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Today was the worst day of his life. Vernon Dursley slammed his fist on his desk then breathed in deeply. He needed to calm down. Everything had been going fine until Petunia opened the door this morning to find her nephew on the front porch and things had been steadily getting worse from there.

He had left his home forcing a frantic wife off of him and telling her that he couldn't be late for work. His brown hair had been a mess and he had had to comb it out in the car before he entered the building.

He had started to calm down at work, (yelling at a few people always helped), when he got a call that made this day go from bad to horrific.

He had borrowed a lot of money from the Yakuza and English Mafia when he had started his business. It hadn't been easy at first but he had continued to borrow money whenever things got sticky. They had just called him with demands for the money back.

That hadn't been so bad really. He had been saving a small portion of money from the company for a while and stockpiling it for when this day came. So it's not like he was unprepared. Although he was a little short. The thing that worried him the most was the fact that there was a private war going on between them and some of their "competitors". It didn't look like things would get serious yet. Unless someone did something stupid, like kill someone they weren't suppose to, these things didn't usually escalate for a few years at least.

But Vernon wanted to be prepared for anything. He wasn't thought of as the most shrewd of men but he did know that he needed some kind of weapon.

He went back to pacing in his office. A weapon could be more then just useful for this situation. A sudden though stopped him in his tracks. He had heard a rumor about them once. After a moment a huge grin appeared on his face and his brown eyes held a vicious glint. Picking up his phone he made a few phone calls to some people who knew some people...

Vernon was standing outside of his car close to the London bridge, his eyes darting back and forth ears straining for any movement. They had said to be here by 11:00 P.M. But who knew how these people thought. It was 10:57 at the moment and Vernon was beginning to get nervous. A slight fog was gathering on the river behind him, although the coolness of the night was doing nothing to get rid of the sweat he was beginning to work up.

The people he was waiting for weren't exactly like normal people. They lived in their own world secluded from society so as not to become "tainted" by the "ease" of living out here. And they were definitely not people to be keep waiting. Which is why he was here early, unlike usual where he was either exactly on time or late to show how important he was.

He glanced at his watch again. 10:59. The sound of a car slowing down caused him to look up. A limo stopped in front of him, the window slowly going down.

"Do you have the package?" The man asked pulling down his sunglasses. Vernon nodded afraid to say anything and pointed to something in his car. The man nodded.

"And the payment?"

Vernon picked up the suitcase that was at his feet.

"Good." And the window was rolled back up.

The chauffeur got out and walked around the car. Taking the suitcase from Vernon's hands he set it on the ground. A few flicks to the locks and the suitcase was opened. There were rows and rows of pounds stacked together. A nod and then he closed the suitcase and turned back to the car to open the passenger door.

Out stepped the man from earlier in formal business attire and sunglasses. He motioned to Vernon to open the car door. Vernon hastily did as he was told and even took out the "package".

The "package" stretched and then curled back around his bottle sound asleep. The four month old baby hadn't had much sleep that day, not with his aunt Petunia yelling and his cousin pulling his hair whenever he got close enough. When Vernon announced that he had found a foster home for their nephew for the next ten years Petunia had burst into tears. She was so happy, she would not be stuck with raising the devil-child of her sister and that man. Even if he would come back when he was 10 that meant she wouldn't have to see him for most of the time she was suppose to be "guarding" him.

The man stepped towards the "package" and nodded. The child was still young but the younger they were the better. It became harder to "train" them the older they were. Although he was surprised to see a scar on his forehead.

He nodded to his Chauffeur to take him and put him into the limo, then he turned to Vernon. "This will take a few years. The time line you gave us in shorter then normal but you shouldn't be able to tell any difference in him then other Basilisks when he's returned. I'll send you reports on his progress yearly. Goodbye Mr. Dursley. I will see you in ten years."

And then he was gone.

Vernon stood there for a moment a smile slowly curling his lips. Ten years from now he would own the perfect weapon it was expensive but it would be worth it. And maybe if he didn't need him anymore he could sell him to the highest bidder. Either way he would be set for life.

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