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Chapter 2

"'The Crown of Shadows lies within the Sheikah temple in Kakariko graveyard,'" Princess Zelda excitedly read from a book she had found by the random luck of her tripping over it. "'The keys to its chamber lie within all the other temples…' Link, are you even paying attention?" She asked me angrily.

"Of course not, how can you expect me to with a book that boring?" I replied lazily, dipping my hand overboard into the slow moving water. The Crown Princess of Hyrule and I were lying on a small raft flowing down the Zora River to the Lake.

"Well, Link, for your callous indifference to obtaining a great artifact and having a fun adventure, you can go into the water temple there and get its key by yourself!" Zelda said almost gleefully.

"Of course I would, its entrance is at the bottom of the lake and I only have one tunic that lets me breathe underwater, princess!" I laughed, "but the Zora's should have another tunic if you really want to come!"

The raft thudded to a stop; I opened my eyes and looked at Zelda then up at the smirking face hovering over us.

"Hey lovebirds, I need to borrow your raft, okay?" The teenaged Gerudo girl asked insolently.

"Yeah right, girl," I sighed. "Don't make me hurt you." I looked back at Zelda, who was now sitting up and watching the proceedings with a little smile. I drew my sword and hopped on shore, ready to teach the Gerudo a little lesson about messing with a Hero. The Gerudo said a few words in a language I didn't recognize and my sword arm went numb and limp.

"Hmmm… Zel? I do not think this will turn out good." I managed to say before the Gerudo one-two punched me in the gut. I bent forward and barely was able to gasp a breath of air before she lashed out with a kick that connected solidly with my temple.


I just sat there and gaped as this Gerudo girl knocked Link out in a second. I finally scrambled to my feet and prepared to fight her magic with my own. Too late, she easily knocked me flat first. I tried to get up again, cursing my heels.

"You are Zelda? The Elfin Princess?" She curiously asked.

"If that is your word for Hylian, then yes," I decided it was safer to stay submissive then too get up again. "You do realize this means war?

"Don't bother, I don't represent my own race, I just want to go get a key from yonder lake." She stared at me intently. I struggled to keep recognition from my eyes; she must be looking for the crown too! I must not have done a good job, because her eyes narrowed.

"What do you know about this key?" The dark-skinned girl asked me menacingly.

I had had enough of her and her violent ways, so I thought about which spell I should use on her. I noticed that she was standing ankle deep in the river, then an idea hit me. I started to freeze the water behind her legs.

"I asked you a question, elfin girl!" She yelled as she raised her hand. Then she felt the cold of the lump of ice behind her. "What is that?" She started to ask. While she was distracted, I jumped up and shoved her as hard as I could. She tripped and fell in the water, hitting her head against a rock. As the Gerudo floated away downstream, I sat down shakily. That girl, who had to have been only my age, was going to be big trouble for all of Hyrule.