It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder roared and lightning cracked through the gloomy sky. Kuki, Wally and Hoagie were in Wally's room busily devising an 'evil plan'.

"Hahahahaha!" Hoagie wiped the tears of mirth from his shielded eyes. "I bet they're watching that show now. And I still can't believe Numbuh 1 still doesn't know where babies come from!"

"Yeah! I so know where those brats come from! They come from…from…where do they come from again?" a small blonde questioned a lanky Asian girl who was sitting next to him.

"Well, actually…I don't know either." The Japanese admitted. "Maybe Numbuh 2 knows!"

The chubby boy blushed. "I…I…ummm…err…anyway, its getting late, Numbuh 3, maybe we should all get some sleep. Remember what I told you to do!" The young pilot giggled again.

"Ay, sure Numbuh 2." The Australian yawned. Goodnights were said, and the three operatives then crept back to their rooms, laughing on their way.


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