For Sully, seeing Roz sitting so comfortably in Mikey's chair, he knew right then and there that was something was wrong with Boo. He just knew. And for a split second he was filled with triumphant glee with the knowledge he was right, only for that feeling to be beaten down when he remembered what he was right about. Dread filled his stomach.

For Mike, seeing Roz sitting so comfortably in his chair nearly blew his gasket. "Hey!" He cried, stomping into the office. "Get your butt outta my chair!"

Roz sneered at him and made no effort to move. "Nice to see you too, Wazowski."

Sully stalked forward, ignoring his friend's yelp. "It's Boo, isn't it? Tell me, what happened?"

"Close the door," the Slug-woman ordered, waving a hand at them. "Now."

Sully did what he was told, all but ignoring Mike's indignant, "Don't tell me what to do!"

"What I am about to tell will not leave this room, understand?" Roz continued once the door was closed.

Sully slapped a hand over Mike's mouth. "Of course we understand."

That was when Roz threw something dark and flat across the surface of the desk at them. Curiously, Sully picked it up slowly. He stared wildly at it.

Nitemare was the title and the drawing on the front was clearly him and Mike. Hesitantly, Sully opened the small book. Inside, the drawings were done by a much better artist, but the story…! "Mike, take a look at this!"

Mike took the book and quickly flipped through it. Horror began to fill his eye, his mouth dropped. "Who…" he stated slowly. "…had the nerve to publish our story without my permission?" He looked to the name of the author. "Mary Johnson?"


Mike barely heard the breathless whisper uttered from his friend. He turned to Sully, curious to know what had made him say Boo's name so randomly at the moment. Then it hit him. His skin grew pale.

He looked to Roz. "No…she…"

"Frankly, the CDA don't care what humans do on their side of the door," Roz sneered. "But the problem here, gentlemen, is that this book has found its way to this side. Can you two care to explain that?"

All eyes went straight to Sully. The giant blue monster bristled. "I had nothing to do with this!" he nearly yelped. "I haven't seen Boo since the day we destroyed her door!"

Roz growled. "I was afraid you were going to say that."

"What? Why?"

Roz made her way around Mike's desk, reached out and grabbed Nitemare out of Sully's hand. She threw it over her head and the book landed into Mike's Ultra-2000 paper shredder. There was a roar of sound and Nitemare disappeared in a fluff of flying debris.

"It means someone on this side knows about you two," Roz explained to them. "They know about the girl. And they're the ones who brought the book over."

"But who? And why?"

"We don't know. Right now we're trying to keep this thing under wraps. In the meantime," Roz shoved her finger in Sully's face. "Keep your eyes and ears open. This all could be some random coincidence but we're taking precautions just in case it isn't."

Roz slowly went towards the door when Mike's voice stopped her. "Hey! What does this mean for us? Shouldn't we get, like, protection or something?"

Roz's response: "Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" And then promptly closed with door with surprising strength.

Sully was near hysterics. "Mike! Boo could be in deep trouble! We need to do something!"

"Like what?" And at Sully's glare, Mike held up his hands defensively. "Look, you know I like the kid too, but Boo is no longer a child, Sully. She's an adult now and besides, you heard Roz. She and the CDA have all this under control."

Sully shook his head. "No, this is different. My dreams and now this book? It's too much a coincidence. Boo is in trouble and if we don't do something now, something very bad is going to happen!"

"Okay, okay! Calm down, buddy. You know I got your back. What do you think we should do?"


A/N: I never intended to 'accidently' abandoned this story, but I did. I'll still try to update it when I can, but I can't give any promises. I can only write when the urge hits me. Sorry, peeps.