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Not Another Phantom Fic:

'A Green Angel?'

Jinx hurried down a stone hallway to a heavy wooden door. She grinned as she heard the faint sound of singing from behind it. Deciding to be clever, she sang right back.

'Where in the world have you been hiding?

Really, you were perfect.

I only wish I knew your secret.

Who is this new tutor?'

After a few moments, the door creaked open, and Kori poked her head out. "Jennifer! Come in, quickly."

Jinx scowled as Kori ushered her in. She hated being called by her full name. Once her friend had closed the door, the pink-haired dancer spun to face her.

"Well? Out with it, girl! What's up?"

Kori stared at her feet. How was she supposed to explain this to her friend? "Well, you see, Jen, something amazing has happened. You know my father died some time ago, and that he was very superstitious about his music. He told me a story… one that I'll never forget."

'Father once spoke of an angel,

I used to dream he'd appear.

Now as I sing I can sense him,

And I know he's here.'

Jinx had nodded throughout Kori's story, but now she furrowed her brow. "Wait, what?"

"It's true! Right here, in this room, and in my dressing room, he calls me. He's hiding somewhere. Somehow, I get the feeling he's always with me. Some kind of unseen genius." Kori sat down, the magnitude of what she had said hitting her full-force. Jinx sat next to her, taking Kori's hand in both of hers. The dancer decided singing would calm her down.

'Kori, you must have been dreaming,

Stories like this can't come true.

Kori, you're talking in riddles,

And it's not like you.'

Kori shook her head. "It's really the Angel of Music, my guide and guardian! He's granting me his glory."

"But who is this 'Angel', anyway?"

"I don't know! Hide no longer, Angel!" Kori shuddered. "He's here, even now…"

Jinx took her hands again. "Your hands are cold!"

"He's all around… It frightens me."

"Oh, don't be frightened. C'mon, back to the-"

Rachel's voice cut her off. "JENNIFER! Back to practice, now!" Turning to Kori, the conductor/ballet mistress curtsied. "My apologies, Miss Anders, but she needs to practice." Kori nodded numbly, and then headed back to her dressing room.

Richard chuckled at a joke Victor had just told, though he hadn't really been paying attention. He, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Stone had been having a conversation about the night's show, namely Ms. Kori Anders. Mr. Wilson glared at Victor.

"Mr. Stone, you will refrain from such UNhumorous jokes while on duty, ESPECIALLY when associating with such kind patrons as Monsieur Grayson." Richard blanched.

"No, no, it's quite all right, Mr. Wilson!" Victor shot him a look of thanks, which Richard acknowledged with a slight nod. "Now, would one of you be so kind as to show me to the dressing room of Miss Anders?"

Victor stood up and beckoned for Richard to follow him. "So, you have a crush on Kori, I take it? No need to deny it, I do too." He chuckled.

Richard gave him a flat stare. "She's an old childhood friend of mine." Victor winced.

"Ah, y'know, I was just kidding, aye? Just ribbin' ya. Please don't tell Mr. Wilson."

Richard chuckled. "Don't worry, Mr. Stone, I won't tell on you. Now, let's hurry to Miss Anders, shall we?"

Victor nodded. "So, old childhood friend? Sounds fun. How'd you two meet?"

"Well, Kori's from a tiny island called Tamaran. She moved to Jump when she was very young, and we got to know each other in school. And before you ask, no, we never dated. I took her to our senior prom because I dumped my date and her date dumped her. That was it. We went as friends, though I might have wanted us to be a little more." He muttered this last part.

Victor blinked. "Whoa. I was looking for a 'Yeah, we met in school' kinda answer, not your version of Sense and Sensibility. Not that I really mind, though. It's cool. Ah, I guess we're here."

Richard nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Stone. I'll see you around." The heir knocked on Kori's door, but was surprised to receive no answer.

Richard had taken to pacing in front of Kori's dressing room, obviously agitated by something. Namely, the fact that Kori wasn't in her room. The young heir had wanted to ask his childhood friend out on a dinner date. He snorted. "That is, if she even remembers me…"

Kori stopped dead at the end of the hallway. A familiar stranger was in front of her room. The young singer blinked. "No, it couldn't be… Richard?"

Richard grinned at Kori's voice. "Kori… It's been so long… How about we head out for dinner, catch up?" Kori nodded vigorously.

"Just let me change!" She bustled into her dressing room while Richard left to tell his driver what they were doing. Neither realized that the Opera Ghost, or Phantom, or Angel, or what have you, had been watching them. Garfield was livid as he moved into the secret passage to Kori's room.

'Insolent boy, this slave of passion,

Basking in your glory.

Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor,

Sharing in my triumph!'

Kori looked up, shocked. The voice of the Angel was speaking to her, echoing through the walls and into her room! She looked around. "Angel, I hear you, and I'm listening! Please, stay with me and guide me! I was weak, forgive me! Master, could you… enter, perhaps?"

Garfield grinned behind the mirror.

'Flattering child, you shall know me,

See why in darkness I hide.

Look at your face in the mirror,

I am there inside!'

Kori gasped as the mirror slowly became transparent, revealing Garfield. "Angel! You are my guide and guardian, and you have revealed your glory to me!

Angel of Music, hide no longer,

Come to me, strange Angel!'

Garfield's grin widened. He had her now. "I am your Angel, so come to me."

Richard had returned in time to hear that. "Whose is that voice? Who is that in there?"

"Come to the Angel!" Garfield offered Kori his hand. Kori slowly stepped towards him, hesitating slightly at Richard's voice. Then she took the Angel's hand, and the Phantom of the Opera pulled her into his hidden passage and closed the door.

At that moment, Richard finally managed to get the door to the room open. "Christine! Angel!" But of course, the room was empty. After all, what kind of story would this be if the hero caught the 'villain' in the first act?

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