Disclaimer: I don't own the Daughters of the Moon or its characters. So Serena, Tymmie and La Brea High School come from Lynne Ewing.

Evion walked down the school's hallway, weaving in between the students and keeping her head down. Her mother always chose the perfects times to "make a new start." This time Evion was starting in a new school in her senior year of high school. Couldn't her mother have waited one more year? Just one more year; that was all Evion needed, after that her mother could have moved to Hell for all she cared.

But that was what annoying, unorganized parents did. They had kids and fucked up their lives every chance they got for their own selfish reasons, without a thought to their offspring.

The worst part of this move though was that Evion was alienated from all of her friends. She was born and raised in New York and they mostly moved around within the city and the surrounding boroughs. But this time Vivian had decided to move to Los Angeles. So Evion fresh from her junior year of high school and two excruciating months in an institution was forced to leave her beloved city.

Evion stopped walking and looked up at the class room number. 204; well at least it was easy to get around the school. She stepped into the main office, signed her name in a book and took a seat, waiting to be called. Finally, after about 10 minutes the secretary pointed her into the office and she was sitting in front of the principal the next minute.

"So, you're Evion Bridgets?" The principal asked adjusting her gold horn-rimmed glasses on her narrow nose.

"Yeah," Evion nodded glancing around the office. The walls were covered with awards and plaques; the most recent of which dated back to November 1998.

"Good, so I'd just like to personally welcome you to La Brea High School and to familiarize you with our rules. I am Mrs. Kryst by the way."

"It's nice to meet you," Evion said. But Mrs. Kryst just waved the nicety away; already she was in ticking off the rules. Sadly for her, Evion was not listening; she was thinking about the year ahead of her and praying that her teachers would be politer than their boss.

"So do you have any question?" Mrs. Kryst asked. Not waiting for an answer she continued, "Good, then here you go." Evion was handed her schedule and turned back to say something but the principal was apparently too engrossed in her computer to acknowledge her.

"Ok then," Evion muttered walking out of the office. "What's next? Hey maybe there'll be a big vultury guy teaching bio." She pocketed her schedule and made her way to room 332, where she was to report to biology. She was already a half hour late but she reckoned it didn't matter much since it was only the first day.

"You're late!" The biology teacher snapped. "Class started 45 minutes ago."

"Um...sorry; I just came from the main office." Evion mumbled, allowing her dark hair to fall across her face and shield her from the eyes of her classmates.

"Whatever; find a seat. Quickly, quickly, quickly!"

Evion found a seat fairly quick at the back of the room by the windows. It was a pretty good spot actually; she was hidden by most of her classmates and she had a nice view of the track and fields behind the school.

"Now where was I before we were rudely interrupted?" The teacher asked the class in general.

One of the students, a teenage girl around Evion's age, raised her hand. "You were explaining the rules of the lab." The girl said, metal clinking against the roof of her mouth.

"Oh, yes. Thank you Serena. The rules of the lab are very simple; never drink anything in the biology lab, always where gloves and closed shoes, and never ever do anything the instructions say not to." The teacher stopped speaking to stare at another student.

"Yo, Mr. Disan! Can I go to the bathroom?" The kid asked.

"You just got here Tymmie; it is 9:50 in the morning. Why do you have to go so early? There is no reason for it." Mr. Disan answered grumpily.

"But it's an emergency. Please Mr. Disan, pretty please." Tymmie begged and was rewarded by a tired nod from the teacher and the boy stood up and swept out of the class. Evion wondered why he had the word "ATROX" tattooed at the back of his bald head, but it wasn't a thought that lasted long.

The bell rang and everyone in the room started moving around. They got from their chairs and jetted for the doors despite Mr. Disan's yelling at them to remain seated until the second bell. Evion followed suit and walked out of the class.

"Um, excuse me. Hey wait up!" Serena ran up to Evion and started walking with her. "Hi, I'm Serena Killingsworth. What's your name?"

"Evion Bridgets," she said simply.

Serena looked at her for a second then faced forward again as if sensing Evion's wrecked nerves, "So you're new here right? What school did you go to?"

" Kingsborough High School," Evion replied. She saw the look on Serena's face from the corner of her eye and gave more info. "It's in Brooklyn, New York." Evion sighed and smiled wistfully, "I love it there."

It was quiet for a minute, or at least they were quiet because the halls were filled with noise as if there was a mini stampede trampling passed them. Finally Serena managed to think of something to say, "Mr. Disan is an ass, isn't he?"

Evion laughed appreciatively, "Yeah he is. I thought that since is the first day teachers would let us off the hook."

"Did you see the way he looked at you when you walked in?" Serena asked excitedly; glad to have engaged Evion in a conversation.

"Looked like he was gonna choke on his eyes." Evion grinned. "They were bulging a little but too much for something as stupid as being late." Serena dug her nails into her palm as they passed a couple of guys and she watched them cautiously. "Um... Serena you alright? You look like you just saw a few demons."

"Interesting choice of words," Serena laughed uncomfortably releasing hold as the guys disappeared from sight. "Usually its 'you look like you just saw a ghost' or 'you look like shit.'"

Evion shrugged, "I just picked it up over the summer I guess."

"Question: did you spend your whole summer moving everything out here?" Serena asked pointedly.

Evion shook her head but didn't answer right away. "Honestly, I don't like to talk about it. Brings back a lot of bad memories. You know the feeling, right?"

Serena nodded, "Most definitely. So what class do you have now?"

"No idea and I really don't care," Evion said with a sigh. She didn't feel like reaching into her pocket. All she wanted was to curl up in her bed and stay there for ever.