Unlike Planet Bang, the Wolf emitted an aura of cheesiness, and not in a good way. The music was ridiculously outdated, playing songs that were not even catchy and no one was dancing. Not surprising, but still rather sad. The bartender was leaning against the counter and watching the clock, counting down the minutes until he would be free. The lights were all lit and everyone looked bored out of their minds. In fact the only person who was in the least bit excited was Vanessa, and that was because Serena and Stanton had failed miserably in picking out better clothes for Evion to wear.

"Do you seriously mean to tell me that you couldn't at least find a black shirt in my closet?" Evion asked appalled by the fluffy pink sweater they had brought from her house.

Serena clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth embarrassed. "Well, we thought that we were in your room."

"Even my mother refused to wear this," Evion continued ignoring the latest excuse. "Her completely fashion-stupid brother gave this to her as a Christmas present like five years ago. I know for a fact that she had it packed in a box and [i]never[/i] took it out."

"Are you accusing us of rummaging through Vivian's wardrobe in order to find the most hideous thing possible as a practical joke?" Stanton asked mortally wounded.


"Well we were caught quick then…"

Serena laughed at Stanton and shrugged. "Yeah, I guess we were. So what should we do?"

Evion glared at the pair and hissed at them angrily. "I suggest you both run; run as fast as you can because if I catch you I will blast you into oblivion."

"Oooo scary! But I have a better idea." Stanton said and he melted into the shadows without another word.

Serena giggled and leaned further into her seat. "He went to get what we really bought you to wear. It's a black off-the-shoulder top, a pair of black converse and dark-washed jeans. It looks like the jeans were signed too…" Serena added curiously. "Who signed them?"

"My friends," Evion said carelessly. "It was a parting gift. All of them signed it and then they gave the jeans to me." She knew all of the jeans in her closet very well and only three of them were signed and one was dark-washed. "But I think you guys should have grabbed the lighter ones," Evion observed. "But whatever, anything is better than this."

Stanton came back in with the clothes in a bag and gestured for her to hurry up and change before Vanessa came back from the bar. Evion did not need to be told twice and dashed into the bathroom before anyone could stop her. She emerged from the bathroom and playfully strutted back to her seat.

She only stopped when Vanessa gave her a thumbs up and a huge smile. Her confusion passed when she glanced behind her and nearly drowned in his eyes. Evion shook herself from the trance and hurried to sit down but completely missed the chair.

"What did you do that for?" Vanessa grumbled. "All you had to do was talk to him, he was totally digging you. And why did you change?"

"I like me better when I'm me…"

Vanessa sighed exasperated, "Whatever. It seems not to matter what you wear. He likes you so get your ass off the floor and talk to him!"

Evion frowned and tried to stand up but only toppled back to the floor. "Damn!"

"Que paso?" Jimena asked peering over the table to look down at her.

"The floor is taking me hostage." Evion said with a small, nervous laugh.

"Do you need a savior?"

Evion turned to identify the new, extremely sexy voice and nearly drowned again. She shook her head with her eyes closed and looked down at her feet. "No thanks, I'm cool." When she tried to get up again she felt a leg shoot under her and fell this time banging her head against the chair. "Ow, what the flip is wrong with you?!" She snapped at Vanessa who was trying to look innocent in vain.

Vanessa gave it up and looked pointedly at the hand that was offered to Evion. 'Take his hand!' She mouthed.

Evion rolled her eyes at her and heaved a sigh. She lightly placed her warm hand in her savior's icy one and was gently lifted from the floor. She glanced up cautiously, trying desperately not to lose herself in his gaze and was amazed to see a heart-melting smile on his handsome face.

He finally took notice of her company and his smile faded slightly. But it was quickly replaced with a proposition to the girl who was now in his arms, "How about you ditch these losers and come sit with me?" He whispered into her ear, his lips gently brushing her cheek.

Evion nodded and allowed herself to be led away from her new friends. She looked back once to see Vanessa and Serena exchange a high-five and Jimena shake her head sadly. Then she focused on the much more charming demon slightly behind her, gently guiding her to the table with his arm around her waist.

And for the millionth time in the span of two minutes she wondered how a man as absolutely gorgeous as him could possibly be evil.