Two lions, Simba and Nala, were just walking through the Pridelands, taking in all the scenery it had to offer.

The wind flowing through their fur, and making the grassy plains look like a sea with waves rolling though.

Then they saw Timon and Pumbaa, Timon riding on Pumbaa's back, running through the greenery.

"Hey, Timon, Pumbaa! What are you doing?" Simba yelled as he watched them run.

"Eh, no time ta talk now Simba!" Timon yelled back.

"Pumbaa says he found a log with an endless supply of grubs in it! And we intend to get to 'em before anybody else does!" he finished.

And with that, the two rode off into the jungle.

Meanwhile, three certain hyenas were picking at what meat they could find on a carcass they discovered. Well, it was more like Shenzi and Banzai were inspecting for meat, Ed was just chomping away on a bone, not really caring as long as he had something to use his teeth for.

Banzai plopped down beside it and Shenzi gave up as well.

"Bone-dry, as usual." Shenzi stated.

"Man can't those lions just let us in the Pridelands for once?!" Banzai said, annoyed.

"Oh sure they will-WHEN SCAR COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD!" Shenzi yelled at him.

Ed just watched them argue. This really wasn't unusual to him, in fact, you could say he'd gotten used to Shenzi and Banzai's almost constant fights.

He even chuckled to himself a little, knowing of Banzai liking Shenzi since they were all pups.

And he knew fighting was just another (and sometimes the only) way Banzai could talk to her.

"Well, it's gettin' dark anyway," Shenzi said, "let's just go home."

"Fine." Banzai said as he got up. He and Ed followed her home back to their elephant skull.

Back at the Pridelands, Simba and Nala were headed for home as well, back to Priderock.

"Don't you wish everyday could be like this?" Nala asked him.

"It would be nice." Simba said. They nuzzled a bit and went home.

They all slept soundly that night, even the hyenas. Who, although they hadn't had much progress in finding a decent meal in the past few weeks, enjoyed each other's company whether times were thick or thin.

Yes everybody seemed very content, and yet completely oblivious of what events were to happen the very next day.