great. How is your brother?"

"He is alright I guess, still asking for mother. Gran watches him while I work." She turned and made her way pass the other patrons eating in the main dining, Ginevra and Pansy following.

"Have you talked to McGonagall like I instructed?" Ginevra went on to ask as we walked down a long hallway.

"Yes. She was very understanding. She said that as long as he does not interfere with my studies, he can stay at Hogwarts. I'm so happy because Gran would not be able to take care of him while I'm at Hogwarts and I can't lose him, he's practically all I have left," Maria opened the door, " I really have you to thank, Ms. Weasley. You have done so much for Michael and I, we are forever in your debt."

"It really is my pleasure, if you need any help at all just let me know." Maria bowed her head as she left the room. Now the room was spectacular, it was more of a suite without a bed. There was a large round table near the door, where one may have a business dinner or have many guests. The carpet was a deep purple and the walls white. Near the back there stood three doors on a wall. The first two, closer together, on the left side of the wall had male and female written on the doors. The other door on the far right side was the same shade as the walls and Pansy would have missed it if it wasn't for the gold handle. Ginevra was making her way to that door and Pansy followed her to the other side, where she was further shocked. Where the carpet was purple here it was green and the walls a light blue. There was four light yellow couches and a small table at the window which was covered by curtain that was also yellow. This room was not as big as the other one but it was more homey than the other room. Ginevra sat down and smiled as I took in my surroundings.

"When she said table I thought she was talking about an actual table." This caused soft giggles to emerge from Ginevra's lips.

"Do you like it? I absolutely love this room," The confusion must have been written on my face because she went on to add, " I usually have my business meetings in the other room but this is more personal, more comforting."

She ended with a final tone. "So what happened to Maria's mother?"

"Her mother is a death eater. When Voldemort fell, she ran with the other death eaters leaving Maria to take care of her five year old, then four, brother."

"Oh and their father is death eater as well?" Ginevra shook her head.

"No their father was killed by Maria's mother and some of her death eater friends when he tried to get Maria and Michael away from the danger…"

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"Mother, where is father?" Pansy looked towards her mother who was favouring her right arm. She knew her father abused her mother but she didn't know what to do to help. He always treated her like she was the only one but she always wondered if maybe she did something to make him mad and take it out on her mother.

"Pansy I want you to promise me something, when you hear your father is home, go straight to your room, lock the door, and don't let him in no matter what Pansy."

"Father would never hurt me, mother, your mistaken. He promised me, he would never lay a hand on me." She shook her head to emphasize her statement.

"Pansy we have entered different times. Everything is going to change, you must listen to me, Pansy. Please baby, promise me, you will not let him in your room under no circumstances," Tears began to fall from both mother and daughter, as Pansy nodded, "Now go to your room and stay there until morning."

Pansy began to climb the stairs but paused to look at her mother, who smiled and nodded her head. Pansy continued to her room and shut the door behind her. "Well I have nothing else to do might as well begin some summer work."

"PANSY! Pansy baby are you home." Her father's voice shook Pansy from her sleep.

"Malory, I already told you. She isn't home, please just take your friends and go." Her mother's frightened voice drew Pansy to the door but she stopped suddenly remembering her mother's promise.

"And we do not believe you Ainsley." Another voice came from the hallway sounded a lot like Crabbe, senior.

"One might think your trying to protect your daughter." This one sounded like Goyle, senior and the voices were getting closer.

"Pansy, I know your in there," Pansy held her breath, her father would not hurt her, "The boys just want to play for a little bit."

Deep chuckles were heard from behind the door. Maybe mother was right. "Come now Pansy, no one has to get hurt but if you don't open the door, your precious mother will get hurt. Do you want to her scream? Is that what you want?" This was met with silence as well.

That is when it began, the screaming. It will forever haunt her for years after. They were torturing her mother because of her. She was right all these years, her mothers pain was because of her.

"Ok please stop. Please, I'm opening the door." The screaming stopped but she could still hear her mothers laboured breath. She was laying on the floor, bruises beginning to form on her face and probably in other places. She turned her head and sobbed knowing what was about to happen. "Hello father. Mr. Lestrange, Mr. Crabbe, Mr. Goyle, what can I do for you?"

"Hello Pansy. Perhaps you heard that the Dark Lord has risen." Pansy nodded, Potter had gone on about the Dark Lord being brought back but that was all bull because the Daily Prophet would have written something by now. "Well it is all true and you need to be prepared to serve. Who will be going first." Rabastan Lestrange stepped up and unblocked his cloak. The other men grabbed her and that's when she knew what was about to happen.

"Father, please you promised. You promised, please don't let them do this." She pleaded as they placed her face first on the bed and stripped her of her clothes.

"Shhhh, Pansy, my pretty violet flower. All the girls will go through this, even some younger than you. This is to prepare you for your future role." She began to sob. " It is alright Pansy, once they are done, you and I will play this game for the rest of the night. Alright Lestrange, you first. She'll be a tight squeeze, she's been saving up."

Laughter erupted in the room, Pansy began to shake, as she looked at her father. He looked different from what she remembered. Pain erupted, she felt like she was being split in two that is when she screamed.

"… The ministry is waiting for her to slip up, so they can take Michael 'away from a dangerous situation'. Which is total Bullshit because anyone with eyes can see that Maria loves her brother and will not harm him at all."

"That is why she needs him to attend Hogwarts with her?"

"Yes because her grandmother is to frail to take care of him and the ministry knows that is the only living relative they have and that Maria needs to go to school." Ginevra shook her head in sorrow and shame.

"And when she goes to Hogwarts, she would have had to leave him with their grandmother," Ginevra nodded her head, "I want to help. She has you to help her but there are so many children out there that have been hurt by this war. I want to help them and I want to help those have been hurt by their parent or parents, physically and emotionally. A safe haven for those who have been robbed of their childhood. A place where they can become children again."

Her revelation was met with silence, Ginevra seemed to be in deep thought. A moment later she responded. "Pansy, you seem to know a lot about this pain. I am not saying that you have to tell me your personal demons but if you do go with this plan, this safe haven, a lot of your demons will come out. The ones you thought you buried will come out with a vengeance."

I took a moment, trying to figure if she was really a friend or just a foe. I looked her in the eye and when I could not sense any malice, I let out a breath I did not realize I was holding. "My father as you know was a death eater. He always abused my mother but treated me as princess. That all changed when Voldemort came back. I was no longer his princess but his punch bag, his whore. 'Used and abused' that was me, I was all alone."

"And then you met Ron." Shocked in to silence I forgot the cover story for a few moments.

"Yes, he helped break the ice that had formed around my heart. He helped me escape my father."

She put her hands over mine and gave a little squeeze. "Let's order some food, and talk about this safe haven of yours."

This was the beginning of a new friendship.

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