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He looked around the room, his eyes landing on his ivy in his arm, thinking…

How did this happen?

He didn't have to move.

He didn't have to take his eyes off her, even for that split second.

He didn't have to keep going through with the mission.

He didn't even have to accept being the leader.

But he did.

It was just…

The look in her eyes…

Or the sound of her voice…

Everything about her signaled she was terrified. He saw the look on her face, pure terror, he knew that face. He had the same expression; right after his clan was wiped out.

That face…it's the face of death.

You know you're going to die, you just know it. But did he die? Nope.

So he wouldn't let her die, and his body moved.

His ears wanted to hear her voice again.

His hands wanted to touch her again.

His mind wanted to protect her…

…he wanted her.

But, there's a basic rule about things you want though, unfortunately. So basic that every child at a young age comes across this one time in their life or another, your parents always say it. But he lost his parents didn't he? So this rule shouldn't apply to him, because then it's not fair.

But then again, when has anything been fair for him.

Was it fair, that everyone in his entire clan was killed, and the killer leaving him to suffer by himself?

Was it fair, when the killer happened to his brother, the only person he trusted?

Was it fair when he was forced to accept a gift the oh so wonder Orochimaru had to offer him?


Is it fair that while he's stuck in this jail like room for God knows how long, his best friend can sleep peacefully in his bed?

Is it fair that the person he risked his own damn life for, can simply walk out the hospital tomorrow morning if she wishes?

Is it fair that the person he risked his life for, cares nothing for him now but pity?

Is it fair that he, Sasuke Uchiha, last year's number one rookie, was told that he may never be able to walk again?

Is it fair that no one taught him the basic rule:

You can't always get want you want?

Is that fair?

Hell no.

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