The next day...

"So," Nala began, talking to Shenzi as the four formally switched up lions and hyenas walked towards the border of the graveyard,

"think you'll miss being queen?" she finished.

"Honey, you should know by now that I'm the queen either way." Shenzi said with a little attitude.

"And not just because I'm matriarch either." she finished.

"What about you?" Simba said to Banzai.

"Think you'll miss being king?" he said.

"Are you kiddin'?! Man, you can have it! I'd rather be a meat-eatin' hyena than some starvin' lion king any day!" Banzai said. Simba and Nala just smiled.

"Oh and uh, thanks for movin' us from the skull ta that cave." Shenzi said.

"Don't mention it." Nala said smiling.

"Please." Simba finished. Nala gave him a look. Shenzi and Banzai didn't look offended.

"So how'd ya punish those traitor lionesses that stuck around?" Shenzi said.

"Banishment?" she asked.

"Jail time?" Banzai asked.

"Capital punishment?" they both said in unision.

"Oh we just told them that we would forgive them as long as they went on the morning hunts without us for today." Nala said.

"Today?!" Shenzi and Banzai said in unision.

"I thought you were goin' for at least a week!" Shenzi said.

"Well actually today is the same day we declared that hyenas and lions can hunt in the same area." Simba said mischieviously. Shenzi and Banzai's eyes widened.

"You're kiddin'." they said. Simba and Nala shook their heads.

"I think everybody deserves a second chance." Nala said.

"But we're giving you all this last chance to prove you've changed so don't screw it up or-" Simba began until Shenzi and Banzai cut him off.

"We're not gonna screw it up." they said. Then started to walk away to the graveyard, until they suddenly stopped and looked back at Simba and Nala.

"Oh uh, by the way." Shenzi began, Simba and Nala looked at her.

"Exactly where are those lionesses huntin'?" Shenzi asked them.

"Y'know, I think that after last night Simba and Nala deserve some rest. I mean they really don't need to come out this morning after getting rid of the traitor hyenas and lionesses and making peace with all the remaining hyenas so we don't fight as much anymore.

I don't know why we rebelled along with those lionesses, Simba and Nala really are good lead-." a lioness was saying to her friend, then was cut off.

"Shhh!" the other lioness said. They and a few others were crouched low in the grass, watching a gazelle and waiting for the right time to strike.

Then, the lioness who was talking saw her friend arch back a bit, preparing to pounce on it. And she too, did the same. The other lionesses prepared to pounce as well. Then when the time was right they all jumped up in the air.

But then were all surprised to see four hyenas come out of nowhere and snap at the gazelle's heels. The gazelle started running after seeing them and the four hyenas quickly followed.

Then the lionesses suddenly realized much to their horror, that they were headed right towards the ground, mouths open and claws extended. Then they all fell face first into the dirt. They got up and immediately started spitting the dirt out of their mouths and getting the dust out of their fur.

"Oh no, this'll be under my claws for a week!" one lioness said, annoyed.

"If this isn't carma, I dunno what is!" another lioness said.

The lead lioness, the one who had cut off her friend from talking, let out an annoyed groan and then spat out some more dirt.

Then all the lionesses looked up ahead of them to see four hyenas laughing. They all looked angry as the hyenas dragged the gazelle to the border of the pridelands. Then they went back to getting dirt and dust off themselves.

"You were right T; huntin' in the same spot as the lions is fun." Shenzi said as they finally dragged their gazelle carcass to the cave. Ed laughed.

"Yeah." T said, then ripped a hunk of meat off the carcass as the four started eating.

"Kinda cool 'a Simba an' Nala ta let you guys hunt in the Pridelands now." T said, her mouth full. Shenzi swallowed, and was about to get another hunk of meat until she raised her head up after T was done talking.

"Whaddya mean 'you guys'?" Shenzi said to T. Banzai looked up at T's cheek, he was still chewing on gazelle, then he swallowed.

"Hey, your cut's all gone." he said, pointing to her cheek. Shenzi and Ed looked too, and indeed T's cut wasn't there anymore. Ed had a mouthful of gazelle and gulped, not from hunger, but from worry.

Shenzi and Ed looked at each other, and couldn't help looking a little worried. They knew what this meant; T had to leave.

"Yeah I was just gettin' ta that." T said, then got up. Shenzi and Ed looked nervous, Banzai saw them.

"What's with you two?" he said. Shenzi and Ed just looked away.

"Well I guess I better get outta here." T said.

"Thanks for the hospitality, it's" she finished after some thought, then started walking away. Shenzi and Ed held back the urge to go after her. Banzai looked at T, then at them.

"You two aren't gonna miss 'er, are ya?" he said to them, his eyebrow cocked. Shenzi and Ed looked surprised. Then Shenzi started talking fast and making excuses.

"What? No! We're just uh, surprised at how fast she healed. I mean her cut was pretty deep." she said. But Banzai could tell she didn't mean what she was saying. He looked at T, then at them again.

"You guys want 'er ta stay, doncha?" he said to them. Ed was quiet, but Shenzi got back to her usual self.

"So what if we do?" Shenzi said.

"So then why doncha go after 'er?" Banzai said to them. Shenzi and Ed looked surprised.

"Ya mean it?" Shenzi said to him.

"Why would I say it?" Banzai said. Ed got excited and started running in circles, then happily ran towards T. Shenzi started to run towards her too, but after a few steps, she stopped and looked back at Banzai.

She looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then she turned around towards him.

"Banzai." she said. Banzai looked up at her.

"Uh, I think I owe ya this from the other day." she said, walking back to him. Banzai looked confused until she came over and kissed him on the lips, only this time it wasn't an accident caused by food.

Banzai's eyes widened, then after a few seconds Shenzi pulled away from him, not looking regretful. Then she turned around and ran back towards T. Banzai just sat there for a minute, then suddenly snapped out of it and followed Shenzi.

"Hey T, wait up!" T heard somebody yell behind her, it sounded like Shenzi. She stopped walking.

"What?" she said as she turned back around when the three hyenas reached her.

"Uh, ya ever think about, movin' in?" Shenzi asked her. T's eyes widened.

"Ya mean-?" T said.

"Mm hmm." Shenzi said, Banzai and Ed nodded.

"I'm part of the clan?" T said.

"Ya are now." Banzai said to her. T didn't know what to say, but she was very happy.

"I was gettin' a little homesick." T said, smirking. She really did have the same attitude as Shenzi at times.

"Well what're we doin' here for?" Shenzi said smirking as they turned to go back to the skull.

As T was walking back with them, she saw Abeni and Kamau in their own new home, a den where the lionesses had helped them move to, nuzzling.

"So uh, what're ya gonna do about Abeni and Kamau?" T asked Shenzi.

"Well, on one hand, they were in the mutiny." Shenzi said.

"But on the other hand, they did save our bodies, I-I mean us, from bein' ripped apart." Banzai said, the last part quickly, as Shenzi gave him a warning look.

"Yeah so, maybe we're even now." Shenzi said.

"But don't think those two aren't gonna get it the next time they screw up." Shenzi said warningly, but smiling slightly.

Unaware to the four, two certain lions were watching them. They smiled at each other, then walked away. The trio, now a four-o, walked a few more feet until T talked to Shenzi.

"So uh Shenzi, what's the deal with you and that meerkat?" T said to her. Shenzi looked surprised, Banzai and Ed started laughing.

"Oh man, don't get 'er started!" Banzai said laughing. They stopped laughing when they heard Shenzi growling at the both of them.

They looked at each other and both instinctively ran away, then she started chasing them towards the cave.

T watched as she chased after them. Then T looked behind her to see two lions. She turned around. They meerly smiled at her and went back to Priderock.

T smiled as she turned around and started walking towards the cave. She could see the three already there, Ed sitting on the ground, looking dizzy. And Shenzi was chasing Banzai in circles.

T just smiled and looked to her right to see the gazelle carcass they forgot to take back. Then she dragged it towards their home, now her home too.