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A/N: Just a little drabble that wrote itself while I was trying to get to sleep last night. Despite having to actually wake up and go to work in less the 6 hours at the time, I got up and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. If it sucks, I blame the late hour.

The blade whistled as it cut through the air. It met momentary resistance, and then carried on in its smooth arc, red droplets following obediently behind. There was a wet thud as the body hit the ground, dark blood already spreading across the dark suit and a pair of blue gloves. She whirled, preparing to strike at the one foolish enough to think he could sneak up on a psychic assassin. There was a loud bang, followed by another wet thud.

'Always got yer back, darling.' She heard as a caress in her mind, even as she turned to face the other warrior. They both smiled and closed the distance between them. He holstered his gun and she lowered her sword as they surveyed the wreckage before them.

"The blue is destroyed and serenity reigns once more." River stated tranquilly, looking up at her husband.

"That it does darlin', that it does. C'mon bao bei, lets go home." Jayne wrapped his arm around River and led her back to safety and Serenity.

Behind them, red blood seeped into blue gloves. A poetic notion, if you were of a mind for such things; vengeance in living colour.

Just a little random bloodshed, interspersed with some Rayne. Please review, you all know how much I love them!