Imperfect One-shots

Written by: Ie-maru


Back from writing the others! Time for a one-shot!

Important! If you are against yaoi, don't read. This has got some Harry(Chaos)/Theodore fluff. Though it isn't really said that their 'in a relationship', it's strongly insinuated. Their 'relationship' does grow a bit fast, but their each other's first 'real' friend- one that they can let their masks down in front of. Regardless of everything else in here, there are some parts that I thought were particularly fluffy, so watch out for the fluff.


"Insanity is a sickness of the mind. It is caused by events in our environment, or because of a malfunctioning of the brain. How does one know when one is insane? They say if you're mad you wouldn't know it, and if you're sane you question it, but how does one know for sure? Mayhap we are all mad, and are born into madness." –Ie-maru




They always grated on his nerves, his relatives. They treated him unfairly, abused him even. His body suffered from malnutrition, he was sure, while two of them were obese pigs and the third starved herself by choice. They were by no means suffering poverty, but he was experiencing it, and had nearly from the get-go.

The smallest pig, his cousin, would often group together more sad excuses for human beings to beat him up; once they even broke his arm, and then laughed when they saw the bone protruding from the skin.

The largest pig, his uncle, would come home drunk after loosing a friendly poker match every Sunday; when he lost more than five pounds, which was quite often, he would take it out on him and say it was his fault. One Sunday night the pig stuffed his face into the couch and scraped his right arm with the cheese grader; he still had a light scar from that night, and the giraffe had to get new cushions because of all the blood.

The giraffe, his aunt, was the least horrible of all the three. All he hated her for was getting rid of the evidence, looking the other way, smacking him, belittling him, and all the work she assigned him. It may seem like a lot, but in his mind it didn't even come close to all the things the other two animals had done to him.

He had always wanted to tear into the pigs, to rip and shred and hear them scream. He wouldn't hurt his aunt, but he would make her watch. Sadly these desires had to remain fond dreams.

That was when HE came. He was large, big, and hairy. He reminded him of a giant of sorts. What really surprised him was what he could do- magic he called it. He could do so much if he could learn to do that, and from what the giant said, he could.

When the smile lit up Harry's face, Hagrid thought it was out of pure childish delight. In some ways it was, but in other ways it was as far from pure as it could be.


Ron, Harry decided, would make the perfect friend for the Boy-Who-Lived. Sadly for the wizarding world, their hero wore a façade, and he was just using Ron and the house of lions as a cover; the hat was truly right when it said the Slytherin suited him, and he would get what he wanted.

Hermione was a great resource, and could help him enormously with his plans knowingly or not. It would take a great effort on his part to corrupt her, but he decided that it would be worth it if he could. He just had to find out the how in that equation.


Making friends with Hermione was a little tough. The main problem was that Ron kept getting in the way.

'Bloody git just can't keep his mouth shut!' he fumed as he watched Hermione storm away in a flurry of tears.

"Ron," he scolded, "you need to apologize!"

"What for?" Ron whined.

'Impolite, tempered git!'

It was the Patil twins who told him later that Hermione had locked herself in the girl's bathroom, and wouldn't come out.


'Must everything go wrong?' Harry groused mentally as he dodged another swing from the troll's club.

"What do I do?" Ron panicked.

"Anything!" Harry yelled as he ducked yet another swing.

Ron's eyes caught on the club, and he prepared for the levitation spell; with Hermione's help he was able knock the troll out.

'So he has some brains after all.'

With a flick, a jab, and a muttered spell, Harry had made the body disappear to a predetermined place. The spell was a charm usually used to tidy up rooms or clean up large messes; it had fallen out when manufacturers sold their wares with similar spells already in place. Harry had decided it had its uses and had made sure to learn it when he stumbled upon it in a small dusty book against the school library's far wall.

'With a hide that spell resistant I might be able to put it to some use. After I kill the nuisance, I can put it under a stasis spell- who knows what other parts of its body could be of value to me.'

"What was that?" Hermione asked curiously.

"That? It's just a little something I picked up in the library," he shared a smile with Hermione as Ron rolled his eyes.

That was when the teachers stumbled in.

Only when night broke the day did Harry sneak into the room he banished the troll to. A quick spell and the troll's brains splattered through the back of its skull to splatter against the back wall. He thought it was too easy when all he had to do was shoot the drowsy annoyance.

He grimaced when he looked at the grey matter speared on the walls and slipping to the floor- he'd have to clean it up. His consolation was that by the weeks end, he was sure he'd be done with making a vest, at the least, out of the hide.


It was Neville who stood before them, not allowing them to pursue their late-night adventure.

'Even I have to admit I'm not ready for Voldemort to return to full power at the moment, regardless of all the studying I've done with and without Hermione this year.'

"-I'll, I'll fight you!" Neville raised his fists.

'So he has a backbone after all. I'll have to keep more of an eye out to see if he could become a good ally as well.'

"I'm really sorry, Neville," Hermione then spelled the boy in a body bind.

'He should have pulled his wand out first; I don't think Neville even knows how to fist-fight, or else he would have dodged that.'

They continued on their excursion- Harry's vest hidden beneath his robes.


At the end of first year, Harry was surprised when Dumbledore seemingly let him get away with murder.

'The old codger would probably let anyone do anything they wanted as long as it was for the greater good.'

When thoughts of setting up Malfoy popped in his mind, an ungodly smile twisted across his elfish face.

'Sadly that will have to wait; I have other projects that need to be planned out before I can fit anything more into the equation.'

No one was around to hear the sultry, satanic laugh that spilled forth from his sinfully red lips.

He was madness and beauty incarnate. He was Chaos.


When it was announced that Slytherin was in place for the House Cup, the whole house let out in cheers.

Harry noticed that only one Slytherin looked less than happy.


When it was announced that Gryffindor would actually be winning the Cup, only one Slytherin's expression didn't change.

'Very interesting,' mused Harry as his eyes caught the black ones of the Slytherin boy he'd been watching.

He smiled and discretely lifted his cup, and the boy tilted his head to the side before continuing to stare at his plate.

'Theodore Nott…I'll keep an eye out for you as well,' he thought as he sipped his goblet.


Malfoy was confused when all Potter did was madly giggle when he confronted him on the train heading back to Kings Cross Station.

Everyone was, as it was a private little joke.

'What games I'll play with you!'

He couldn't help but burst into laughter when he thought of his blonde headed victim.

Said victim backed away…slowly…and he didn't take his eyes off Potter until the cabin door was securely between them.


Harry smiled. The animals he had the misfortune to be housed with had left him well enough alone this summer.

'That won't save them,' he sung in his head.

"You- you'll keep that freakish stuff to yourself DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

His uncle was a humorous mix of fear, anger, and pride. He laughed.

"Only if you behave yourself, do you understand?" he mocked.

The pig turned an interesting shade of puce, but a little reminder of taking out his wand had his future-victim put into place.

Vernon turned and stomped into the kitchen, and only Petunia bore witness to the insane glint in her nephew's eyes as he smirked devilishly, and it was then that Petunia knew true fear.


He had successfully gotten away with murder…again-with magic it was almost too easy.

'At least I get to enjoy watching.'

He giggled.

'Now I know the benefits of great planning,' he thought as he remembered the previous week's events.

He'd planned this about a week before school let out , the murder of Trent Crawlish, or TC as his 'friends' called him. He was the one who broke his arm so long ago, and Harry planned to pay him back for that.

It was night now, and he was going to put his plan into motion. He was dressed in regular clothes or regular for another one of Dudley's friends. He planned on pinning this on the one who held him down all the time, preventing him from getting away or fighting back. He had a hair from said boy, a Polyjuice potion, and a previously charmed piece of wire that would pick the lock. Everything was set.

When Mrs. Crawlish saw him, or Tony Morison, standing over the body of her son with a bloody kitchen knife in hand, she screamed. 'Tony' dropped the knife and rushed out the door, disappearing around the corner and under his invisibility cloak.


Harry was dueling Malfoy at his defense teacher's request.

'By now I bet that I could teach the class better than he could.'

He knew Snape had chosen his pupil for a number of reasons, and all of them having to do with wanting to see something negative happening to him, the student he hated most for some reason.

'Too bad, I probably could have learned a lot if he didn't hate me so much. I'll just have to make due with our little study group for now.'

He was, of course, referring to the currently growing study group that had at one time only consisted of Hermione and himself. Now it consisted of Terry Boot, Neville, Lavender, Hermione, and himself. They usually studied whatever anyone was having trouble with, and more often than not one of them needed help with potions. On the plus side, they were probably doing better than most of the other students, and Harry had great fun watching as Snape tried so hard to find something wrong.

Malfoy interrupted his thoughts by summoning a snake. Harry didn't break his stance, but raised an eyebrow.

'This should be interesting.'

Harry had already figured out he was a parselmouth, having looked it up in the library with Hermione after getting curious; he'd figured that not just anybody could speak to snakes. Hermione knew his secret, and kept it well. Even better was that it was helping to break Hermione's faith in authority, as he wasn't necessarily an evil wizard. He might have been slightly insane, maybe even a little dark, but he wasn't evil…well, at least he didn't think so.

'Now how to make it go away without alerting everyone that I'm a parselmouth…'

Harry suddenly smirked and yelled, "Nox!"

Before anyone could react Harry had looked in the general direction of the snake and lowly hissed, "Do you dare attack me?"

The startled snake was about to answer when Malfoy had brought on the lights once more.

"Are you afraid of the dark, Malfoy?"

Malfoy nearly growled. Soon a Sectusempra was thrown at Harry, but he dodged.

"You dare attack a master in my presence?" the snake hissed in irritation.

The idiot-blonde backed up quickly as the deadly cobra raised its head and opened its hood threateningly.

Harry was disappointed when Snape disposed of the lovely death-bringer before it could bite the brat.

'I suppose I can have more fun with him alive, but did Snape have to send the snake away? I would've kept it,' Harry grumbled mentally as he ignored Ron, who was rambling on about how Snape only stepped in with the snake after it threatened his 'star pupil'.

Coming out of his thoughts, Harry noticed Theodore watching him curiously. Harry gave him a discrete smirk and returned his attention inward once more.


"What are you?"

It was Theodore who said that. Knowing this, Harry turned around and waved the others off, insisting he would be fine.

"What am I? I am many things. A better question would be 'who am I'? Who are you Theodore?"

Theodore frowned, "I am Theodore."

Harry smiled coyly.

"Is that all? After tearing the Slytherin badge off? After taking whatever mask you wear and throwing it to the ground? You are Theodore and nothing else?"

Theodore tilted his head. He nodded hesitantly.


Harry's smiled turned much friendlier.

"May I get to know this Theodore, perhaps?"

The other boy's eyes widened significantly before he nodded shakily.

"Perhaps," he allowed, "if I can get to know this Harry?"

Harry smiled, turned around and said, "Call me Chaos."

Theodore smiled slightly, "Is that a nickname?"

Harry answered over his shoulder as he walked to where his study group had headed.

"It's who I am."


Theodore jogged shakily down the hallway towards the quarters of his only friend. If anyone were out this late into the evening, they might have commented on how strange it was that a Slytherin was heading for the Gryffindor's tower. He wasn't a Slytherin now though, he was just Theodore, and he needed Chaos.

He took a breather, hands clasping his knees. He collapsed against the wall and took giant gulps of air. He stilled when he saw the hem of a black robe in front if him.

"Theo?" asked a familiar sultry voice.

"Chaos," Theo grabbed his friend's shoulders for support as he looked into the other boy's slightly surprised emerald eyes.

"I can't take it anymore!"

Harry tugged his Theo closer and started rubbing his back.

"Can't take what anymore, Theodore?" he asked curiously and slightly worried.

"Malfoy! He prances around the pit like a he's the top snake, and threatens anyone who dares to go against him in anything! All he talks about is the dark lord and his father, but I don't want to be a death eater. Because I don't participate much in his little get-togethers he's singled me out. There's only so much harassment I can take! I want to wring his skinny little neck!"

Theodore seemingly collapsed after his rant, gulping air in desperately and holding back tears of distress, but Chaos caught him and lowered him slowly to the ground. Patting his Theo's head, and cooing gently, he thought it over.

"Why not transfer to another house?"

"Yeah, and who's," Theo rasped out, "going to take in one of Slytherin's rejects?"

"The Hufflepuffs," Chaos snickered when Theo shuddered in horror, "or, obviously, me."

Theo looked up in gratitude, but also in disbelief.

"The lions?" he asked dubiously.

"Sure," Chaos smirked, "why not?"

Chaos went back to patting Theo's head when it collapsed in his lap.

'I'm going to have to forward my plans for my little blonde victim. I wonder if Theo would like to have a piece of him. Maybe an arm…'


Light snores were all that answered him so, shaking his head is mock-exasperation, Chaos lifted Theodore up and carried him to an empty classroom. He'd transfigure a bed or two for the night.


Draco panicked, "Who's there?!"

"My dear, would you like an arm?"

Another person in the opposite side to the hallway snorted.

"You're strange," he snickered.

"Oh," the first voice purred, seemingly amused, "but I thought that's why you liked me, and I'm completely serious."

Draco started to hyperventilate when the second voice said, "Sure, why not?"


"I demand that you do something about this," Malfoy Sr. hissed to Dumbledore, gesturing to his son whom was painfully re-growing an arm under Poppy's care.

Dumbledore himself looked disturbed.

"I'm terribly sorry Mr. Malfoy, but I don't know who did this. All we can do is search."

'And you'll find nothing,' Chaos sung in his head as he listened in via one of his bugs.

'Theo seems to want to keep that arm, and I'll not let you take it away.'


Harry's eye twitched. Sure, the blood written on the walls had spoken of dangers, but it had been interesting. Heck, he'd even reproduced the blood from a sample of Malfoy's arm and had written 'I have his arm' just to have fun- the look on their faces, especially the one on Draco's, had been beyond entertaining. But, whereas everyone before had been paralyzed (which they'd been assured was reversible), a student had gone missing: Ginerva Weasley had been taken.

He'd easily deducted that the whispery voice sounding through the castle had been the voice of a snake- a snake with a mission, from what he could tell from recent events.

When he'd shared this with the group, they'd scrabbled to find a more descriptive explanation for what'd happened.

Theodore had been the one who'd searched the most vigorously out of all of them. He'd been determined to help find out what was haunting the school, knowing that even if it was a snake, it was a danger to Harry. His friend, Harry or Chaos, needed their help and he was resolute

It, therefore, was a surprise when Neville was the one found the answer.

They had a basilisk hidden somewhere in the school.

Terry and Hermione took it from there, researching everything and anything they could fine to be of help.

Lavender was sent out with Neville to listen to the rumors. Neville was hanging around the greenhouse, keeping tabs on how their growing cure was coming along. Lavender was listening more among the populace, collecting things such as if there were any new casualties, who was suspect, and what the teachers were doing about it.

Theodore and Harry had remained in the library, discussing what they could do about the whole mess.

"Obviously, if we went to Dumbledore, they'd shut the school down for sure."

"But," Theodore interjected, "we can hardly go about this ourselves."

"Do you doubt me?"

"No…I just don't want to see you hurt, or any of the others either."

"I'm coming up with a plan, Theo," he said softly, "Just have faith in me."

"Chaos…I don't like it, but…just don't get hurt," the former Slytherin pleaded.

His friend answered him with an affectionate smile and steered them towards the other two.

"How does it look?"

The studious two jerked a bit, but quickly composed themselves. Terry was the first to answer.

"Our little problem has quite a few strengths, but also a crippling weakness. Its stare can kill with a single look, as we know. Its hide is also very, very spell resistant- even more than the troll's."

Hermione took up from there with, "The basilisk's weakness is why we suspect that all of Hagrid's chickens have been killed. If it hears the crow of a rooster, then it will die."

"That doesn't seem so bad."

"We can tell Dumbledore then," Theodore sagged with relief, "He could just transfigure something into a rooster and this'll all be over."

"Sorry Theo, but there's still someone behind this and we don't know where the Chamber of Secrets is; furthermore, only a parseltongue would be able to open it."

Only he seemed to notice the light sweat covering Theodore's frame as he tightened his hands into fists.

Terry and Hermione started comparing notes and came to the conclusion that it'd be best to speak with Moaning Myrtle, seeing as how the only death resulting from the snake's release had died there. As his two researchers went through plan after plan, discarding many, Harry shifted so that his mouth hovered beside his Theodore's ear.

"Just have faith in me."


Harry smirked as he slid down the rest of the piping, only to come to a crashing halt amongst the bones of rodents and fowl.

"How fun," he giggled, brushing a few small bones off of his robes.

They'd decided to go about it like first year. Harry would go in and they would get Dumbledore. Too bad they hadn't considered the door of the Chamber closing behind him.

'I'd rather do this without the old coot anyway,' he inwardly cackled.

'It's more fun that way.'

He strolled to the next set of 'doors' which obeyed his demand to open. After that he was treated to a walk down an 'entrance hall' lined with large serpentine statues, their eyes gleaming in the half-dark.

He whistled and allowed his eyes to travel up the enormous statue of who could only be Salazar Slytherin.

'I wonder if he's compensating for something,' he though 'innocently'.

"She's dieing," came a voice to his left.

Green eyes turned to regard the ghost-like visage of a higher-classman from Slytherin.

"Really? Thanks, I was so distracted by the scenery that I forgot."

Riddle, for he knew him from the diary, seemed to stew in aggravation, not knowing if it was a sarcastic insult or not.

"She's slowly fading from this realm and into the next," Tom continued, gesturing to the rapidly paling redhead.

Harry frowned.

"Isn't that the same as saying 'she's dieing'?"

He held in a mad giggle when Riddle slapped a hand over his face.

"I suppose," the other allowed when he composed himself.

"Oh, so it's all good then?"

The 'dead' Slytherin seemed to come to his last straws as his eyes twitched.

"You've beaten me before, but now…"

"Wait," Harry interjected with a wide smile, "what are you doing? Have you practiced this skit of yours or something? Let's just skip to the end, hmm? You're the younger version of Voldemort, yadda, yadda, yadda, and now you want to kill me."

Riddle's eye twitched again, but he hastily turned to face the large statue.

"Speak Salazar, greatest of the founders four!"

'Definitely compensating for something,' Harry giggled, attaining an odd look from the younger version of the Dark Lord.

He was a bit disappointed when the Headmaster's phoenix made its way inside and blinded the large killer.

Harry smacked his forehead, 'If Dumbledore wanted to help so much then why didn't he just come with his bird?'

"You will die along with your friend!" the smug spirit exclaimed, bringing Harry's attention back to him.

"You're screwed."

"What?! You're not in the position to say that. You don't need your eyes! Attack him! Hear or smell where he is and kill him!"

Harry rolled his eyes. The young 'Dark Lord' hadn't even noticed that he'd used 'serpensortia' to conjure his own snake. An 'avis' spell (to conjure birds), an 'engorgio', and an 'oppungo' (which causes the birds to attack) was a great distraction that dealt damage to the basilisk as he strengthened and cast 'engorgio' on the cobra.

"Ignore the birds! Attack the boy!"

Sadly, for the struggling basilisk, the quite large crows were not to be ignored, and neither was the large cobra that assaulted it next.

Harry clapped as the basilisk dropped dead, amused with the gaping maw of Tom Riddle.

"How very fun," he broke the silence.

Tom looked furious, but Harry soon took care of him when he dispatched of his annoying little diary.

"How very fun indeed," he banished the crows and cast a spell to make the cobra smaller.

"You did quite well."

"Thank you, Master."

Harry smirked, "I will call you Sahan."

The snake bowed and slithered into its master's robe when he ordered it.

Harry looked at the dead basilisk behind him.

'That would be great to add-on to my armor.'


His Theo looked up at him in wonder, but it was hardly surprising. The thick troll hide now covered him in almost every spot, excluding his head, neck, and the joints of his body. Under the armor he wore a robe of basilisk hide, and under everything he wore an almost skin-tight robe of silver acromantala silk. The tight silver silk formed a turtleneck as it came to the top, allowing it to be seen where it would have otherwise been hidden by the black-green basilisk hide and the gray troll leather.

"Ah," Theodore breathed, lost for words.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Chaos purred, tilting his Theo's face up, "It will, no doubt, aide in any further skirmishes that might come about. This 'Dark Lord' has made a bad habit of attacking me the past two years. Our third year will be better, I should hope."

Theo absently nodded, still dazed.

Chaos chuckled and threaded his hands through his friend's soft hair.

"I will change out of these, and then we shall retire in Gryffindor Tower."

His Theo followed him silently after he'd changed, and then made progress to their sleeping quarters. Since the others of his house were not so happy with his obsessed friend at first, Chaos had insisted that Theodore sleep within the safe confines of his bed with him- he figured no one would bother him that way. Even when the other house members got comfortable with the ex-slytherin, Chaos hadn't told him to leave and Theo had no notion to. Because of that, everyone in Gryffindor Tower was suspecting them of being a couple.

As Chaos wrapped a possessive arm around his Theo, who simply snuggled right back by nuzzling the crook of his neck, he wondered if maybe they weren't too far off.


Harry looked on amused, Theodore right beside him, as Remus and Sirius gazed in shock at Sahan, whom was currently contemplating whether to eat the vermin or not, seeing as how it seemed to be so important. The snake looked to its master for instruction. It obeyed when Harry motioned for him to bring the dead rat over and hide within his robes.

Theodore looked at the others, uncertain.

"You wanted this?" Harry asked 'innocently' as he handed them the rat.

"Ah, thanks." Remus replied.

The next three days, the press ate up the story. Peter Pettigrew had been found. He'd merely been a dead rat, and a waist of time at the beginning, but that all changed when Remus cast a spell to reveal his ex-friend's true form. Only two days after that was when Sirius Black was cleared of all charges and given compensation.

Chaos just smiled, waved, hid his snake, and proceeded to go through his favorite hobby, which was carding his hands through his Theo's hair. Theodore didn't seem to mind at all, and had made no motion to stop it. In fact, though he'd probably tell no one besides Chaos, he really enjoyed it.

"Well, this year wasn't nearly as bad as first and second," his Theo just hummed distractedly as Chaos tugged him closer.

"I didn't even get to wear my new armor, but I suppose you're happy that we weren't exactly in a life threatening position, no?"

Theodore could only nod as Chaos hugged him possessively from behind.


Really, anyone that was looking in his direction could see that Theodore was quite close to foaming at the mouth and going rabid. Amusingly enough, Theodore was sitting right next to Harry, whom had garnered the attention of everyone when the goblet spat out his name as the fourth champion. This, obviously, meant that it was easy for everyone looking at him to also notice the ex-slytherin.

Needless to say, their looks of anger and jealousy quickly turned into a mix of mild horror and interest. Anyone who sat near to Harry or the maddened Theodore hastily moved away. Harry just thought the whole thing was terribly amusing.

The Headmaster looked unsure for a moment before he beckoned Harry to go into the back with him.

"Ah, Mr. Nott, would you return to your seat?"

A growl from the irate boy convinced the Headmaster that allowing him to accompany his friend could only be generous.

When they entered the back room, where all the other champions and their school heads were, the champions looked at them strangely. Then Dumbledore explained, and all hell broke loose.

"'Zere cannot be a 'vorth champion," one complained.

"It's a magical contract; he can't back out of it."


Once again, Theodore had an audience.


Harry could only laugh at their surprised and slightly fearful faces as he tugged his panting Theo closer.

"It's a magical…"


"He can't…"


"Now, Mr. Nott, please calm down…"

"What is wrong with you people?!" the irate boy repeated.

Only Cedric didn't move away from the feral boy, as he saw it as a fierce hufflepuff example. Everyone else took about a step and gave the incensed boy an odd look, Mad-Eye Moody more so than anyone else.

Harry seemed like the only one who could calm him down, so they all left it to him.

"C'mon now Theo, you heard what they said. It's a magically binding contract- who knows what could happen if I broke it, no? What if I died or lost my magic? Do you want that?"

The other pouted, "No."

"Do you have faith in me?"


"Do you want to help me?"


"Are you going to calm down now?"

Theodore pouted again, not really wanted to calm down, but to give his two cents to the obviously insane adults.

"Yes," he grunted.

Harry nodded at the unsure adults with a happy smile, "Now that that's all taken care of, what's next?"


There was a wide berth around the young fourth-year student who had decided to indulge himself and foam at the mouth.

"Really, out of all things it had to be dragons," the rabid boy spat.

He only calmed down when Chaos winked at him.

"He'd better have a good plan."

Clearly, Theodore was NOT happy.

Meanwhile, as the audience considered taking his Theo to a mind-healer, Chaos was thinking about how devious his plan was and how lovely an effect the dragon's hide would have on his armor- armor he didn't even bother to wear considering the quick nature of his plan.


Chaos winked at his obsessive friend and prepared to cast a spell he created called 'dendou-kai'. Dendou-kai was a curse that shot a streak of electricity at the target, where it then traveled along the nerve paths. If it was strong enough, it could end up frying the brain, resulting in death of the target.

He was aiming to kill it and use the same spell he used on the troll in first year to instantly transport it to the Chamber of Secrets (seeing as how the room he carved the troll in was too small to even think of placing a dragon of that size). The only problem was that he didn't want anyone to see him do it, so he had to resort to what he did in second year with his duel against Malfoy.


"Ladies and gentleman," the announcer…announced, "it seems like young Mr. Potter has a trick up his sleeve, but we can only guess as to what it is! Now, what was that?!"

A quick, blue bolt of electricity had shot, seemingly out of nowhere, and was followed by a loud 'thump'.

Chaos nearly didn't make it when the announcer shouted a 'lumos'.

"Dear me, boy, where's the dragon?"

Chaos just shrugged 'innocently'. Charlie Weasley looked like he wanted to cry while he was struggling to get to Dumbledore to choke him, the crowd holding him back. Theodore sat there and smiled proudly, all foam mysteriously missing. The crowd just looked stunned.

"What? I don't get an applause?"


He was going to kill someone- preferably Dumbledore. His Theo was somewhere in that black, murky excuse for a lake with who knows what! They were then told that they'd have to go to the bottom of the lake to retrieve who was most dear to them.

"GO!" the announcer yelled.

The crowd was a bit concerned when all he did was stand there.


"Yeah, just wait a sec."

When he almost couldn't see the French girl, he performed the 'switching' spell and performed the 'bubblehead' charm once he took her place.

Fleur screamed in frustration, very close to pulling her hair out.

People were a might concerned when, about twenty minutes later, the Boy-Who-Lived placed his friend on the dock and menacingly stalked towards the Hogwarts Headmaster.

"Be very glad," he hissed, "that Theodore wasn't hurt."

The old man nodded feebly.


It was a maze- a bloody, big maze. Out of all the things it could have been, it was a maze.

'Almost seems anticlimactic,' he snorted, 'but I wouldn't be surprised if there were very nasty things in there.'


'He needs to get a life,' Chaos mentally sniggered as he jogged forward.

As soon as he was around the first bend, he un-shrunk his armor, sans dragon update, and used the 'switching' spell to replace it with his current out fit. He then shrunk said clothes and continued onward.

'I've been waiting forever to try this out!'

First, it was annoying. It got interesting with the Sphinx, but then it got annoying again. It got interesting again when he had to stop Krum from killing Cedric, then running from the homicidal bushes, and then finally when they found the trophy.

"You should take it. Without you, Krum might have killed me," the other insisted.

Chaos shrugged. If the other boy was going to let him win so easily then that was okay with him.

"Sure," he grabbed the trophy and was teleported to a dreary graveyard.

"Well, this certainly makes a lovely vacation scene, doesn't it?"

His sarcastic commentary was cut off when a very, very stupid man grabbed him roughly and tied him to a gravestone.

"That wasn't very nice."

The man turned around from where he was, by a large cauldron and a bundle, to sneer at him. Chaos took in the shaggy black hair and eyes.

"Soooooooo…you must be Theo's dad, huh?"

"Yes," the man spat, "and from what I saw, the little git takes a fancy to you. I should disown the bloody little brat after that episode."

Chaos tilted his head, "Mad-Eye Moody wasn't really there, was he?"

Mr. Nott snorted, "Not at all- it's amazing at what one could get away with when using polyjuice. Now, if you don't mind…SHUT UP!" he turned back to the bundle and seemed to whisper to it before setting it into the cauldron.

'He's got anger issues,' he mentally cackled.

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will revive your son!" here he seemed to hesitate before bringing the knife to his wrist, "Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your master!"

'Masochism,' Chaos sang inwardly.

He wondered if he should be worried when his Theo's father stumbled his way.

"Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken," that's when he got thinking, and rose his arm 'willingly' to the descending blade, "you will revive your foe!"

Mr. Nott turned his back to him to flick the blood into the potion, and was surprised when his 'little' master began to scream. He span on his foot.

"You…" there was nothing to yell at- Mr. Potter wasn't there.


That was the last Mr. Nott knew before blackness took him. Chaos stood proudly to the side of the dead wizard, having regained his stolen wand.

'The art of a pickpocket.'

He cackled as the screams wore out and proceeded to use a spell to sever Nott's arm off, as a present to his Theo when he returned. He switched his clothes, shrunk the armor, and pocketed the shrunken arm before burning the body.

Grabbing the trophy, he looked back on the scene and raised an eyebrow. There wasn't much time to do anything else as the portkey activated.

This time, he was applauded.


After the festivities, when everyone retired to bed, Chaos dipped his head near his Theo's ear.

"I hope you don't like your father."

Theodore blinked tiredly and tilted his head to look up at his bed-mate.


"Do you like your father?"

He paused to think about it.

"No, I don't like him. Mum died when I was five, so all I had was him. When he wasn't being neglectful, he was abusive. Not abusive as in hitting me -I was the heir of the Nott name, after all- but with words. I never really liked him at all. He wasn't even nice to me when mum was alive either."

He wondered what it was all about when he felt Chaos smirk against his neck.

"Let's say that he died. Would you care if he were dead?"

"I'd probably be a bit happy to know that I could have peace without him. Why? Is he dead?"

He almost shivered when the other hummed, feeling the vibrations travel through his neck.

"I've got a present for you, but we'll deal with it in the morning."


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