Sully woke with a start. He gave out an audible gasp, practically throwing himself out of his bed in fear. His foot got caught in the blankets, he slipped, and his funny bone connected to his nightstand.

"Oh sweet, merciful-!"

Sully isn't one to curse and it took all his mental strength to keep him from yelling out. He held his purple/pink elbow gingerly, wondering for about the millionth time, why it's called a funny bone. There was nothing funny about it.

The nightmare came back. The first time in five years.

It always started out the same. Boo in his arms, crying against his chest. He ran down a dark purple hallway, the lights flickering, shaking as if an earthquake was happening at the moment. Behind him, Waternoose gave chase. His big spider legs tapped heedlessly behind Sully, loud and ominous.

Sully doesn't even know why he is running through purple halls. Monster Inc.'s halls were a light blue.

Then halfway through the chase, Sully suddenly slows down. His feet cannot gain friction on the ground and as hard as he tries, he only goes forward a few inches with every step. He could hear Waternoose coming ever so closer, the tapping growing louder by the second.

And as Sully suddenly chooses to turn and fight, Boo is plucked out of his arms. Randall appears behind him, holding the crying Boo with a devilish smile on his face. The floor beneath Sully begins to disintegrate, dragging him down into a dark void.

"Good-bye, Sullivan!" Randall yells as Sully is sucked down. The last thing he hears before the darkness swallows him is Boo's terrified screams.


"Hey, Mikey," Sully says rather enthusiastically through the phone. "What are you doing?"

"Sully?" Mike slurs his words as his tongue is too tired to pronounce them. "It's…three in the morning…"

"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry-"

"Who's that, honey?" Celia's voice comes from the background.

"It's just Sully, my sweetypie. Go back to sleep."

"Don't have to tell me twice…"

"Sully?" Mike comes back to the phone, fully awake now. "I know I said, call me any time, but I was lying to you. Calling me three in the morning is so not cool-"

"Mike," Sully interrupts him. "The nightmare came back."

Mike pauses over the phone. There is some rustling, and Sully can only naturally assume Mike is moving into a different room. "The nightmare came back?" His voice comes back after a moment. "How long has this been going on?"

"Just tonight-"

"Tonight? You mean, only tonight?"

Sully nods, then realizes Mike can't see him. "Yeah."

"And how long ago did you last have this nightmare?"

"About five years ago-"

"For the love of the purple turkey…" Mike moans. "Buddy, pal, don't you think you're overreacting? Boo's fine, Randall's gone and there is nothing to worry about."

Sully rubbed his eyes. "I think you're right, Mike. Maybe I am overreacting. I'm sorry I had to wake you."

Mike didn't even say good-bye and quickly hung up the phone. The need for sleep overtook his friendship.

On the other side of the phone, things were not so restful. Sully quietly set the phone down and mentally cursed himself. He knew somewhere deep in his heart, things were not okay. This was an omen and he knew it.

Yes, it was probably true he was overreacting. The last time he had these nightmares was days after he left Boo forever in the safety of her room. They were absent fears, preying on the horrible thoughts Sully often had.

He couldn't help it. What if he lost Boo to Randall? What would he have done to her? The nightmares were just that; his fears of the unknown.

Sully eventually confided in Mike. Mike, bless that green monster's heart, assured Sully that there is no way Randall would be able to get to Boo. There was just no way.

In within a few days, the nightmares stopped and never came back. Till now.

Why did the nightmare return? It's true he missed Boo terribly, but he never though dark thoughts about her. He wondered what she was doing, if she was happy and healthy.

Something was wrong and he knew it.


The book was stunning.

Mary felt her mouth go dry. It was an odd feeling to see such a beautiful book with her name on it.

The cover was simple: A dark blue background with two characters on front. The title and characters looked as if some six year old kid did the cover. One character resembled a small green ball with a giant eye in the middle and no arms. The other, was a tall hulking purple polka-dot figure.

The title, written simply in a lighter blue color: Nitemare

"Well?" Mr. Verdi smiled. "Do you like it?"

Mary could barely voice out her response. "It…perfect. I'm not an expert in art but…wow…"

"Your book won't officially be in stores for another month. So your publisher wants me to warn you to keep this copy under wraps. Don't do anything to compromise the sales like, putting a few pictures on the internet."

"I won't," Mary gently placed the book into her bag. "Thank you so much Mr. Verdi for helping me getting this published. If this book really sells, I want to give you at least 25 of the sales-"

Mr. Verdi placed up a hand to halt her. "I'm not in this for the money. The moment it becomes about the money, is the moment you lost respect for the art."

Mary grinned. Mr. Verdi has been a saint for the past few months. He has helped her to find an artist, a publisher and has personally made all the arrangements. If it wasn't for him, it might have taken Mary years to get all her things collected.

Her wrist watch beeped loudly. "Oh, I gotta go," She said, "I got gymnastic practice."

"Remember, you got a paper due next week Tuesday," Verdi reminded her before she ran out of class.

Verdi locked the door to the classroom. Closed the blinds. Made sure nobody, not even the janitor, was going to come in unexpected. Satisfied, he went into the supply closet and said out loud, "The book won't be out for another month."

"I can wait a month," A voice whispered back to him. The closet was empty except for paper, books and inks.

Verdi frowned. "Master…Mary is just a little girl. Is this all really necessary?"

A small growl echoed from the faint light. "Are you backing out Jason?"

Verdi shook his head. "No Master. It's just…I know Mary. She's a good kid. Perhaps if we found another-"

"Mary was chosen for a reason!" The voice snapped at him. "Are you doubting the cause Jason? Because if you are, I can always find another…"

"No!" Verdi said in horror. "No…I won't question your methods again Master. I'm sorry."

"Alright," A grin appeared. Small curved fangs accompanied this Cheshire smile. "I'll come again when the book comes out. I'll contact you then."

The metal gate on the air duct suddenly propped open and closed again. There was a sound of scattering feet and then it was gone.


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