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He pushed himself harder, he was falling behind again. The sun burned against his skin , making it even harder for the boy to keep going. Yellowish-Brown eyes stared at the sky, no clouds. His throat burned from lack of water and his stomach screamed for food. His vision was blurry, making him clumsily move forward. His leg hurted, blood dropped from his left leg, making the green fabric a dark red colour. He shut his eyes tightly, he couldn't stop, he couldn't dissapoint them, he couldn't hold them back, no matter what.

"Not gonna whine, not gonna whine.." he mumbled to himself.

He opened his eyes just to see the others far away. He pushed himself to run faster, ignoring the pain it caused his muscles and his leg.

They had been running straight for soon two days, and he wasn't sure how much more he could take without a pause.

His leg hurted, but not more then before, when the wound have been fresh, now it had stopped bleeding and the blood was dried. Actually it wasn't a big deal, just a small scratch, who had been bleeding much.

"Toboe, you're lagging behind again.."

He looked dully up and saw Hige, Tsume and Kiba waiting for him, he groaned, why couldn't he just be more stronger, faster, be more like them.

When he reached them he stopped, panting heavily he got to his knees, wincing when the ground met his wound he quickly changed so he laid on his back insteed.

Frowning, the other looked at him, he didn't look very well. He was pale And his leg was bleeding. And the kid usually could run more, he had done it before, but his leg didn't look very well and hadn't he been kinda weird lately, barely slept or ate, maybe he was sick?

"Toboe, are you okay? Your leg is bleeding.."

It took awhile before they got a reaction from Toboe, he turned his head and stared at them, before he nodded. "I'm fine" he mumbled, "Just need some rest."

Kibe nodded "Let's rest here for a while."

Hige, Tsume and Kiba started to walk away, saying something about hunting they dissapeared, leaving Toboe alone.

He continued to breath heavily, his leg hurted, and his headache just kept on getting worse, shouldn't he be feeling better? Insteed of worse?

He inhaled sharply and gritted his teeth when he moved his leg, he couldn't remember it had hurt so badly before. Well, actually his whole body had been numb, so he hadn't really felt his leg, or payed attention to it.

This was bad, this was bad. He closed his eyes tightly in pain and crawled to a tree, leaning against it he opened his eyes. He shaked his head, trying to clear his vision, but it only kept on getting blurry, and soon, blue and purple spots danced infront him, and soon they grew larger until darkness overtook him.

A soft thud was heard when his body hit the solid ground.

"Look Boss!"

The man who faced the sinking sun turned around and looked codly at where his 'companion' pointed. He stared at his companion who took a step back and looked down, clearly afraid of what his Boss might do to him if he didn't show respect.

The manĀ“s eyes fell on Toboe and he slowly made his way to the fragile body. A wicked smile crept up on his lips.

"Well well, Isn't it little Toboe, out here, all alone... I haven't seen him in a while" he said and tapped the boy with his foot, he then turned to one of his companions.

"We can't leave a kid out here, alone can we? Something dangerous and terrible can happen to him, and we.." he said, turning around again and staring down at the boy with a small smile on his lips "wouldn't want that on our conscience, would we?"

His companion smirked and nodded before he went to the boy, roughly he took the boy and dragged him to the truck, ignoring the pain it caused the boy, he threw him hard aginst the truck-wall, a sickened thud was heard when the boy met the hard wall, then he threw the boy in and closed the doors.

The man studied his companion, a smirk on his face, finally had he found him, after all this years.

"I've been looking for you Toboe.. you are going to regret ever running away from me, from us, look at it as a promise, my dear little friend."


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