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Heaven Is But A Dream


Chapter 13



The first match of the second round was between Sasuke and Gaara, but it didn't get any farther than "Begin". Since what happened after that was something that had nothing at all to do with the advancement exam, and more to do with surviving something that could be considered as a small war breaking out in one of the 5 Great Hidden Villages.

The upper echelon of shinobi knew about the invasion, just not when exactly the fighting was to begin. But there were three genin that were in the know, or four since Shino's father had informed him to be prepared, something which he had discreetly passed along to those that he believed should know about it.

He didn't bother with Team 7 since they didn't need to be told if their body language and insanity was anything to go by.

As soon as the fighting began, Shino was out of the arena and busy fighting his share of Oto-nin and Suna-nin.

Team 7 on the other hand were busy heading out to do as they were commanded by their commanding officer, Kakashi.

Sakura was sent off to the Hospital as he was sure that such a place would need protection and what better protection than one that walked the path of the Doton.

Sasuke was sent after Gaara, whom Kakashi was not aware of was a friend of Team 7. He was a major threat to the village and needed to be stopped at all costs.

Naruto didn't stick around to get any orders and just went off in search of the Hokage who had vanished from his booth. Finding the old man was easy, getting to him was something else entirely.


Sasuke, with his chakra reserves at full, rushed after the slowly descending into insanity friend of his that he was sure only Naruto could stop if said friend went nuts on the village. But he had his orders and friend or not, he still needed to stop the red head from wreaking havoc within the village.

His friend's sister and brother had tried to stop him. But Shino decided to take on Kankuro and Shikamaru just so happened to arrive and decided to stall the wind and fan using kunoichi, giving Sasuke enough of an excuse to chase after his red headed friend.

"Hey Gaara!" Sasuke called after his friend that was in the midst of a partial transformation, "Let's go wild!"

No verbal response came from Gaara who had already descended into madness, but if the grunt from the partial red head was anything to do by, his friend had agreed on the go wild part.

Sasuke entered his transformed state and attacked with everything he had, except for a little something he had stumbled upon and would not be using unless he absolutely had to. It was a very chakra draining technique after all.

Lightning and fire battled against wind and sand. Water was the only element that was not represented in the battle between two maniacs.

Lightning spears tore through bullets of wind, and bullets of wind as well as mini tornadoes did away with any fire attacks that met them.

No physical blows were traded, it was a purely mid to long range kind of fight. Sasuke couldn't afford for things to get physical, he was sure that a physical fight was something that he had a slim chance of surviving.

The area in which the two of them were battling swiftly became something that was littered with destroyed earth, craters and downed trees. It was utter destruction, it actually looked like a high, stoned, drunk, and whatever else Akimichi had gone nuts in the area, but more destructive looking than what that could have caused.

The trading of elemental attacks was ended when Gaara finally lost his ability to think for himself and finally was forced to give into the monster that he held within him, the one that felt no fear since Naruto was not around to scare him into a quivering mess of black to purple chakra.

A rapid transformation took place, one that thankfully Sasuke was prepared for what with having been given a heads up by the red head himself of the possibility of facing this sand monster that Suna had locked away in him.

This was the cue for his trump card to be used.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Sasuke called out as he slammed a bloodied hand against the ground.

A plume of smoke erupted from where the seal script had previously been.

Instead of some large summon to battle the semi-released bijuu, there were five large falcons, large enough for Sasuke to stand atop comfortably without the fear of falling off.

Sasuke had stumbled upon the contract amongst his brother's things, it had actually been gift wrapped and addressed to him. So he did what any sane person would and signed his name in blood on the space provided and asked Naruto for some help since he knew that Naruto would be able to help him somehow.

So here he was, standing on one of his five primary summons, all five actually sharing the position and title of boss, preparing himself mentally to face his friend and at the same time foe.

"Any idea how to stop him? Aside from waking the jinchuuriki up?" Sasuke asked the falcon he was standing on, all five had positioned themselves just out of reach of the suna tanuki.

"You'll have to get in very close to wake him up, a chakra powered punch of headbutt ought to do the trick," his summon said before evading several wind blasts that would have killed the two of them had the attacks actually hit their target.

"I think I've still got enough chakra to get to him, but I'll need all five of you to distract the tanuki," Sasuke said, "I'll also need you to somehow get me onto that thing."

"No problem," the falcon said, "I'll get you on."

Without further ado, the falcon boss signaled his brothers into attacking the tanuki with all sorts of wind and lightning attacks that they could think of and use, while the one that Sasuke was riding maneuvered his way through all those attacks and counterattacks all the while making sure that Sasuke was still safely on his back. When they were both close enough to the tanuki, Sasuke took his leap of faith.

Once he landed on the sandy skin of the tanuki he ran, leaving glass in his wake instead of simple sand.

He had a friend to wake up after all.


The hospital could not be evacuated completely, there were some patients that couldn't be moved. It was quite the hassle, but at the same time it couldn't be helped. Which was why there was quite a number of Konoha-nin that were defending the building and its inhabitants from harm. Some of the less injured inhabitants had tried to help, but their offers of aid and support were refused, though they were told that only able bodied support staff would be permitted to join the fray, those that were still recuperating were not permitted to help in any way other than to try and get better and let those that were still uninjured defend them.

Most of those shinobi that had been turned down due to their injuries and recovering states felt down that they were unable to aid their comrades in this hour of their village's need. But there really wasn't much that they could do about it.

Though they did make it a point to put up some sort of blockade in the lobby just in case someone or something managed to get past the shinobi defending the hospital.

These shinobi were rather surprised when Sakura arrived on the scene, her arms covered in earth spikes, which she used in place of kunai. Some of the sensors that were in the lobby and observing the fighting as well as coordinating the rescue or retrieval efforts noticed that her chakra reserves were in mid-chuunin but at the same time were being used up quite rapidly due to her technique, but at the same time her reserves were being replenished so long as a part of her body was touching the ground.

She also just so happened to be what could only be noted as the last line of defense before it was left up to the injured to defend the hospital. She was all that stood in the way of any that managed to make it past the chunin and jounin that were defending the building.

And she was doing a pretty good job at it too.

Or so it had seemed up until a three headed snake made its way through the village and scattered several of the defenders all over the place. There were several others of its kind suddenly finding themselves all over the village.

Orochimaru had surely struck since only he and one other were able to summon the snakes. Mitarashi Anko was loyal to Konoha and thus wouldn't be summoning serpents to help destroy the village that she did so love, even though there were many that didn't love her in return or respect her, or care about her.

With the defenders scattered around the place, along with some attackers, Sakura truly was the last line of defense against this latest form of attacker or invader.

"My body is going to be in so much pain when this is over, I hope that it'll be worth it," Sakura said to no one in particular save for herself.

Those listening in wondered what she meant by that.

The sensors and one Hyuga were the first to be clued in on what was going on. The Hyuga in particular as his almost all seeing eyes witnessed Sakura's bones being replaced by something much harder, something more solid, he wasn't quite sure what it was exactly, but he was sure that it wasn't bone.

Sakura's bones underwent a transformation, from bone they turned into the hardest thing that she could turn them into, which was the same as her skin. Diamond. What she meant by pain later on was that to return the diamond skeletal system back into bone was going to hurt quite a lot since returning to a more human state would require whatever chakra remaining in her body to dissolve the semi-chakra constructs and force her blood to replace what had been earlier replaced. It was quite a painful process, it was like regrowing bones after shattering or melting them or returning them to their base materials.

She had accidentally stumbled upon the technique when she had been training on her own and trying to find a way to make her transformation stronger. She felt that having skin as tough as a diamond, and weight that could match a small mountain, were not that good enough as compared to her male teammates that could do so much more than her, though comparing herself to Naruto was like comparing an ant to Kami.

It had only been her hand's bones that had turned into movable or malleable diamond, but when she cut off or stopped the transformation technique in its entirety, she found herself in a world of pain, as if her hand was on fire and colder than ice at the same time.

She supposed that when she had more chakra at her beck and call and even better control, she would be able to lessen the pain she felt after the technique had run its course.

It was a technique that she was sure her masochistic and sadistic teammate would surely love to experiment with, which gave rise to the thinking that she should remember to ask the blonde if he had a way of transferring pain someone else into himself. It was something that she had thought of so that she could be of more help to her comrade than be a burden, not that she was much of one anymore. She wanted her pain to have more of a purpose.

There was something she didn't know about her transformation technique. That being that while it was engaged, she became something like a natural sage but at the same time not. Her body automatically gathered nature chakra, or rather natured chakra, natural earth natured chakra to be exact and converted it into her own chakra, just with the nature intact. Though it was only possible when she was touching her element. She wasn't aware of it, and thus had not been able to experiment with it.

The three headed snake that had only one little girl in its path paid little heed to the genin as it tried to slither its way to the hospital in order to cripple the morale of Konoha.


Tried and failed as it found that its body could go no further that that bubblegum haired genin.

Here was one genin holding her own against a summon, a rather large and pissed off summon.

Pissed off summon or no, there were very few things in the world that could compare to a pissed off Naruto, which was why she didn't appear fazed at all.

It truly amazed those that bore witness to her bravery, or stupidity as some might have seen it. But actions speak louder than words, though she did have some rather loud words.

"Either you turn around and leave, go try and destroy something else, or continue to try and destroy the hospital which will cause me to get quite upset," she shouted at the snake, "My sensei ordered me to protect the hospital, so if you try and destroy it, I'll kick your tail!"

The snake paid her no mind, and tried once more to advance towards its objective only to find itself trying to scratch an itch that just kept on moving. That itch being Sakura running up the snake using the basics of the tree-climbing exercise and chakra control training technique.

"I warned you," she said, and upon reaching the top of the middle head, began her attack.

Tsunade of the Sannin would be rather interested in the pink hiaired kunoichi had she borne witness to the beating the little girl gave the three headed snake who for some reason couldn't escape back to the snake summon realm.

If it wasn't physical punches and kicks or attempts to break snake bones, Sakura resorted to using her spikes which were rather pointy and painful to anyone or anything that she decided to skewer them with.

When she felt that she was running low of chakra to power her transformation technique she allowed herself to fall to the ground whereupon she felt her reserves fill themselves faster, she paid the rate no mind and simply went back to beating up the snake that decided to not listen to her in the first place.

Her beating up such a large thing on her own without any support from anyone that was of a clearly higher rank than her scared anyone else from trying to attack the hospital.

She eventually did stop fighting when the summon finally managed to reverse summon itself home where it would proceed to tell its tale about the scary pink haired monster that attacked it on its way to destroy the hospital of the enemy.


Naruto's fight was a bit more insane, seeing as he managed to make it through the barrier that would have permanently ended the life of anyone else that just so happened to try and breach it. He followed this amazing feat by throwing the Hokage at his Anbu guard after taking out one of the corners of the barrier team.

He had mercilessly taken out that one freak with two heads and only one body. They were in his way and thus needed to be removed from the world of life, that and they kept him from the old man.

He did more than fry their brains from pain overload, he tore the single body to pieces, using the ghostly golden chakra strings to do the cutting for him. The Hokage was thrown to the tender mercies of his own Anbu as soon as Naruto reached him.

"Kick my former student's ass while we go help out in the village!" the Hokage ordered before leaving the blonde to his own devices, which actually kind of scared the Hebi Sannin.

If the Hokage willingly left a genin to do a Sannin's job then that must have meant that the genin was not to be underestimated, and if the evil grin was anything to do by, the Snake summoner was in for the fight of his life.

The nuke-nin did not know just how deep the depths of hell he was in. He was not aware of how truly hopeless his situation was. He did not know how short his life was, or how much of his life he had left.

Had his spies gone and uncovered a little bit more, or rather specifically the well kept secret that was Naruto's immortality he might have tried to revise his plans, making sure that he would not be crossing paths with the blonde monstrosity.

He had witnessed some of what the blonde was already capable of, and was a little worried but not by much about what was about to take place.

"So he's left you to fight me, a little genin," the snake-man said with a sneer, it was a bit more bark than bite, "You may have taken out one of my elites, but there are still three more of them, and there is still me."

"I'll take care of them first then while you prepare whatever jutsu you've been wanting to use," the blonde immortal said and summoned his tool that had been waiting to hear or feel her master's call.

Haku appeared in a small cloud of smoke, fully prepared for battle.

"Deal with the pests while I deal with their master," Naruto commanded, and Haku obeyed.

The remaining elites of Oto dropped the barrier they partially held up to keep others away from their master and all at the same time engaged the kunoichi.

Domes of ice mirrors formed around each of the remaining elites after two half handseals were used. No time was given to them to wonder what was supposed to happen. Haku didn't bother giving them any chance to figure out something or plan. She unleashed barrage upon barrage of ice needles, turning her opponents into living pin cushions.

When she believed the small ice needles were not enough, she increased their size as well as their sharpness.

Having done that, and turning her opponents into even larger pin cushions, she turned the insides of the domes of ice mirrors into freezers, it was a slow process but it wasn't like her opponents could really do anything about it anyway. Their limbs and chakra were preoccupied with the needles and javelins that had skewered them, and the cold was something that even the most experienced of warriors would have a hard time battling against and winning.

By the time she finished Orochimaru too had finished preparation for his trump card for the fall of Konoha.

"Kuchiyose Edo Tensei!" the Hebi Sannin called out as he caused three sealing arrays to appear on the roof followed by three coffins to rise out of those arrays. Each one had a number on each of their covers, one, two and four.

"Behold! My trump cards!" Orochimaru announced gleefully.

Each cover opened to reveal a pristine replica of each of the four deceased Hokage. Hashirama, Tobirama, and Minato. Shodaime, Nidaime, and Yondaime. To any other warrior of Konoha facing such opponents would have been seen as hopeless, that all was lot. But not Naruto, and especially not when considering that there was a lot of sealing was involved with it all.

"Well are you going to say anything?" Orochimaru asked of his now two oppponents.

"Haku," Naruto spoke commandingly, "Go protect Kin."

"Hai, Naruto-sama," she replied and left in a swirl of snow flakes, leaving Naruto more or less alone against someone that had orchestrated such a wide scale attack on Konoha.

"Are you even minding me?" Orochimaru demanded exhasperatedly, it was annoying when someone was not paying him any attention. Even at his advanced age, he still remained a semi-spoiled brat.

"Hai hai," the blonde said, "Let's get this over with, apply your seals so that I can show you how pathetic you are compared to this genin."

"Tch, prepare to die brat," Orochimaru said as he applied a seal to the back of the heads of each of the deceased Hokage, "Kill him and destroy the village which you all died for."

"Hai," all three replied, it wasn't like they had any choice in the matter after all.

"Rest in peace and cherish the heaven which I have been continuously denied," Naruto spoke as he brought out several very special chakra strings, his ghostly golden energies emerging around him like whips.

"A fancy light show won't be enough to beat me and my tools," Orochimaru mocked.

"You sure about that?" Naruto asked, a bit mockingly in return.

Threads of light danced around him as the three kage prepared some devastating attacks.

"Kill him already!" Orochimaru ordered his semi-defiant tools, who were stalling with their preparations for their devastating jutsu. It was all they could do to protect their precious village while at the same time obeying this traitor to their precious village.

"Alright, I'm bored and I'm not dying or dead...so.." Naruto said and attacked.

One must remember that with his exceptional chakra reserves and mastery of Kage Bunshin, he was a force to be reckoned with. Then there was the fact that most of his personal techniques used pain. Add the fact that he loved destruction. And you get a genin that not even a Sannin would be able to stop should be actually decide to go all out.

An explosion of fire and wood erupted from the rooftop to signify the beginning of the Shodaime's attack. The thick branches and other parts of the growing tree entwined themselves around the blonde in an attempt to crush him while the flames that accompanied them tried to burn him to more than a crisp. Hearing his laughter at what should have been a very painful experience kind of unnerved the already dead man as well as the one that had forcibly ripped him from the afterlife.

Before any more chakra could be pumped into the jutsu, the tree burst into more than just flames to reveal a grinning blonde with crushed and severed body parts hanging from nearly ripped skin. Most people would already be dead, Naruto was grinning in joy.

"MORE! MORE!" the blonde shouted, "Hurt me MORE! Try and kill me more! Or was that the best you could do?"

The burning tree of fire was followed up by the crushing force of the waters. A tower of water surrounded the blonde and the underwater pressure tried its very best to turn the blonde into mush.

The same thing happened as what had happened with the tree and flames. Even when some lightning was added into the mix, the blonde still emerged relatively alive, albeit soaking wet.

"Really Hebi-teme, is that the best you can do? I heard stories told of how you could single handedly take out an army of enemy ninja!" Naruto mocked, which had the desired effect of the long haired pale man throw up a sword from his innards and try and skewer the blonde.

The man did succeed in cutting the blonde up into little pieces and ribbons. But all that anger was for naught as he watched in growing horror as the blonde simply reformed right before their very eyes. Wisps and strings of golden light pulled all that had been separated from the biggest chunk of the blonde back to it. This was followed by everything sowing themselves back into one whole human once more.

"Meh, I've felt worse," Naruto mocked, not really paying much attention to his fellow blonde, a blonde that could have passed off as his older brother even.

Normally such inattention would have cost him dearly, but even the sudden appearance of his fellow blonde right in his face, followed by an attack that could have been used to kill a hundred people in a matter of seconds had really done much to faze the little blonde immortal who continued his mocking.

"You know, I always thought that the Yondaime was someone worth looking up to," Naruto said, offhandedly, "But really, attacking from behind, or wherever he came from. Bad form. Bad form indeed."

"We're ninja! Backstabbing should be normal!" Orochimaru argued, his grip on his sword growing stronger with his frustration at the inability of three kage level shinobi to eliminate one short blonde genin. A genin was keeping him at bay, while the Hokage went off to Kami knows where to help a village that should have been a stain on the maps of the world several minutes ago already.

"Yeah I know," Naruto stated, vanished from where he had been standing or had landed after his body had been cut up with numerous mortal wounds by the Yondaime, and reappeared right behind each Hokage, though the other two were his clones.

'There is no way that this is a mere genin...' was all Orochimaru could think as he watched the seals he had placed on each Kage turn to ash, which was shortly followed by the Kages themselves, 'Definitely not some normal genin...'

One swift motion and the Hebi Sannin found himself surrounded by a rapidly growing number of seals. They seemed to be writing themselves on the roof and were swiftly making their way to the Sannin himself.

'What in the world is happening?' the Sannin wondered, as he had his hands swiftly go through a set of seals for a jutsu that he planned on firing.

"I'm going to hurt you so bad that you're going to regret the day you decided to learn every jutsu in the world," Naruto stated, that was all the warning the sannin got before the seal script covered him from head to toe.

He didn't know what the seals were supposed to do to him, but he did eventually find out when he activated his jutsu, a fire one. Instead of blowing out a stream of flames almost as hot as the sun, he felt his insides burn, starting with his own lungs.

Followed by all the closest organs, before he felt that he should have died a long time ago. Once the burning sensation reached the tips of his fingers he found himself barely gasping for air on the ground. He could barely find the strength in him to move his arms, or any other part of his body for that matter.

"I think I can kick your ass now," Naruto informed the Sannin, who could do nothing but raise his ass and prepare to literally get kicked in the posterior.

It was a bit out of the blue, but Naruto did indeed kick the Sannin on his ass, the man flew for a bit before he was turned into an aerial pinball.

It was a good thing for the man that only one Oto-nin had witnessed such humiliation on his part. That Oto-nin being his right hand man, Kabuto, who made away with his true leader once the man smashed into and thorugh the roof of the stadium. The move was fast enough to avoid Naruto, and also fast enough to elicit a shout of annoyance from the blonde who proceeded to vent his frustration on his somewhat failure on any and all Oto-nin that had the unfortunate luck to find themselves in his way as he made his way to the Hokage to report on his partial failure.

Partial only since the man was still alive, the partial success part was in the fact that the man only had Taijutsu, summoning, and internal use of his chakra, no jutsu could be used by the man due to all the layer upon layers of seals that had been placed on the man.