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Chapter Cover: Syaoran, in his normal outfit, is crouched sideways on a stone floor, holding Hien bathed in flames, looking at the side waiting for a new foe. The form of Clow Reed is turned against the boy, face blank with a sad smile, his right hand holding a silver chain that connected to the neck of Syaoran forming a leather choker.

This boy

Searching for his self,

In the Twists of Fate,

Became the Sword of the Devil…

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Cold Soul

The Third Chapter – The Shadow of a Dark King? First Blood!

The man known to many as Fei Wong Reed stared at the new development on his plan to gather the power of the Memories of the Worlds, the mirror in his lair reflected the image of his runaway creation, the enchanced mirror originally belonged to one of the descendants of Clow, and fused with his own magic it allowed him to track all that he had previously fromed a pact with, including that boy, Fenrir, who was his master key to grant his wish, and to unlock the power hidden in the ancient Ruins of Clow.

As Soulless machine, one that would stop at nothing to complete his mission; that Black Wolf would have been his greatest creation, even more powerful than his Four Heavenly Generals and even the so called Guardians that the fool of Clow Reed had created from his own pure magic, to protect the cards of his deck. They all failed in comparison to that perfect tool, one that would have served him till eternity to give him his inner desire, or fade away trying.

All of this would have been true had it not been for that troublesome original

He remembered the capture of the original, the boy with magical potential and skills that exceeded even the ones of most mages at a very young age, a potential Fei had believed he could manipulate and perpharps use, and how the boy had used his own magical skills to seal half of his own heart on the soulless body of the clone the magic of the dark king magic had molded, giving Fenrir theemotions and a free will to do as his heart ordered...

The Dark Lord understood the powers that emotions had; they made living creatures truly unpredictable and gave them a drive to continue on their paths. But at the same time these feelings could become a double edged sword, they brought confusion and despair to all, becoming the weakness of individuals, weak points that someone like him could use to further his goals, 'to bring back the dream that already had ended'.

That was the very reason that he had allowed his Four Generals, his four original creations, to receive these feelings. He had expected that their emotions would give them the drive to continue their work and serve him with all of their abilities. He had allowed them free will, to allow them to adapt and evolve, to become great weapons, sharp edges that would slice through all opposition.

But his last two creations were purely failures, now that he thought of both, the twins had been engineered with the most precise magical equations on his part, combining the magic of the East and the West, using Clow's own magic to form their bodies, combined with his own to create them.

But still they were flawed; instead of becoming the perfect tools he had envisioned, the two started to become sentiment on their own accord, developed heart, and a free will. Rebelling against their creator, followings the desires of their heart; seeking their freedom and trying to end his dream his ambition.

For the older of the two magical twins, Xing Huo, had been his own error, his falied creation creation, as she had managed to develop emotions on her own, becoming useless to the plans he truly had for her. All he could do was to leave the black haired woman as his own personal guardian, her abilities to manipulate water made her quite powerful, enough to challenge most magical users, yet in the end she had betrayed him, freeing the original boy, to dare try to end his dreams, his desire!

But the other had been perfect; at least in the eyes of the dark ruler, he lacked the emotions that brought confusion to the heart of his other creations, the sole weakness that brought many great warriors and mages down to their knees.

The clone, named Fenrir after the beast of legends, had skill matching those of the greatest assassins and warriors, becoming a definite genius of battle, the boy had unlimited potential to bring down any foe. The battle he had against his former friends, the ninja and his pawn, the blue eyed wizard, along with his true self had proven to the lord the boundelss potential held in the artificial vessel.

But the original had interfered, his once perfect creation became flawed, gaining a heart from the original and becoming an unpredictable factor in the games that he played. He could have tried to remove the heart out of his creation, but he lacked the time, as if he had not sent the then hearted child to Clow, the window of opportunity that the Limit of Intervention allowed would have passed and his tool would have never arrived in the world of Clow.

It did not matter much to him, he was confident that the clone would continue to gather the memories of the dimensions, and follow his plans to the end of the letter. True there had been several times that he had been forced to interfere to stop them from derailing from their predestined path, but all of that had changed when the original had awakened.

His creation had been reawakened, returning back to his control, and now he had sent his clone to search or the memories of the girl, partly because of the orders of the mage and also because of the conviction the once hearted man still had towards the princess of the Lands of Clow.

Fenrir was now a flawed tool, the intrusion of the original had allowed him to develop his own memories and his own heart, and now the key has rebelled, biting the hand of his creator, and found a new master to serve and protect, becoming now the servant of the Star Deck.

It was time to show him what an angry master does to an unfaithful dog…

The man, in his chair, stared to his front, his left hand holding a goblet filled with the sweet red wine that was perhaps the only sinful pleasure he pleased himself with, besides the magical mirror showing the black warps that held in his soldiers, and the throne in which he sat, the only other items were a plain simple wooden chair in which sat another, and a metallic table holding a polished chess game, being used by Fei Wong and the other soul in the gallant throne room.

"You know that those mindless soldiers will never be able to stop Syao…no...Fenrir… he is too skilled to be held down by those poor excuse of warriors, they will never stand a chance against him." Fei took notice of the slip that his creation had let out, showing his relationship with the boy, one that the Dark Lord was too aware of, but that did not matter, his prime creation would continue to follow him no matter what.

The being in front of Fei Wong Reed stared at his master, male in apprearance, the humanoid man appeared to be in his late twenties/ early thirties, that being near the age of his creation by the dreamer, his black hair flowed freely reaching his back in glossy waves similar to silk, giving the man a wild yet well kept look, strangely falling in comparrison to those of a little wolf.

He wore black robes, carrying the black winged red seal of his master in the back; his shoulders were padded in red, forming an intricate design of runes of magick and the arcane that met before his neck before continuing down towards the bottom end of the cloak, dividing the black material in two.

The soft white skin of the man was visible only through his head,the only uncovered part he left in plain view of the world. The eyes of the man were covered under a black visor, connected to two machined on his ears making technologically advanced visors, opaque to most ofrms of light not allowed within the seal. The visors had a crimson sphere in its rectangular center, a seal for vision printed in black, making the man resemble a Cyclops, but that was fitting to the skills he employed.

He was the first true creation of the lord descendant of Clow, the first that was given emotions to follow his own will in the name of his master, to try to find out his own justice and try to further the goals of the one that created him. Labeled the Priest of the Ardent Flame, for his powerful skill in the manipulation of the element he became the head of the Four Generals under the command of Fei Wong.

"I already know that but still I must find out about this new predicament…" The descendant of Clow Reed had carefully laid out his plans and he couldn't, wouldn't let something so insignificant as a runaway tool let ruins the dreams that he had worked so long to revive.

Fei turned to his first creation, the one that held power unmatched by any other if his servants not even the traitor Fenrir, who had gained wisdom and skill under the many years he had served under him. "So what do you think our next move should be?"

The Priest looked at his creator; an amused smirk on his face as he neared moved his knight, finally locking his master's black king in position, "Checkmate…" There was no escape, but Fei did not disapprove of his defeat, after all he acknowledged the beast as a great tactician, even greater than himself. The winner neared his master, his soft whispers carrying out the idea that the head tactician of the dark king held.

Fei Wong smiled as the Priest finished his plan, it was remarkably brilliant, it was something that he would have done, once again proving how similar all of his creations were to him, but that did not take any merit out of the power of the words the man before him used.

If you could not bend the will of a target with your power, then strike his heart instead…

Syaoran-Fenrir grimaced as he witnessed their new foes exited the ten new black trans-dimensional openings. Men wrapped in black robes that bore the seal of his previous master in the front stood with their heads covered with silver metal helmets, erasing any signs of individuality out of the men that Fei Wong had summoned. Their hands were encased in metal claws, bearing also the black winged sigil of the house of the man. The sharp edges of the weapons shined in the shinning golden sun. ready to tear through any target dictated.

The now third Guardian of the Sakura had pity for the men before him, knowing full well the truth of the existance of these men, if the term could still apply to these mere shells that once were proud warriors. These pawns under the service of Fei Wong were merely specimens collected from various worlds against their will, their bodies augmented by various forms of the arcane, and their minds left empty by the powers of the Dark Lord, all that was left were the dolls under the orders of that man.

Syaoran rushed towards two of the portals before him, Hien falling in a diagonal flaming slash, slicing in half the bodies of the two soldiers, before any could react, leaving only eight left. The bodies of the two fallen dissolved in dark smoke, as the transdimensional magic wards holding their bodies to the dimension broke, erasing any proof of the existence of these poor souls.

The two other soldiers near him moved close, their steel piercing the air, with a shrieking faint sound, as they searched for the blood of the black wolf. Syaoran back flipped, leaving the bladed claws to strike the concrete floor of the building, leaving creaters on the unfortunate targets of the assaults.

But before Syaoran could react another pair of warriors moved in, their forms capturing the little wolf in a pinser, their claws shoot towards the airborne warrior, Syaoran twisted, the fire sword, Hein, intercepting the two attacks, but that left Syaoran open to the attack of a fifth soldier that passed mid the two holding the clone, and reached to pierce his chest.

Before Syaoran could react, the claw met a magical mirror; the golden wood in the rear of the mystical item facing its attacked ally had engraved the symbol of the deck of the stars, a magical sigil with a star in the center along with a crescent moon and a shining sun at the sides. The attack bounded of the magical barrier as spidery cracks broke through the offending claw as it was rendered useless, by the card sprite.

Giving a small thankful smile to The Mirror, Syaoran-Fenrir moved past her barrier as he summoned the magical scarlet flame with his own Ki, manipulating the blade to call upon the ignited fire. The manipulation of his own internal physical energies always had been something natural to the clone, perhaps some aditional effect of the training he received from both the world crossing vampire hunter and castaway red-eyed ninja.

The spell bounded flare blade sliced across the three in front of Syaoran, their bodies fell in pools of crimsom blood, later to be wrapped out of the world; leaving two more in the vision of the warrior, but still there were three mother soldiers on the roof and as of now one was heading towards his mistress.

Sakura had pressenced how the combination of the other Syaoran and the Mirror had killed the three enemies(?) that had came to attack them. To her unexpreienced eyes, they had moved in merely a flash, slaying the offending forces before they had a chance to even answer or move. Sakura shruderred at the sight; even thought she was a powerful mage, the heair to the magick of the Clow clearly lacked the intent to kill and attack her foes. An instinct which her cards, her Guardians and Syaoran all possessed, a fruit of their constant exposure to armed conflicts, all somehow revolving to the blood of Clow.

Would she dare to attack and harm a foe, or even kill a person to protect herself? Part of the mistress of the Sakura wanted to deny these thoughts that corssed her childish mind, yet some part of herself knew that her lack of desire to spill blood would soon have to be forgotten...

Don't come...

Sakura clutched her unsealed wand for comfort as she silently muttered the incantation for a spell. Eriol, the reincarnation of fallen and unique Clow Reed, had taken to teach her ordinary magic, suggesting that a variety of all would be helpful to her; after all there was much to the realm of magic than just the use of the Magical Cards, an unlimited potential that awaited to be mastered and tamed.

Stay way... stay awy and live!

But paying no matter toward her mental protests the three soldiers moved towards her, there was not a choice, could she actually kill these humans, to take the life they held for her own, but there was no choice. The figures were already within range to attack her; Sakura clutched her eyes, while hastily muttering an incantation.

"Light of my star, bend to my will, become the sword of justice, create an arc that ties to infinity!" The spell was completed and the magic activated, as strands of pink magic derived form the power of the star in the Card Mistress' heart came into existence, forming a complex systems of threads, all forming a node at the point of the pink star wand, waiting the mental command of their caller, surely promissing a magical destruction to any offender.

Still despite the amazing display of inate magical abilty, the soldiers bearing the black wings came at her. Their bodies moving in perfect harmony as they ignored the summoned spell and dived in, their wicked silver claws ready to slice to their respective targets, the camera toy princess and the magical pretty girl.

Felling the intent of their intent of destruction the magical girl panicked, and with in reason, she had never faced something as this... she had never faced the darkness of humanity and their desires to harm and destroy the other...

Stop them! The hurried command activated the inactive spell matrix, as with in an instant the magical strands of pink magic came to live, and the spell correctly named the Arc of Illumination was now in effect...

Sakura opened her pure and inocent emerald eyes, to presence in morbid fascination how the small pink lasers moved towards her aggressors, the lasers moved swiftly, as in mere instants the arcs of slicing swords had crossed the vision of the young girl. The swords of justice pierced the bodies of the men several times, shreading them to tiny bits, their crimson blood spilling in all directions, as the attack directed by the young sorcerer mercilessly continued cut the still moving bodies of the soldiers, the parts of flesh carried barely on by their own descending momentum. To finally fall with a splash of blood in to the white cement of the floor, and then wrap out of the world with a dark cloud...

I-I d-did it! I-I...killed...them!?

Sakura fell to her knees, her pretty school uniform now bathed in the crimson liquid left over by the ones she ahd murdered, her normally warm eyes grew dim and wet as all emotions fled through them, losing the warming shine that across many existances thawed the heart of the representations of lonely little wolf. She sat there impassive to the world, her eyes reflecting the dark deed she had just committed.

The petite female did not notice the anguish cries of her friend Tomoyo, who was calling out to her, her hysterical voice begging for her longtime friend to snap out of whatever trance that had possessed her. She also did not noticed how her Guardian Syaoran of the Black Sun had quickly spiraled mid air, his fiery sword beheading the remaining aproching warriors under the service of an unknown (at least to her) adversary.

She had done it… she had actually done it, she had… had killed those men at her will, she used her own powers to end an existence… as if they were mere bugs waiting to be squashed, to debribed of their life by the command of a her being… as they were nothing more than trash waiting to be thrown away.

These persons most likely did have somebody waiting for them at home. Did she do the right thing to end the life of those men, to try to save herself. Did she even had the right to try to end their existance, who was Sakura Kinomoto to end the life cycle of an fellow human...

The more that she thought about it the more it sickened her gentle heart, she somehow felt unworthy and tainted, as if the deed she had committed would follow her till her death. She was a killer, a mere murdered... in her mind she could picture the filth that now poluted her soul... after all it was fitting for a satsujinki, a bloodly murderer like her...

Yet the question lingered in her mind, did she do right in her deed and weighted the situation accordingly, did she really had to end the life of those men… somehow her mind could not give her an answer.

But what about Tomoyo? Her heart had interfered, if she had acter, had she not slayed her foes, they would have harmed her precious friend. Even if she was quite sly and ingenious, Tomoyo was still a normal human (The two Syaorans would later argue about that, and try to prove her evil manipulative nature as something supernatural ...and yet both would fail miserably) and she could have not survived any confrontation against such foes.

Yet that did little to relieve her form the weights of her sins, and thus Sakura Kinomoto sunk deeper in to depths of the abyss of her weakened heart.

Syaoran-Fenrir saw the fallen form of his mistress, her reddened clothes, disheartened expression and shocked tear-filled eyes. That moment he knew that he had failed her, not even two complete days under her service and he had failed in such a way, he felt not worthy of being with her, but still he had his mission, to protect her.

Fenrir bowed down before the girl, his miss matched eyes claiming her soul, as he also knew the pain she suffered, he did not remember well his first kill, had it been before he had even arrived at Clow, or maybe at the time he trained under his first master, that vampire hunter, or did in his journeys had slayed some person even by mistake. He never had any doubt of his mission, as he accepted death as part of life and he would not, could not hesitate in the middle of battle, or it could have been the end of his most precious persons.

And for that same reason he would not fail his new mistress…

Sakura moved quickly, clinging to Fenrir shirt, tears flowing freely form her eyes, similarly to the display of the night before, no words were exchanged as none were needed, Syaoran lifted his mistress in his arms, and crouched, his back pointing towards the still shocked Tomoyo, giving her a signal to hold on.

The raven haired female obeyed silently, not knowing what to do except to follow the familiar young man and held from the shoulders of the Guardian, as he crossed at high speeds towards the house of his mistress, the brown scarf that was the Mirror blowing along the winds. Syaoran needed to return fast, many things depended on that, especially teh young maiden on his arms, Sakura Kinomoto.

In the Next Chapter, Out unlucky hero, Syaoran, arrives with a shocked and bloodied Sakura, an anguished Tomoyo and a released Mirror; all of this to the sight of an funny sun doll pretending to be a Sun Lord, an overprotective evil brother that is a king in another world, and a silent and deadly Moon Angel that has MPD.

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