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Chapter Three:

Battle Tower: Zapdos VS Articuno

By: Black Archangel

Ah, yes, the Battle Tower. A true pinnacle of strength and respect (and all that other crap) for any self-respecting Trainer, it is the ultimate test of power, not for just the residents of Sinnoh, but the residents of the world.

But right now it seemed more like a test of stupidity was going on. Aki had thought that having Rilet cheer her on was a good idea. But as he pointed out every last flaw, like how her Wooper could use Ice Punch without arms, or how the foe's Wailmer was able to use Dive inside a building, it was getting pretty irritating. Struggling to keep calm, Aki grabbed her next Pokeball so tightly that it might've exploded.

"Go, Moltres!" she shouted, throwing the ball into the air. Moltres came out, wings burning, not looking scary at all.

"You're saying you caught Moltres with a Pokeball," said Riley.

"Shhh!" urged Aki. "Shut up, Riley, shut up!"

"Most people would have caught it with an Ultra Ball. How did you manage to catch it with such a relatively weak ball?:" While Aki had a very irritating discussion with Riley, Moltres vanished.

"DAMN!" she shouted. "Go, Zapdos, then!" Zapdos, who was in an Ultra Ball, came forth, wings crackling and looking super leet.

Her adversary had an Articuno out, which was easily the cutest of the three. I mean, Moltres is ugly, Zapdos practically has win coarsing through its veins, so Articuno has to be the cute one.

Riley chose this moment to speak up again. "Hey," he said. "Zapdos... is an Electric type, right?"

Aki didn't see any harm in answering this question. "Yeah..."

"But it's also a Flying type."

Aki couldn't see where this was going.

"So, wouldn't its Electric type cause it to shock itself and die upon living?" At that precise moment, exactly that happened, Zapdos twitching on the ground like a dead mouse.

"BONKLER!" shouted Aki, conviniently bonking Riley on the head to go with it.

"But then Articuno is an Ice type..." he said pensievly. "So then it would freeze itself and die..." which happened right there and then, "and then Zapdos would come back to life because it's made of win."

Zapdos didn't come back to life.

Aki gave Riley an especially evil look.

Meanwhile, outside the Battle Tower stood Flint, a rather weak looking Charizard at his side. "Maybe..." he mused. "Maybe, Charizard, we can do this. Get back on track, you know?" Charizard nodded enthusiastically, despite of its terrible condition. Suddenly, out of the sky came a falling body, dressed in blue and oddly resembling Riley. The body hit Flint, knocking him out cold, then smashed against Charizard and falling on its tail, putting out the flame. Charizard once again died.

And at the funeral, there was Marley.

Because she liked emo things like that.


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