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Chapter Six:

Valley Windworks: Gallade VS Drifloon

By Black Archangel

"Balloon Pokemon?" asked Aki curiously, eying the girl suspiciously.

"Yeah!" she shouted. "There's a bunch of balloon Pokemon that come every now and again! You need to see them! Hey... wait a minute..." Her gaze suddenly turned harsh. "You don't believe in them, do you?"

"W-what?" asked Aki, backing off.

"You heard me," snapped the girl. "You're a non-believer, aren't you? How dare you!"

"I didn't-"

"Don't try to fool me!" the girl continued, jabbing a finger into Aki's chest. She blushed, swiping the girl's hand away. "I know what you don't think I know! You don't believe in them and that's final! Got it?!"


"GOT IT?!" she roared.

"I-I got it! I got it!" shouted Aki, getting the heck out of there.

The girl glared as she fled, then turned around smirking, holding the older girl's wallet in her hands. "Sucker," she laughed, pocketing the wallet.

Meanwhile, Aki was running like mad outside, then stopped, inspecting the Pokemon in front of her. "Hey, a balloon Pokemon!" she shouted. "It's cute..." She grabbed it by the leg. The Pokemon, a Drifloom, turned around, glaring. The little x-shaped bit of tape on its face popped of in fury.

Aki backed off, letting go of the string. "Gallade, kill that evil thing!" she shouted, letting out her Gallade.

Gallade popped out, blades ready to cut.

"Slash, Gallade!" shouted Aki. "Slash it to the death!" Gallade ran forward, bringing up a blade...

...and blinked in wonder as its blade flew right through it, leaving it without a scratch.

Drifloom countered with an Astonish attack. It let out a startling shout, but when Aki mentioned how this was totally against the laws of physics by shouting without a mouth, it turned silent.

Aki had no clue how to fight it. "Gallade, use... Leaf Blade? Maybe? I don't know, just use Leaf Blade." Gallade grabbed a sword made out of leaves, which, when you got right down to it, was really more like a whip, and flew against the Drifloon, sending it flying.

"How is it," she asked. "That Slash doesn't do a thing but Leaf Blade works just fine? It's not fair..."

Drifloon started attacking, basically whipping them with its leg. Aki sighed, grabbed a thumbtack from her bag, and held it out at the Drifloon threatningly.

Drifloon got the hell out of there.

They didn't come back.

"Hey!" shouted the little kid, coming out of the house. She turned to Aki. "You bastard! You scared away the balloon Pokemon!" She pulled out a shotgun. "NOW I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE!" She held out the gun, aimed it at Aki, then turned it away at the last minute and shot a nearby Buizel. "Damn, that thing was annoying me for the longest time," she said, relieved. Aki and Gallade sweatdropped in unison.


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