Chapter 5

Nigel hesitated. "Abby…if I tell you this you still must…b…be my friend OK?"

Abby gave him a shocked look. "Of course Nigel, why would Numbuh 5 stop being yo' friend for no good reason?"

"O…ok Abby, that's what you said. He drew in some air and sighed. "Abby…i…think…I might have…I…i love you…" The boy's heart was palpitating fast against his chest, as his sapphire blue eyes locked with his operative's shocked brown ones.

Her eyes suddenly clouded with emotion. "Nigel…its Ok, cuz…Abby loves ya too, Nigel."

Nigel's eyes sparkled with happiness as he lunged up and held Abby tight in his arms. "Oh, thank you," he breathed contentedly. They pulled away and slowly, very slowly; the leader and second-in-command began to close in to one another, oblivious to the others watching. Before they knew what else had happened, their lips touched in a lip-lock.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to enjoy the sensation for long because after a few heartbeats later, there was a bright camera flash and the 2 operatives quickly pulled away and looked up.

Nigel growled. "Numbuh 3! Do you mind?"

"Sorry Numbuh 1, but you guys are sooo cute together! Aww!" The hyper girl made a dreamy expression and giggled. Hoagie strode over to the couple.

"Um…Numbuh 5, you actually don't have to worry about the baby anymore."

Abby stared at Hoagie, confused. "Why?"

He shuffled his foot on the wooden parapet. "Er…heheh…Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 and I were just…Um, playing a little trick on you guys? Ehehe?"

"What the!" Abby stared at Nigel. "Ya mean Numbuh 5's not pregnant?"

Hoagie slunk back. "Yeah…isn't that great?" he scratched the back of his head nervously. "I…I mean then Numbuh 1 and you don't have to marry each other anymore, and you don't have to become a parent, and best of all, your parents don't have to become grandparents! How great is that?"

Abby and Nigel stared at each other, and gritted their teeth in annoyance. "Numbuh 2! All thanks ta' ya Numbuh 5 had ta' eat those pineapples! And…" she clenched her fists into tight balls. "Aw man, and Numbuh 5 had ta' drink that…that THING Nigel made me drink in the morning!"

Nigel smirked. "Abby, you know what? I command you to get Numbuh 2! NOW!"

Abby raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Sure Numbuh 1." She started to advance on Hoagie with an evil glint in her eye.

Hoagie crept backwards. "Numbuh 5! C…cool down would you! Well…all I did is make you and Numbuh 1 confess your feelings to each other! Ok! Ok! Sorry!"

"Hmph, yeah, like this makes Numbuh 5 feel better." She lunged at him with her hands in two tight fists. Hoagie shrieked while Numbuhs 1, 3 and 4 looked on with amusement. Nigel shook his head, admiration resting in those clear blue eyes of his and a small smile playing upon his lips. "Well, Abby always was a good girl wasn't she?"