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Crowded's Sequel: Making Amends




Summary: It has been three years since Kagome has returned to her time after completing the jewel and leaving her 'family' behind. Now it is her twenty-first birthday and she just completed college. She goes to a party that may result in her facing her past and returning there.

Chapter 2: My Birthday Present from Sesshoumaru?

Kagome woke when the sunlight hit her face. Today was Saturday and her family wanted her out of there house. Apparently the president of the company was coming by with the caterers and the decorator later that day and she was not to be present. In fact her mother was sending her to a spa to exfoliate her, then to Anche Uso, a fancy Italian boutique, next to Salon de Modèle, a French salon were she hate getting her hair done at because they were too expensive, and finally back home for the actual party.

The miko got up out of bed and headed for her clothes that she had laid out for today. She then skipped to the bathroom. She was in a really good mood. Who wouldn't it was her twenty-first birthday party. She was finally the legal age to drink, in three days, and believe her she was going to drink today she was going to drink whether her mother said so or not. Kagome turned on the hot and cold water. She placed her hand under the facets to check the temperature. When it was the right temperature, she put her favorite soap in the tub, a lavender and vanilla blend, and then she quickly stripped and jumped in. Well not jump for the fear of what her mom would say something if water was all over the floor.

The water relaxed her senses. She breathes in the blended soap. She let her nerves find Nirvana. Kagome let out a sigh of relief. After today she just knew that this was going to the best part. She didn't care too much about the party or hanging out with her friends today. Okay so hanging out with her friends sounded really nice. Kaiya and Ayumi are really fun to hang out with. Especially when Kaiya goes off into her own world and began to talk about how Hojo is a bad husband. It truly is funny because Kagome and Ayumi cannot picture Hojo as the type of husband that is bad, but Kaiya insist that he is.

Kagome stood up out of the water, letting it droplets drop back into the tub. She drained the tub, and then stepped into the shower to wash off any excess soap foam. She rotated her neck to relax any tense muscle that didn't in to hot soak. After making sure that all the soap foam was off of her she stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel to dry off with, and got dressed. She then went over to the sink, grabbed her toothbrush, and proceed in making her teeth sparkle.

She walked out of the bathroom and headed down stairs to the kitchen. There she found her mother fixing breakfast, as usual. Her brother was probably still sleep and jiji-chan cleaning the shrine. Her mother had a big smile on her face as she glanced at her daughter. The food from the skillet smelled heavenly. Kagome could only guess what it was, her favorite Western dish, egg, bacon, and sausages. From the looks of it, Mrs. Hirgurashi had already finished to meat portion of the dish. Kagome let the drool lop from her mouth. Mrs. Hirgurashi scowled at her. Just because today was her birthday didn't mean she could do whatever she pleased at the table. With a quick "Sorry mom" Kagome whipped her mouth and the table with a paper towel.

"Thank you and would you be a dear and go wake up Sota for me. Then go get dad from outside." Her mom asked.

"Sure." Then she went upstairs to wake her little brother that now almost towered over her. Either way he was still her younger sibling, be it short or tall. The best part about being the oldest is the creative way you get to wake your siblings up. Kagome smiled at that thought. She went into the bathroom and filled a bucket up with hot water. When she had used cold water her brother was only thirteen and was having to most interesting dream about his girlfriend, Hitomi. So she accidentally helped him out. That didn't happen again and wouldn't.

Kagome tipped toed into the sixteen's room holding to bucket to her side as to not drop any water. She made it over to her brother's bed just as he moans and turned over. Ah, the boner she was not looking forward to, this puts the hot water test on hold for a while. She placed the water by the bed and leaned down to her brother's ear.

"Sota if you don't wake up I will send Hitomi up here."

Her answer was him moaning again. She shrugged and continued a little louder.

"I know where you keep your hidden stash of 'personal pleasure' magazines. I am sure your girlfriend would love to know you have them."

He seemed to stir just a little, but she wanted him to fully wake.

"Ok you leave me no choice. Hitomi come on and let me show you his favorite website."

That go him, he shot up out of bed and landed in the hot water. She looked down and smiled. Her hot water didn't go unused. Her brother yelped and hopped out of the water. She just sat back and watched trying not to laugh. Once he calmed down he looked over at his sister. He glared daggers at her. If that glare could kill she would be a pile of bloody mess upon her brother's floor.

"That wasn't funny." Sota growled.

"Yes it was." Kagome laughed."

"I'll show you funny," he growled out as he ran at her.

Kagome shrieked and dodged out of her brother's way. She ran down the stairs just as he took a grab at her shirt. She ran until she found her jiji-chan sweeping the stairs. She had long ago left Sota behind, but she kept running just in case.

"Gramps come in." Kagome said out of breath.

"Alright I'm coming." Was his reply.

Kagome smiled as she watched her grandfather waddle up the steps. She could never understand how he could come up those steps without hurting something on his person. It felt like she would die sometimes when she came up them. She just guessed after such a long time you just get used to it because it didn't hurt every time. When her jiji-chan reached her, they turned around to go inside. As they were passing by the well she felt an eerie felling coming from it. Something wasn't right about the aura. She took a glance at it. She felt the impulse to go towards it. She knew if she did it would only cause her turmoil, something she didn't want to experience at this time. Once she passed to Goshinboku she felt the weird aura again. When she got to the house she felt both pulse.

She paused.

(Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, paper flowers)[X2

I linger in the doorway
Of alarm clock screaming
Monsters calling my name

Kagome turn in the direction of the God Tree and the well house. It was like it was calling out to her.

Let me stay
Where the wind will whisper to me
Where the raindrops, as they're falling, tell a story

She shook her head she must have just imagine it.

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby (flowers)
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (flowers)

She turned to go inside once more. They pulsed twice this time. She spun around and ran towards the Goshinboku. There she seen the mark where Inuyasha was pin glowing slightly. She touched it and it burned. Something wasn't right.

Don't say I'm out of touch
With this rampant chaos - your reality

Wave her hand a little she touch the spot again. There she seen what she thought was her mind playing tricks on her. Inuyasha was human in the daytime glancing at the tree crying. She knew that had to be impossible. Inuyasha was half-human not full. She see shook that image out of her head.

I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare I built my own world to escape

She rounded when she felt the well aura flare. That was hard to believe. Why would the well call out to her so intensely? Surely that image of Inuyasha wasn't true. Kagome walked with caution to the well house. She slid open the door and looked inside. It all looked the same. Same well built in the middle surrounded by the same old dirt and dust.

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby (flowers)
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (flowers)

The well pulse a bluish-purple light then died. Kagome walked to it and placed both hands on the lid. Images of the inu-hanyou flash before her. There he was standing by the well in his hanyou form gazing lonely into it with Shippo posted on his shoulder. Him on his human night looking up at the stars with tears cascading down his cheeks. Another with him wishing on the jewel, next him changing into a human, and then him grabbing Tetseiga and throwing it into the well. Her eyes widen and she glanced into the well. There it was, the handle barely being seen through the years of being down there. She screamed the inu's name at the top of her lungs. She collapsed onto the floor of the well house.

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh, how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light

She couldn't believe what she had just seen, even if she had proof sitting at the bottom of the well.

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby (flowers)

Kagome curled herself into a ball and rocked back and forth. She pictured what she seen in revered action. Inuyasha wasn't human and he was just fine with Tetseiga at his hip.

I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (flowers)

(Paper flowers)

Shaken she stood. The miko stumble as she made her way to the house. Sliding the shoji door open she wanted to just be held by her mom. She felt like a little girl confused about something bad that just happen. She schooled her face. Negated whatever she just seen and went in the kitchen. Her family just looked up at her. She smiled and took her seat at the table. Her plate was already fixed; she had to thank her mother for that.

"What took you so long, sis?" Sota asked with his mouth full.

"I just wanted some fresh air." Kagome mumbled.

Mrs. Hirgurashi looked at her daughter with a knowing look. She knew Kagome had went to the well and Goshinboku. She also felt the strange feeling coming from them but dismissed it. She didn't think anything of it until she seen her oldest go towards the God Tree. She didn't know what was going on until Kagome ran towards the well house. Something had bother her and sent her running towards the well. She began to worry when Kagome didn't come out right away. Ika thought that Kagome had jumped into the well but that was not possible because she had seen Kagome deliberately avoid the well house up until today. Her worries died when she seen her daughter reappear from the hut. She fixed her a plate and set it down, and then finished eating.

"Kagome when you are finish could I talk to you?" Ika asked her daughter.

"Sure mom." Kagome said after she swallowed having better table manners then her brother.

After everyone finished their breakfast Kagome helped her mom with the dishes. Her mother seemed edgy about something. Maybe it was the way she was acting she wasn't sure. She watched as her mom placed the last dished down and motion for her to follow her into the living room.

"Kagome what is bothering you?" Never the one to beat around the bush, Ika asked.

"Nothing." Kagome said looking down into her lap.

"I seen you what you were doing outside. Does it have anything to do with Inuyasha?"


"You don't have to tell me now if something is wrong, but when you're ready you can come to me anytime."

"Thank you mama."

"Now make sure you have everything Ayumi and Kaiya will be here any moment."

As if on queue the door bell rung. Kagome slipped on her shoes on the way to the door scream that she was coming. When she opened the door there stood her best friends who screamed to the top of their lungs- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - In which had the miko laughing at how red their faces where, Ayumi being the reddest of two for she was almost a pale as Kagome. Still flushed Kaiya grabbed Kagome and pulled her out the door and Ayumi yelled to Mrs. Hirgurashi that they were leaving.

Laughter could be heard from inside from Sota and Ika. Ika looked out the window still worried about what made her daughter cheerful mood do a one-eighty. She just had to shrug it off until Kagome came to her and told her. In the mean time she should get the shrine ready for the party this evening. She went to pick up the phone and called her daughter's boss.

"Hello, may I speak to Mr. Tashio." She asked politely.

"This is he. Is she gone?" Responded the baritone voice on the other line.


"We will be there in an hour. See you then."

"See you then." With that the line was disconnected. Ika smirk her daughter was in for a big surprise.

Kagome P.O.V.

I wanted to scream 'I was being kidnapped' at the top of my longs. I didn't know that Kaiya had such a strong grip. She had dragged me down the shrines steps and shoved me into the back of her light blue Porce. Ayumi climbed into the front and Kaiya got into the driver's side. I scrambled to put on my seatbelt before the crazy-driver-of-a-friend took off. The engine roared to life just as the belt locked. She had to hit the pedal extremely too hard for us to go shooting down the road this fast. I couldn't figure out how Hojo let her drive at all. She drives like a bat out of Hell. So I don't need to be thinking about Hell right now but hey.

We arrived at the spa in about five minutes. I could guarantee that this place is a good half an hour drive from where I live. She had to driving thirty over the speed limit and she had to have a navigation system in this car to avoid all traffic. There was an accident in this direction I know for sure, seen it on the news this morning. I glanced around us to make sure no police cars were following us. I slowly, with very reserve caution, unbuckled the seatbelt. I reached for the door handle to open it but found it was locked from the outside. Did I look like a kid to them? They didn't have to lock me in. I pouted and watched as they talked to someone outside the spa. Alright now I looked like a kid but come on that is so unfair that they locked me in the car. When they finish talking to the male figure, they came over to the car with grins on their faces. I didn't like that one bit.

They open the door and grabbed me. I was blind folded and next cuffed. Now they were really freaking me out. They lead me into the building. The place had loud music playing in the background. What spa has loud music playing in the background? Isn't this place supposed to make you relax, not anxious? I felt myself being placed in a chair that was very comfortable. They took the blind fold off and I nearly fell out of the chair. I was in no spa I was in a male strip club. I wander why I couldn't tell this place from the outside. I looked up at my two smiling friends.

"You two know this isn't a spa right?"

"Oh we know and we also know that you were going to try to hide your eyes from these fantastic men's bodies, the reason for the handcuffs. Now sit back in watch the show." Kaiya said. Did I every mention that this marriedwoman had a perverted side? If I didn't she does and it revels Miroku's. I just pray my godchild does not take after either of his parents. If he is like his father then he is going to be way too nice and anything like his mother and I am going to worry about not having any god-grandchildren. And I want me some god-grandchildren and I will imprint that into his head.

I sighed and looked at the stage. The show hadn't started yet but I can tell I am not going to enjoy it without embarrassment. I breathe in deeply when the room went black.

"Enjoy the show." Ayumi said, and then they left.

Now I really, badly wanted to scream. Those double crossing, good for nothing friends of mine just ditched me at a strip bar with the….

…sexiest man I have ever seen. Drool fest the man was hot. Nice wash board abs, long brown hair, crystal blue eyes, and a 'front' that would make any girl cum in their pants. I should know I almost did. When he turned around I wanted to grab onto those to nice, ass cheeks.

Woah. Where the heck did that come from? I had spent too long with Miroku and have been spending too much time with Kaiya. Damn I turned into them. I just couldn't stop looking and the show lasted for a good hour before it was over. All those men I was in Heaven. When I came back down was when those two came back.

"Had fun?" Ayumi asked.

"Yeah I did up until you two came back."

"I told you she was going to have tons of fun." Kaiya said.

"And I told you that she was going to be mad if we stopped them." Ayumi said smiling.

My eye brow twitched as I stared at them. They had this all planned out. Damn them!

End P.O.V.

They helped her up out of the chair before uncuffing her. They all walked out of the club to the car. This time Kagome took shot gun and Ayumi sat in the back. Kaiya eased on the gas pedal this time and they went into the city like normal commuters. They made it the actual spa for their treatments. Each woman loved there masseuse especially Ayumi who got the man's phone, cell, and work number. They laughed when she gave them an innocent look. They got into the car and when to Anche Uso to pick up their dresses and shoes. Then they were off to Salon de Modèle to get their hair and make-up done. Kagome hair is style in a wavy ponytail with two wavy tails in front. She has a light blush on her face and cherry lip-gloss on. Ayumi's hair was pressed straight with blond highlights. She has black eyeliner and pink lipstick on. Kaiya was similar to Kagome's except she had her hair straight with blue highlights. She had on a very small amount of blush, blue eyeliner, and banana lip-gloss. They tried to get Kagome to get red highlights but she said no, left no room for argument. When everything was done and everyone looking good they headed back to the shrine.

When they arrived you could see everyone talking and mingling with others. The stairs held some of Sota's friends just sitting there bored to death. Why they came, they only knew. They stepped out of the Porce to join to growing crowd at the bottom of the steps. The bored boys glanced up at the girls as the ascended the steps. Kagome had a feeling that they were sitting there to catch a glimpse under of any female dress or skirt that was too short. As she passed she guessed right as they looked up all of their dresses. Their dresses weren't short but they weren't long either. Kaiya kicked one of them and they all stood at attention.

"You will go up to the party and stop looking up females' skirts, right?" Kaiya said cracking her knuckles. Scary really.

The boys nodded and ran up the stairs.

Kagome laughed that was way too funny, the looks on their faces anyways.

They made it up the stairs. The miko looked around to survey all that came. As she could see everyone from her department, every female at the job, and some of the males from different floors. She saw Eri and Yuka who, as predicted, stuck out like sore thumbs just glancing around. They truly look uncomfortable sitting at one of the tables. Kagome saw Hitomi talking to one of the designers from the clothing department. Hitomi had told Kagome last year that she was going to go to college to become a designer. Talking to someone in Tashio Corp. was a going in the right direction for that career. Still glancing she passed a person with a silver head. She did a double take there near her house. Talking to her mother was Sesshoumaru. Her breath hitched in her throat. Like she was in a trance she walked over to them. They stopped talking when she made it there. Sesshoumaru smiled at her. Ika left the two alone to join in the mingling.

"Happy early birthday Kagome." The Taiyoukai's baritone voice said.

"Thank you Sesshoumaru. But how did you know of this." She said waving her hand towards the crowd.

"I am the one who organized it, with the help of your mother of course."

Kagome's mouth dropped, "you're Mr. Tashio?"

"Yes, close your mouth before you catch flies."

Her mouth snapped shut. Since when do Sesshoumaru crack jokes? She was about to speak again when she heard the shrill of her name. Turning, they both saw Yuka and Eri heading their way.

"Where have you been we have been looking all over for you?" Yuka said.

"Sorry guys I just arrived." Kagome said faking a smile

"Well we are glad you are here. So who is your friend?" Eri said eyeing the inu-youkai like he was a piece of candy.

"This is Sesshoumaru Tashio the president of the company I work for and an old friend."

"Wow. How did you two meet?"

"Through my brother." Sesshoumaru answered. He was inwardly smirking at the young ningen in front of him.

"I'm his brother's ex."

"But Kagome I thought your ex was that two-timer?" Yuka said curiously.

Sesshoumaru's left eyebrow roused as he looked at the miko with curiosity. He didn't know that the hanyou and this miko had a relationship. Apparently he was left out of the loop. Then again five hundred years in the past him and his otouto weren't on good terms.

"He was but his family and I still on speaking terms." Kagome said nervously looking at the Taiyoukai beside her.

"Is he here at the party?" Eri asked looking around.

"No he went to England to see some relatives." The inu-youkai said.

Kagome sighed in relief. She is really hoping that what Sesshoumaru had said was true because she wouldn't be able to deal with herself if those visions from earlier were true.

"Well Kagome I will see you around the party. Have fun."

"Thank you Sesshoumaru."

He inclined his head and left.

"Wow he seems so serious." Eri said

"No that is him every day."

"You can't be serious."

"Oh but I am."

"Kagome, do you have another black or white dress because I feel very uncomfortable where with green dress." Yuka said wrapping her arms around herself.

"No but they didn't even tell me what to wear. I just picked it up at the boutique." Kagome half lied.

"Ah well lets party."

Kagome smiled at her friends. Some things you just can't change. She joined in on the activities. She danced, talked, and even had a small drinking contest with some of her coworkers. It was all fun including the dare Kaiya made for Eri to go ask Sesshoumaru out. That had to be that most hilarious thing she had ever seen. Eri came back to them to tell them that he was married and shot the miko a glare. When she looked away laughing at how cherry faced Eri was. All the fun died down around midnight when everyone said their goodbyes.

Gramps had retired early, Sota too, to bed. That left Kagome, her mom, and Sesshoumaru to clean up everything. There was hardly anything to really pick up because many had put their trash in the trash pins lying around. Others being rude or drunk left their stuff everywhere. After everything was thrown away Sesshoumaru pulled Kagome to the side to talk to her.

"Yes?" Kagome asked.

"I have to tell you something about Inuyasha."


"He didn't go to England to visit relatives."

"Then where is he?"

"He died almost five hundred two years ago."

Kagome was going to laugh, but the look on the youkai's face said he was serious. Breathless she sat in a nearby chair, "How?" was all she could be out.

"He wished he was human not too long after you returned home. He then traveled all over Japan looking for someone who would kill him. He came to me first…" Kagome looked up at him sharply. "…but I would not kill such a weak being. He was more pathetic then he was as a half-demon."

Kagome began to sob. So the visions were true. Inuyasha did turn himself human. "Did he have the Tetseiga with him when he came to you?" She had to know. Did he throw his sword into the well or did some villager.

"He did not."

She clasped her hand over her mouth as she sobbed uncontrollably but she didn't care. Inuyasha was dead and it was her fault.

"You could save him. Just return before it is too late." Sesshoumaru said kneeling down by her broken form.

"I can't. T-t-the jewel… was how I was able to get-t-t… b-b-back and f-forth to the f-f-f-feudal era." Kagome said in between sobs.

"Maybe Tetseiga could help you. Go to him miko he needs your help." With that the Taiyoukai stood and left.

Still crying Kagome ran into the house. She didn't stop running until she reached her room. She had ignored her mother's pleased for her to stop and tell her what happened. She went to her window and closed it. She looked at the Goshinboku, then quickly closed the blinds and collapsed.

I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away

She hugged herself. She did want to go back to help Inuyasha but she couldn't get back. Tetseiga, she doubted, would not be able to bring her back.

Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only away

She wanted more than anything to rewind what happened between them, so this had never happened. For that day to have never happen.

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you

"One quick question for you half-breed." Kagome said no caring that he flinched when she saidhalf-breed.She felt like she was worth nothing to him so she showed him how she felt. "Did you ever think that Kikyou is playing you for the fool you are?"

If she had never been cruel would he have turned human? That thought ran though her head as she thought of that harsh interrogation she gave him.

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

"I'm a hypocrite, Inuyasha? I don't go around making promises that I don't intend to keep."

She was a hypocrite, who was she kidding. She had told him that she would be by his side and she wasn't. Now he is gone.

In cards and flowers on your window
Your friends all plead for you to stay

She looked over at her closet. Kagome stood to walk over to it. Once she was there she opened it and grabbed her yellow book bag. It still had all the supplies in it. It wasn't as heavy as before. She hulled it on her back and left her room.

Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only way

She looked at her room door then headed down stairs.

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you
And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

Ika was going up the stairs when a teary eyed Kagome was coming down with a very familiar book bag. She got anxious when her daughter passed her saying she would be back. Before she could even say something Kagome was gone.

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey
And the sun will set for you

Ika ran to the phone and dialed Sesshoumaru's number. She was going to get to the bottom of this.

"Hello?" Sesshoumaru asked as he answered.

"What did you do to my baby?"

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey

Kagome reached the well house and slid her legs over the rim. Breathing in a deep breath she jumped in. Instantly she was teleported back to the Feudal Era.

And the sun will set for you

When she touch the soil and smell the air, she felt more grief. It didn't feel right like something change. It was more like someone and she knew it. Grabbing Tetseiga she climbed out of the well.

-At Sesshoumaru's House-

A shadow stood in the corner of the room gazing at the Taiyoukai in front of her. Smiling she walked out to sit in an armchair in the study. She had already felt the shift in time when Kagome passed through.

"I take it that she left."

"Hai and she will save him."

"You better hope so little one or there will be no you."

"I know."

"Shouldn't you be leaving?"

"Oh right. Well see you around Uncle Sess."

"See you soon Icice."

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