SOPA is back. I know you all wanted a new chapter, but if we can't get rid of SOPA (again) then there will be no story to update period. We still need about 22,642 petitions by March 19th! I've signed it and so should you if you want to keep reading this story. Seriously, there's only two more days. Tell everyone you know and spread the message. Use facebook, tumblr, twitter, whatever you have to. WE ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS TO STOP THIS OR FANFICTION, DEVIANTART, WIKIPEDIA, ETC. WILL ALL BE DEAD.

You can find the SOPA petition link at: petitions. whitehouse. gov/petition/ stop-sopa-2014/ q0Vkk0Zr

Just take out the extra spaces. If the link isn't showing up right then just go to the whitehouse-dot-gov-slash-petition site and search "stop SOPA 2014".

Please, help us stop this and save Fanfiction. I love this site and I love Sparked by Magic and I don't want it to die. Please, sign the petition and spread the word!