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Chapter Two:

Elite Four: Gastrodon VS Rapidash

By Black Archangel

Elite Four Flint stepped forward, holding a Pokeball in his hands. He grinned, declaring loudly, "You ready?", then tossed the Pokeball into the air, releasing a Charizard into the arena.

"Go, Gastrodon!" shouted the challenger, Aki, tossing a Heal Ball into the air. The pink and blue ball exploded, which released a burst of white light, and THAT released a brown and purple sea slug-like Pokemon. This Pokemon, Gastrodon, shouted something that souded oddly like, "SCREEEEEEEEE!"

"Gastrodon, use Rain Dance!" shouted Aki. Gastrodon nodded, took out a record player, and danced to the music. Badly.

Nothing happened, but it began to rain outside. Aki swore, then grabbed a rock from her pocket and threw it at the sprinklers. It began to spew water that probably should have been used a long time ago. Gastrodon, while nobody was looking, jumped on top of the record player and began spinning.

Flint's Charizard waited, and then turned around and realized its tail light had gone out. It stood there for a few moments, then dropped on the floor, dead.

"You cold-blooded murderer!" declared Flint, pointing an accusatory finger at Aki. She shrugged as Flint recalled his Charizard and send out a Rapidash instead. Gastrodon slid off the record player.

"Go, Rapidash!" he shouted, five seconds after the Rapidash had materialized onto the stage. Aki and Gastrodon sweatdropped in unison.

"Rapidash, use Bounce!" commanded Flint. Rapidash somehow managed to bounce around on its bottom, then shot through the ceiling. A few more sprinklers turned themselves on.

"It'll come back down soon," Flint assured Aki and Gastrodon, seeing the shocked looks on their faces.

Rapidash did indeed come back down, breaking another hole in the ceiling, and bounced on the sea slug. And bounced, and bounced, and bounced. And then, bounced again.

"Gastrodon is NOT bouncy, dammit!" shotued Aki.

"SCREEEE!" exclaimed the sea slug in agreement. After a while, it became apparent that Rapidash thought of Gastrodon as some kind of living trampoline, and so, Gastrodon slid over the record player, causing Rapidash to bounce on the really sharp and pointy needle.

Rapidash didn't bounce after that.

"Now, Gastrodon!" shouted Aki. "Use Surf!" Gastrodon called forth a wave of water to swallow Rapidash whole. It rushed through every last window, door, and even the hole in the ceiling, coming forward in one collosal invasion of liquids. Every last water cell came at the foe in a giant burst of blue, in the form of a giant wave.

"Where does the water come from, anyway?" asked Flint, confused. Almost as if on cue, the wave of water vanished.

"Shut up!" shouted Aki. "Gastrodon, don't let him get you down! Use Body Slam!" Gastrodon jumped on the Rapidash, and then shot through the ceiling, "scree"ing in pain.

"NOT ON THE HORNS, DAMMIT!" screamed Aki furiously. She sighed, then awaited Gastrodon's return.

It didn't come back.

Aki sighed. "Idiot..." she muttered.

"Alright!" shouted Aaron, appearing from nowhere. "Now you can spend more time with me! Oh, you're so se-"

Aki sighed, kicked him in a painful place, and walked back to the Pokemon Center.


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