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Crowded's Sequel: Making Amends



'Demon Talking'



Summary: It has been three years since Kagome has returned to her time after completing the jewel and leaving her 'family' behind. Now it is her twenty-first birthday and she just completed college. She goes to a party that may result in her facing her past and returning there.

Chapter 8 Revelations

-Kagome P.O.V.-

I had to move away from this ecchi. I thought Miroku was bad but that is just wrong. He just ask me is his cousin good in bed. First of all that is none of his business, secondly how I suppose to know. I didn't even want to know what is going on in his mind. It is so wrong to ask about your family sex life. I know people do it all the time, but it is mainly females, when guys do it that just seems… creepy.

I got up and went to sit in between Sango and Miroku. It wasn't much of a change but I wasn't sitting next to that perv. Sitting next to Inuyasha would have made the comment seem too true. I haven't slept with him. Though I have thought about it, still not any of Taka's business.

-End P.O.V.-

The Lord sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry for offending you. I just assumed that she was you two daughter."

The said two blushed in response. "She isn't." Both said blushing even more.

"Oh, but she looks like you both. Are you sure."

"Yes." Kagome blushed ten more shades of red.

Taka looked even more confused.

Laughing nervously Icice came to their defense. "They are not my parents, Taka-sama." 'He is a little too perceptive.'

He looked at the girl next to him. "Hmmm…If you say so?" Not sounding a bit convinced.

"I'm from about four hundred years in the future." Icice said proudly.

"That is impossible. No one can time travel."

"It is true. Kagome-san is from about five hundred years from now."

Taka eyes widen and he looked at Kagome. She squirmed from where she was sitting. She hasn't told anyone but who wasn't in their rag-tail group where she is from.

Taka seemed indefinably intrigued by this. He studied at her. She had on a traditional miko garbs. Her eyes were an unusual shade a dusty-brown. Her hair was dark brown. Nothing looked out of the ordinary except for the necklace around her neck.

"What is that?" He pointed to her neck.

The miko reached for her neck. She felt the necklace around it. She forgot that she even had it on. It was a gift from an ex-boyfriend for Christmas. It was a blue tear drop with a 'K' in the center. It was held on a silver chain.

"It is a necklace from an old friend."

"It is pretty." The Lord reached out to touch it but in the progress ended up landing on his face.

Inuyasha sighed, "Taka, why were we brought here?"

Lord Taka sat back up. He looked at Inuyasha for a few minutes before deciding what to tell him what he was about to say. "Inuyasha I saw your mother."

"My WHAT!?"

"Your mother. She seemed to want something but wouldn't tell me."

"Why would my mother come to see you? Better question, how would she?"

"I don't know, but she came in spirit form."

Inuyasha looked at him like he was crazy. There was no way that his mother would come back here of all places. She was killed here. Why would she? Even if she did there would have to be a reason.

"How long ago did Lady Izayoi appear?" said a small voice on the younger hanyou's shoulder.

Everyone looked onto her shoulder. There stood a flea-youkai. He looked very intrigued as what Taka had to say.

"Who are you?" Taka asked

"My pardons, I am Myoga the flea, Inuyasha-sama's faithful retainer."

"More like a pest." A certain hanyou muttered.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled at him. He grimaced.

"Well, she appeared six years ago." Taka said.

"Strange so the prophecy has been set into motion." Myoga mumbled.

"What prophecy?" the teen asked.

The flea looked up and was struck. He didn't realize that he was sitting on a replica of Inuyasha. The girl looked so much like him it was scary. She did look kind of like Kagome too. 'Wonder if she tastes like either of them.' He thought before biting her. She reacted like everyone else, smashing him. 'She tastes like Lady Kagome, but have the temper of Inuyasha. Why couldn't she act more like Kagome-sama?' Tears fell as he landed on the floor.

"Myoga-jiji you should reframe from biting me."

"Don't even bother he isn't going to listen." Inuyasha said.

Myoga looked at his master with hurtful eyes. 'How could he have such little faith in me? I do listen…sometimes.'

Inuyasha ignored him and turned back to his cousin. "Do you have any idea what this fool is babbling about?"

"No I'm afraid not."

"Taka-sama was there a reason for Lady Izayoi to come here?" Miroku asked.

"She told me to watch over her son. I didn't know who she was or what she looked like because the tapestry that had her on it was destroyed. Luckily I found an old journal that a former Lord kept. He described her and how she gave birth to a hanyou. I knew that he must have been talking about you and your mother, Inuyasha. So I asked around until I got some answers from an ookami-youkai. She told me that you were traveling with a kit, neko-youkai, a miko and monk, and a taijiya. So I started looking for your group. After five years I stop looking myself and sent soldiers out to look for you. They said they met up with the Western Taiyoukai and he said that you were traveling alone." Taka explained.

"A female wolf-demon told you? Did she have two red ponytails and emerald eyes; wearing white fur?" Sango asked.

"Yes, she was a lovely one." He said dreamily.

"Ayame might like the fact that you complemented her, but she has eyes only for another."

Taka looked crested felt. Why did it seem that every woman he met either denied him or liked someone else? He had to do something about that.

-Four Hundred Years in the future-

Golden eyes glared into blue. The race was on to find out whom would get the hime back in time.

"She is my sister and I will bring her back." The one with the golden eyes said.

"Listen to me Ito. I was told by Tashio-sama to go get her not you."

Ito growled. He was supposed to protect her not the baka of a youkai in front of him. "Tairin you are not going after her. I don't give a damn about who told you to go or not. You're going to stay your ass here and I will protect her. Got it?" He ordered.

Tairin wasn't listening. He was staring at the person behind Ito. The person was staring the hanyou down. If Ito was to turn around he would have stopped talking a long time ago. The command that he was just dishing out would have been escaped his brain.

"Tashio-sama, is there something you need?" Tairin asked.

"Yes I would like you to leave tonight." Ito froze at the sound of his father's voice. "They will be staying at the southern palace. And take Ito with you. If he gives you any problems send him back."

"Hai milord." He bowed at the waist.

Spinning the hanyou growled at his father. In returned he received one back. Whatever they were saying to each other, they didn't see their necklaces glow but they did feel the ground when they landed.

"Grow up both of you. Ito you know you're not supposed to argue with your father, and Inuyasha start acting like the adult and not the child." A very pregnant miko said. She looked at the two youkai trying to get up from the ground. Sighing she looked at the now smirking fire-youkai. She nodded. "Ito, go get ready. Tai come with me I will show you how to leave."

He followed after her trying his best not to laugh at the two just now getting up.

"You know one of these days she is going to kill us." Inuyasha whispered to his son.

"I know but you're going first old man." Ito said walking away.

The older hanyou growled.

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