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Summary: No matter what he did, he would still be cold deep down his heart, he was beyond redemption, he no longer cared, yet this other girl, his new mistress... the one much like his Hime, why did she...make his old heart feel warm again... [CCSakura/CSyao/ Sakura

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Tsubasa Chronicle

Cold Soul

Chapter 1- Master


He had been cold for a long time, ever since that incident, when his true self was revealed, when he had lost the seal on his right eye, lost his heart and desires, and had become the puppet of his new master, Fei Wong Reed, to be used against those he once thought to be dear.

The cold felling in his hearth did not thaw, not with the magical flame of his sword -Hien, not with Fai-san magic whichhe had stolen from his blue eye, nor with recovering the feathers he promised for his princess... no those things did not helped his frozen soul... yet he searched.

But it really did not matter, he was just a puppet, he would continue existingwhile he had some use to his master. He alonehad slayed countless souls for his search of the feathers, following his miserable orders in a mockery of his original blood of innocentsnow flooded his bland and his hand. The thought produced, to the heartless clone, a strange feeling in his heart. Was it their souls that came from beyond to haunt him, to seek retribution against him, but it did not matter. Was this how Kurogane-san felt as he killed for his Tomoyo-hime?

In the end it didn't matter, his princess would forget him, and in the worse case, she and his friends would destroy him, a worthless monster, to protect the worlds, she would not want to be with a monster such as himself, someone who had caused such destruction across the worlds, searching for the so called Memories of the Dimensions, it was a some type of cruel joke, he was never meant to be happy, not with his father, not in Clow, not with his princess, nor his friends, andleast with Fei WongReed.

In the end he would be forgotten, he would outlive his usefulness, and be tossed away as the useless tool he is, either by his Sakura-hime or Fei Wong Reed, and the cold feeling would never leave.

Or at least that was supposed to be...right?

Clow Reed, the former ruler of his world...that man...he had shown the orphan kindness and helped grow into the man he was, he had treated the boyjustly and helped him and his father on their expeditions, the kind man had presented him the most important person in his life, his only princess, his Sakura-hime.

When he was younger he idolised the man for his abilities and knowledge, but with time that changed, andnowa part of him now hated the man and still loved him as a second father.

He as Fei Wong's puppet, he had learned thing, many that sickened and shocked him to the depest core, he had learned Clow knew from the start the whole journey would happen, and he with the strange Witch of the Dimensions, had created the Mokonas to help them in their journey.

But he did not hate the old king for that, no, rather he hated the man for being so kind to him...he knew what he was, he knew that he would eventual become Sakura-hime's enemy, and he had allowed him to get near Sakura, to actual care for her, to love her, and then to allow this to happen...he knew Clow could not have done something to help him out of that fate, but he still waned to blame someone, something...yet he couldn't.

Because the only reason he still had whatever he had left of his heart was that man, Clow. He had sealed a spell in tohim, contract, a binding spell, Clow had given him a heart in exchange of something equally precious, his freedom...

He now was Clow´s pawn, no... What was the word he used, oh yes...? Ah yes...Guardian, the third one, the beast that devours all, the Legendary Fenrir, the third Guardian of the Cherry Blossom Deck, the one of the deep eternal dark fire...

Clow had given his a heart, but all that he asked was for him to protect his successor... all the man had told him in his vision, or was it a suppressed memory, was that he would know when he meet her...

But why did he felt so tired as he thought of that? He could not still want to return to his princess. He, whatever he was now, (archaeologist, clone, guardian, brat, he did not know anymore) was beyond redemption and the worse part ... was thathe did not care anymore...

All he had was a numb cold soul.. no longer feeling nor yearning.. only awaiting the sweat oblivion that would set it free from the void of a pathetic existance.

But now this all brought him to his current situation, he no longer had a reason to stay with Fei Wong Reed, the man had given him the power he lacked, the power he needed to complete all his promises, he had now the power travel freely across the worlds thanks to the fool.

He had not made a restraint on his limited but powerful world crossing abilities...believing that he would always be his servant until he no longer had a use.

He decided to be free, he would search for the master Clow promised and try to begin anew...forget his princess and his world, maybe this was what Fai felt as he ran from his world, the desperation to escape the truth he wanted to avoid.

Now, he had cut the strings that bonded him to the man, and he was no longer that man pawn in his search for the ultimate power, he would not be discarded by this man, not like his hime had done, yet he was not truly free, he still that the contract with the successor of Clow.

He stared at the new world he had arrived, it reminded him much as the Hashin Republic or maybe a somewhat of Piffle, but it appeared to be peaceful... too peaceful for the likings of him. The world although, strangely calm (he arrived more times than none atworld midst many wars, it was an sickening irony butso for him finding such a calm world was really strange), yetit was filled with such a potent magical power that were sending his sensors haywire!

But here was something else, this magical pressure, it was very different than others, yet it felt like Clow's, and it felt like ...much like his Princess's; he felt drawn to it, and he deep down felt the need to seek it... and thus he now followed to where the strange presence originated from.

He found the person and used his powers to enter without being felt by others, only Clow himself (or a wizard with similar skills) would have been able to sense the spell the had weaved as he entered silently the house.

He quickly found her, she was not many years younger than him, around thirteen or so, she reminded him much of his princess at her age... so this was the one that Clow had binded him to... that old bastard...her soft honey brown hair was very familiar to him, as well as her eyes, she was the split image of his most important person...the only one he still would not dare to destroy even in his berserker state when he was released, she was simply Sakura.

He stared at her for minute? hours? days?, no that it mattered for him, he now had found he most precious thing in the empty shell that he tried to call a life, a new Master, someone he would serve, someone to protect, someone to love? Part of him was actually shocked that this girl barely starting her teens had the power and abilities that matched the deceased king of his country...but then again she was Sakura and if his (could he call his what was never his) himecould have memories with such power then this Sakura with such a magical power could not be so farfetched.

During his musing he grew careless and now the sleeping girl had woken, she appeared to be pained by something, and he, being the girl's new guardian,appeared before her. Her soft emerald eyes widened in shock at seeing him, tears form at the side of her petit face, she looked at him with a strange expression, care, want, lust? No. was it love?

He quickly bowed before her, the girl in the bed gave a soft gasp as he clasped her right hand, in a form he had seen in some countries he had travelled to such as Jade (and from Fai) and kissed her hand, she blushed slightly but he ignored it as he used his hair to cover his two colored eyes, his final shame, from the girl.

"Syaoran..." she murmurs softly, in her voice there was a need, a care...did she know his name by the contract or was there another him in this world... Ignoring the many inquiries inhis mind, the clonehesitated but then movedto the next matter at hand.

"No my mistress," He returns equally softly, he brings up his face, his once hidden miss-colored orbs staring into her forest green ones, "I am Syaoran yet not the Syaoran you are looking for..." He could read the disbelief in her eyes, "I come from another world...another reality...I am yours my mistress..."

Her expression of disbelief changes to shock, and before she starts to question he continued, "I am a dimensional traveller, I made a pact with Clow-sama (he really would want to insult the man but he decided no to do such in front of the young girl), a contract if you will, he would give me something I would lose, and I would become his successor's guardian."

She stares at him with uncertainty as if confused at what is happening. "You are Clow's successor, I can feel it, and I am drawn to you, my mistress...I am also Syaoran... just like you are also Sakura..." I pause as she suddenly jumps down from her bed to sit before him on the floor, my hand still connected to hers. " I am Fenrir the Lost One, the Third Guardian, I am your tool now, my mistress, yours, and only yours..." his speech gets cut one anew as she raised her hand, touching hischeek warmlyandstaring directly at both his azure and chocolate brown orbs.

"Do you want me to be yours, my mistress?" even thought he was binded to her for eternity he would only do so if she accepted, he would do all in his power to protect her, even from himself, but he wanted her to accept, to care for him, so he won't have to left aside as his previous masters had done.

The young girl pulled him in an embrace at seeing the pain in my orbs, and softly said, "Yes!" He clears his mind, sealing his emotions for the moment of truth.

"My mistress, I have done horrible things," He started, looking at her, watching her expression, trying to decipher her feelings about what he was going to say, "I am a broken tool my mistress, in my hand is the blood of countless persons, those who I have killed under the order of my previous master..." He pauses seeing the look of shock once again in her face, as she separates herself from him, leaving him alone, "do you want such a tool under your service? One that won't hessitate to destroy or kill,asoulbehond redeption?" He lowers his eyes once again, not bearing to see the look alike of his princess dismiss him, like he knew she would as soon as she knew what he was.

But to his surprise he felt something soft wrap against his neck and a warm something rest against his cheat, he looked at her, a smile on her face and her eyes shining with light, they some how promised that everything would be alright, no matter how false that was, she strengthened their embrace as she looked at him and gave him the answer that would bind them forever...

"Yes!" with that simple word, the lost dimensional travelling clone of Clow, became the Guardian and tool of his Master, the Mistress of the Deck of Sakura Cards, Sakura Kinomoto. He returned her embrace, now he had a new master a new quest, a new purpose...everything would be alright? He did not really dare to answer that but turned to his mistress, tears fell from her eyes as she stared at him, still in their embrace.

He saw it in her eyes, theirs was a graceless union, in her eyes he was another person...he just was a replacement, a tool, for someone else, maybe himself from this world, he saw it in her eyes the love she held for the person, whoever he was (or a she?!) but maybe she could grow to care for him also...

Yet, he did not care... he was now her tool and he did not care anymore.

He held her sobbing form that night, she cried for him and herself, even though his princess had forsaken him and already replaced him for the other him; it did not matter... because he found a new master that accepted him even though all that happened...

and the strangest thing was that he did not felt that so cold anymore.

To be Continued...

Next Chapter...The New Normal...The aftermatch of the contract, now the Third Guardian must adjust to his new master´s life... her friends and enemies along with her past...

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